Am I Ready to Start Dating? (Accurate For Girls)

Have you been wondering if you are ready to start dating? Maybe you're serious, or maybe just curious - but since you're here, why not find out? This quiz will tell you if you should give it a go or wait a bit longer. Answer honestly or your result won't be accurate.

  • 1
    Have you ever kissed someone?
    Have you ever kissed someone?
  • 2
    Do you think you are responsible?
  • 3
    When did you have your first crush?

  • 4
    Where do you meet boys the most?
  • 5
    Why do you want to date?
  • 6
    Why do you like this boy?

  • 7
    Is there any age difference?
  • 8
    Do you think you would break up with him quickly?
  • 9
    Will you ever have time to hang out?
  • 10
    Did this quiz help you think more about yourself?

Comments (68)


7 days ago
Just date him already he'll want that
7 days ago
I have some advice for uwuza .
107 days ago
Me being queer and not attracted to boys…
110 days ago
It told me I'm ready to start dating! :)
134 days ago
My friend and I both like each other but we are to young to date so we just flirt with eeach other (I am mostly flirt with her ;) )
159 days ago
Also I'm dating him and my parents just think I have a crush on him Because I'm scared to tell them cause they say I'm too young to date but I'm doing it anyway and everyone at my school knows we are dating we flirt with each other 24/7 it's so obvious everyone says we are the perfect couple and 2 people asked if we had kissed yet we text every day I'm in love❤💞 reply and let me know what you guys think I should do plzz
159 days ago
It said wait 2 months... I'm in 6th grade
167 days ago
I just want a bf but like im nine sooooooooooo like jeez... It said to wait 2 months but like i would still be nine which is WAY too young...
169 days ago
Me being lesbian..
176 days ago
hi guys. uhm-
i have this crush and i've been crushing on him for a year and a half now. i can tell he likes me and he knows i like him. his friend always jokes around about me and him being a thing. i don't want a huge relationship but i want to get more close to him. but, i'm a shy muffinhead-
----------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------------i'm not allowed to date until i'm 18 (im 12-).
and i don't even have a flippin' phone-
any advice?
188 days ago
Okay so, I have a crush on this guy but i'm 9 and my classmates are really inappropriate and so they all cuss and some of them have boyfriends/girlfriends and this guy i like is in my class and my friend tried to get us together and he said he would think about it by the end of the day and he said yes so weve been sorta dating but we got together on thursday and on friday it was virtual so i don't know if he acctually likes me until monday and that is two days away and i can't wait how do i wait?
194 days ago
So there's this guy at my school and he's soooo cute, and i caught him staring at me a few times. I think he likes me..... I've been crushing on him for like 2 months and i'm not allowed to date till i'm 14😫 i'm 12....... If he asks me out should i date him behind my parents back?!?? I have no idea i need ur guys advice
196 days ago
so i met this bean on Instagram he is a little toxic- at the times but he doesn't mean it bc he has been heartbroken so many times.but I don't know if he is actually ready to date me yet but we have been like sleeping on the phone and calling each other "babe and baby" so idk yet lol. But mack if u see this i really like you
223 days ago
So my bestfriend is a boy and I have a crush on him and apparently he likes me too but my parents won't let me date him what do I do like I really really care about him so ya!!!
248 days ago
This quiz is kinda cute...... like oooooooo
262 days ago
i have a bf, im 12, and i dunno if he still likes me or not
264 days ago
@Lilly So wait-.. I've been crushing on him for like 11 months... So like- I'm in love?! 😲

😘 I wish I knew how he felt 😳
286 days ago
@fluffymarshmallo If a crush lasts longer than 6 or 4 months, then your in love, according to google.
289 days ago
So are you ready to start dating, or should you wait a bit? No, you aren't quite ready to date yet. Don't worry - your time will come soon enough. Wait four to six months, then try this quiz again. I'm betting you'll be ready then. Meanwhile, use this time to do the things you need to do, like maybe improve your grades. If your needed items are in order, then have some fun with your friends!
364 days ago
and i dont think thats normal because it says on average they last 4 months