Does Your Crush Know You Like Them?

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This is a quiz intended for straight middle schoolers, but may work for other age groups and sexualities as well. Please choose the closest answer possible. This may not be accurate, it’s just a rough guideline.

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    Do you blush easily, especially around your crush?

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72 days ago
AHHHHHH HE KNOWS!!!!! I'M GONNA DIE OF EMBARASSMENT!!! uhhhh maybe it was bc I told he a few months ago. AHHHH
403 days ago
I got a "ohh, they know. They know!" And .... When I'm back at school.... In a find out. But I'm scared 😨
848 days ago
oh they KNOW

that's what it told me. i think he does, and i also have a suspicion that he likes me so idk what 2 do now
btw im 13
852 days ago
I love this quiz and it seems like it is right, me and my crush don't talk much but omg I feel so much between me and him
920 days ago
oh they know, they KNOW. if they dont make a move soon, make it yourself or the moment might be lost. wish u lots of luck!

thats my answer that it gave me!
938 days ago
Im actually nervous about my results I have done it yet lol
973 days ago
Your Name: Great quiz!!! I got the Same answer as Maya!
1043 days ago
Oh wow thank you LMS!! ☺️❤️🥳🤗
1044 days ago
Omg!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!! i got the same one maya did. Your name....... YOU ARE AN AWESOME QUIZ MAKER. Maya now i have to go check out your quiz!
1045 days ago
Oh thanks guys 🤗🤩😊
1046 days ago
Hmm, it’s pretty hard to tell in your case. You’re right on the fence! I know that’s why you took this quiz though. Maybe look at the other answers if they show, which I think they will (this is my first quiz), and see which one is closer. Other than that, all I can tell you is to go with your gut and make decisions based on that. 🤷 so sorry I couldn’t help 😕. ❤️😉

Thats what I got and it's probably true, I think he knows😂😳 Also your name- the quiz is GREAT!!😉
1046 days ago
Hi! It's me... Omg, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this quiz!
1046 days ago
Hello! It’s me, the maker of this quiz! Feel free to ask questions here or on

which is where I will be more reliable to answer your questions. 🤗😉