Will My Crush Ask Me Out? Quiz

It's looked hopeful at times - but at this point, are you unsure whether that crush of yours will EVER ask you out? I don't have a crystal ball, but I do have good instincts for these kinds of things (at least I think I do). Take this quiz to find out your chances of your dream date coming true!

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    How long have you known him?

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11 days ago
So will he EVER ask you out? Girl, I don't even know why you took this quiz! He obviously likes you. He hasn't asked you out yet, so just ask him! By what you've just told me, there's no doubt he likes you! He just might be too shy to ask you out. Good luck!

Omgg let me tell you the story.

So in the morning he texted me on Snapchat and said 'I needed to talk to you at school. So I put ok. I arrived at school and he was there his friends was. Just to let you know I am friends with his friends. Anyway, his friends were behind him pointing and doing weird stuff.
Next thing you know he got a rose out of his pocket and got on his knees and asked me out. Of course I said yes and all of his friends threw confetti or rose petals on us and then he kissed me. Also my best friend was there so she took photos of us.
She showed me the photos and they were so cute.
Now he moves even closer to me in lessons and in one his friends told us to kiss and hold hands for the whole lesson.

So ye tell me what you think or if you have any questions just ask I don't mind.

Bye 🐬
70 days ago
@very in love: you should go for it! Maybe drop a note into his backpack or locker if you’re to scared to do it yourself. He seems like he likes you based on what you said. If you really feel like you have a good chance, ask him out or just ask him if he likes you. Good luck either way!
76 days ago
Know wond I’m not getting the correct answers because he’s older than me 😂😂😂 I feel so much better that the answers are wrong
77 days ago
he makes eye contact but idk if he will he has a gf
85 days ago
For 60% you are: So will he EVER ask you out? Good news! He does seem to like you. He might be too shy to say it yet, or he might not be sure. Tell him how you feel, but DO NOT put him under pressure. If he's in a relationship, wait until they break up, then tell him! (Wouldn't want to start drama!) Go with your gut, girl! Good luck!

thank god hes not in a relationship and Im to scared to tell him how I feel and almost every test here says he deffenitly likes me but hes just to shy to tell me! What should I do help. ( also he said I was cool earlier and looked stright into my eyes, but he hesitated before he said it and then I acted suprised and said im shocked to myself and he said why would you be shocked EEEEEE also he laid down next to me resently, he always looks at me when we talk or even when we don't talk, IM SO IN LOVE HElP) again HELP what should I do, if I don't get help soon ima go completly love struck and do something stupid HELP!
88 days ago
Vance(you probably won’t read this) it said that one of us is going to ask the other one out soon!

50% for me!😍
100 days ago
So me and my BEST FRIEND always hang out and sometimes we bring pizza and drinks over to her hot🥵 neighbour(who by the way she is FRIENDS with) and we always play basket ball with him and he always takes off his shirt when he is too hot and OMG I swear I start drooling. Anyway he is sooo sweet and polite and kind and I’m pretty sure he likes me but I really don’t know if I’m right or not. And we message each other all the time. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! Any advice?
111 days ago
Bruh, it said that 40% he's gonna, and then it said my test results weren't clear and 40% definitely not. Um...those are literally the opposites!
262 days ago
301 days ago
it says it dont know why i took this quiz it is ¨for sure¨ he likes me but im not so sure about that
321 days ago
says i should ask him out ut yesterday i asked the hottest boy out and he rejected... i dont want to go through that again
326 days ago
40% girl why are u taking this quiz, he obviously likes u and
40% sorry girl, but NOPE I’m confused
332 days ago
I dont know what to do he likes me but he's told me he's not ready for a relationship but we always sit next to each other at lunch i even hang out with his friends
339 days ago
known my crush since kindergarten and we talk often. Says he likes me but I don’t know when he will ask me out!
344 days ago
Soo My crush already revealed he likes me and we cuddle and watch scary movies together but he won’t ask me the h*ll out. We have even fell asleep in the same bed before so I am so confused why he won’t ask me out!!
355 days ago
My crush, keeps getting nervous around me when we talk, and he stares, and he rejected 5 girls before... I feel like he likes me, but I'm not sure
357 days ago
My crush (camron) is super cute the quiz said he likes me but i just hope he asks me to dinner dance, kinda like prom, i think about him every day its almost a sickness
358 days ago
My crush (Jack) I only see in the summer so some of the questions in many quizzes don't apply to me but at least this said he likes me!!!
360 days ago
My crush is literally always staring at me, he’s rejected the other 4 people that have asked him out, and he is always texting me. I’m almost 100% sure he likes me, he’s hinting at it very strongly and did you know that guys like it when the girl makes the first move. I’m just very nervous, advice pls?
360 days ago
Me and my crush are pretty good friends, I’m going up on the scale though! I also watched the videos that the person below this text sent, and yes, they are very inspiring... thank you! Should I ask my crush out, or just tell him that I like him? Hewp pls lol