Should You Ask Them Out?
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Should You Ask Them Out?

Are you constantly thinking of that 1 person that you really like and want to ask out, but you aren't quite sure whether you should or not? Well take this quiz and find out.

Question 1:You and that special someone are always talking on the phone, and all of a sudden they ask you to go see a movie with him/her and 2 of their other friends. What do you say?
No, I'm having dinner with my parents.
Yeah, I'd love to go. When?
Now why would i ever go anywhere with you?

Question 2:One of your best friends tells you that they like your guy/girl, and they don't know that you like them. They want you to ask them out for them, what do you say?
Are you chicken? Ask them yourself.
I would like to, but I really like him/her, and I'm not going to do something like that to myself.
Sure, why not?

Question 3:Your at lunch, and your sitting with all your friends, and then your crush, walks over, puts down their tray, and gives you a hug. What do you do?
Give them a hug back, DUH!!
Sit there and wonder what their doing.
Push them away.

Question 4:Your parents find out about your crush and they tell you to invite him to invite him to dinner Friday Night, what do you tell them?
NO WAY. I would never let him meet my dulesvill parents.
I'll talk to him about it, but I'm not sure.

Question 5:Your crush calls you for the first time, and your mom answers the phone and starts a convo of her own with them, what do you do?
'What are you doing talking to my friends?'
'Get off the Phone, if its not for you!'
Pick up the phone and say, 'Mom, I got it. It's for me anyway.!'

Question 6:You see your crush in the hall. What do you do?
Stop and say hello, and see how everything is going. You never know if they're going to ask you out.
Keep walking. No smile or nothing.
Stay quiet and hope they say something to you.

Question 7:What do you give your crush on their birthday?
A hug.
A Gift Certificate to their favorite store, a hug, and a kiss on the cheek.
A Kiss

Question 8:Your best friend is flirting with them constantly. What do you say to them?
Stop flirting with him/her, they're mine.
What are you doing?

Question 9:Your out at the movies with your friends and you run into your crush what do you say?
'Go Away!!'
'Hi!' And keep Walking!'
'Hey what's up, ya wanna see a movie with us?'

Question 10:What would you say if they asked you out?
Maybe! Get back with me!

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