Should you ask her out?

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This quiz is created for guys to take to, obviously, see if they should ask out their girl crush. This was created by a girl, meaning it will probably be accurate, because I know how most girls show their love for guys.

  • 1
    How long have you known this girl?
  • 2
    Has anyone ever told you that she likes you?
  • 3
    Are you friends?

  • 4
    How much do you like her?
  • 5
    Has she ever touched you?
  • 6
    How often do you two talk to each other?

  • 7
    Does she have your number?
  • 8
    How old are you?
  • 9
    How much older is she than you?
  • 10
    Which way of the following would you ask her out?

  • 11
    Did you enjoy this quiz? (Doesn’t count)

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1446 days ago
That is an inspiring story. I'm happy you shared it with me. I know for a fact you two are great for each other (based off of what you told me), but her not being able to break up with her boyfriend to be with you is a big problem. As I am only 11 years old, I don't have much experience with things like this. I think maybe you should find a way to contact an adult with authority and get them involved. I hope you are to resolve this situation.
1459 days ago
Ok, so there's this girl that I really like. Sadly, we only have one class together, but we have the same lunch. We are in the same friend group, so we always sit at the same table for lunch. We talk every day, and once during lunch, I put my arm around her. I was worried that she would shake it off, but she let me keep it around her and she didn't say anything about it. In algebra, (the class that we have together) we used to sit next to each other before our teacher moved the seats around. I dropped so many hints that I liked her when we sat next to each other, and I think that she liked it? I called her my best friend and always asked for her help when I got "stuck" on a problem. Sometimes, I annoyed her and she moved her desk away from me, so I always said, "No, (her name) come back! I need you!" Since I'm tall, I'd use my leg to pull her desk back towards me (we have our chairs attached to our desks) and lean against her, saying, "I know you need me." Then she would push me away, laughing. She always teases me and only me. I am head over heels in love with her, and I can't stop thinking about her every night and day. We text each other every single day and we FaceTime at least 3 times a week. She's just...amazing and perfect. I'm pretty darn sure that she likes me, I mean, I've kissed her before and she kissed me back just as passionately. The only problem is...she has a boyfriend. However, her boyfriend is so mean and rude to her...he's such a snobby rich dude. If he sees her talking to other guys, he always pulls her away and either slaps her in the face, punches her, or shoves her towards the wall. She told me that the only reason why she can't break up with him is because his parents are close friends with her parents, and they betrothed them, even though they're only in 7th grade. I've tried to help her, but her boyfriend found out and nearly killed me, he broke my wrist and my ankle. Please give me advice on how to ask her out and help her with her boyfriend ASAP!!!!!!!!
1478 days ago
Go. For. It. As a girl, I'm pretty sure she will feel the same!
1487 days ago
She is probably into you as well, so on your behalf, asking her out would be a pretty smooth move. It is all up to you, though I do recommend giving it a shot! Best of luck!