Why Hasn't He Asked You Out Yet?
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Why Hasn't He Asked You Out Yet?

You know that the guy you've been crushing on likes you. But why hasn't he asked you out yet?

Question 1:What do his parents think about him dating?
His parents either think that he should date someone who is the same religion as him, or that he should not be dating because he is too young.
They are the supportive type, who always cheer their son on whenever he gets a girl.
Well, they are unaware that he's into girls. He never tells them who he likes.

Question 2:What are the best word(s) to describe him?
Popular and hearthrobbing
Smart and introverted

Question 3:What does he usually wear?
Brand names
Button-down shirts with jeans
Athletic clothing (like jerseys, sweats, etc.)

Question 4:Let's say you are talking to him when the school heartthrob comes by. What does he do?
He avoids you and the other girl.
He doesn't care. He's happy talking to me!
He stares at her and leaves to go make conversation with her.

Question 5:When you talk to him, is anyone else included in the conversation?
No, it is usually just him and me.
Sometimes it is just him and me (which I like!). Other times, we discuss things in our group of friends.
Just that other girl who always managers to weasel her way into our conversation. Ugh, I can't stand her!

Question 6:How many girlfriends has he had in the past?
More than one.
None. He seems okay about it, though.
None yet, but you can tell he wants one.

Question 7:How does he behave in class?
He flirts with all the girls.
He can be quiet sometimes, but he raises his hand when he truly believes in an idea.
He raises his hand constantly.

Question 8:He admires you because...
He thinks I'm fun.
He thinks I'm attractive.
He thinks I'm smart.

Question 9:When he talks to you, he sounds...

Question 10:What kind of girls is he friends with?
The talented intellectuals.
The pretty, popular ones.
Carefree ones.

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