Should I Ask Her Out?

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I've taken many of these quizzes, but most of them gave me stupid answers. Like when I liked someone, they would tell me I DIDN'T like her and should just be friends! Wait, what? Well, this "Should I ask her out?" quiz is way better than the rest! Here you will get an accurate answer.

  • 1
    If she were to do something weird, what would you do?
  • 2
    Have her friends ever told you she likes you?
  • 3
    What do you think she would do if you asked her out?
    What do you think she would do if you asked her out?

  • 4
    Why do you like her?
  • 5
    If you accidentally kissed her, what would you do?
  • 6
    If you two got married, what would you do next?

  • 7
    Does she often try to start a conversation with you?
  • 8
    Do you think you should ask her out?
  • 9
    What does she like about you?
  • 10
    If I told you it wouldn't work out, what would you do?

Comments (54)


45 days ago
I took this test multiple times and all it does is😘the confidence out!! There is only one slightly motivational thing and that's it!!
169 days ago
Hmm 🤔 not the result I was looking for
196 days ago
Wow it says we're just friends, when we dont even really know each other
226 days ago
50 50split between definite yes and certain no
233 days ago
thanks for ruining my confidence you son of a gun
322 days ago
OMG thank you so much for that here i come kaelin
322 days ago
She said no. I hate you
354 days ago
but like you don't know my backup plan dawg XD
426 days ago
She said yes thanks loads 👍👍
442 days ago
Yesssss I got she will say yes and you know it but I hope she says yes I want her badly but yeah Julie here I come
526 days ago
I hope it work lol ❤️💖I think she is moving though crys in side
545 days ago
OMG! I got:
Did you just take this quiz to boast? She will say yes and you know it! Get your butt out of bed and ask her! Go on and do it right now! Good luck! I am so fu**ing happy!😍 Grace, here I come!
683 days ago
I got that she dosnt like me😂she legit confessed her feelings to me soooooo
687 days ago
I think I figured it out - Ya’ know how it’ll say 60% She hates you where’s it’ll say 30% - Stop boasting. Well, here’s the catch - This guy really just threw in percentages, having no idea what the F- He’s doing and hoped people would respond well to it. I mean, there appears to only be 3-4 Results - 2 of which will ruin your mental well-being. I know this is a while, and people must’ve been dumb back in 2013, but, don’t just throw percentages in, set them to “random” and hope people will respond to them happily - That doesn’t work
687 days ago
Also, yeah, honestly, I swear this is so unreliable - I purposefully What seemed like better options ((E.G Instead of not being confident, I purposefully chose yes - It gave me a worse result)) Yea @The-person-who-made-This - I hope you enjoy carrying around the burden of F-Ing Up people’s lives - Douche
687 days ago
I don’t get that, like, what? You like her but she HATES you? Huh? Look, I sit next to her in class, Hell I’ve even asked her if she thinks i’m Annoying. The response is always ‘no’. I don’t know what the hell you 🐤 are doing. A)) This is so non-reliable; It’s a quiz for cryin’ out loud! B)) Go on your own terms, don’t trust some stupid douche quiz - It’s not real life. PS - The questions are kind of stupid as well, not really questions you’d ask in a “Should you ask her out” quiz. Thanks, all-The-tests, you’ve officially ruined my mental well-being after actually liking someone, douchebags,
696 days ago
Hey guys,

If you have a crush and there is even a possibility she likes u Just ask Her out, cos she would be lucky to hav u.
Trust me
797 days ago
She just can't stop thinking of me one time she to my house and snuggled up by me.when i went to school she ask if she can go to the libary with her to pick some books out then in seconds she started holding my and back to class my scooter club said is that your crush and i said yes and my cusion from our scooter group said are yous a couple yet and i said yes we are
797 days ago
she always looks at me and walks over to me and hugs me and kisses me and she just loves the desgin of my scooter and shes hot
814 days ago
So my results:
40%: she thinks of us as friends
40%: she’ll say yes if I ask her
Wth! So is it saying that we are good friends getting closer and I should ask her out or what??