Which guy do you like?

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Do you have two guys( guy a and guy b) you like? Here is a way to find out which ones right for you.

  • 1
    Which guy has the most in common with you?
  • 2
    What guy do you think about the most?
  • 3
    How long have you known guy A?

  • 4
    How long have you known guy B?
  • 5
    Which guy is your dream guy?
  • 6
    Which Guy can you see yourself with in twenty years?

  • 7
    Who would you want to go to prom with?
  • 8
    Have you gone out with any of them before?
  • 9
    Which guy do you talk to the most?
  • 10
    Have you met any of the Guys parents outside of school?

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126 days ago
I know Guy A's more solid, we have friendship but guy B's just so attracrive 😂 annoying because he seems to be making connections with a girl. I know guy A is ideal but I cant stop looking in guy B's direction for some reason
134 days ago
i took this test i got guy b i took another one i got guy a and i like both of them and they both like me and they are both best friends help me
400 days ago
Guy a… but another quiz said guy b…

wE aLl HaViNg BoY pRoBlOmS ;-;
526 days ago
You like both of them. You are in a rough spot but you can get through it. Either that of you let them both go and find new guys.
562 days ago
You like them both.

Wow gee thanks. I think I knew that already.
650 days ago
You know what I've learnt from the results of these quizzes, Ditch boys we don't need 'em
705 days ago
705 days ago
Alright.... I’m gonna tap it.... let’s find out.............. WHICH ONNNNNE!!!!!!!!!
713 days ago
I’m taking this in my friend who I know everything about perspective I was guy a her main crush was guy b and it said guy b I’m sad
748 days ago
@promstar stfu with yo stanky fish looking asss your hating on someone who is much more successful than you and can get millions of guys and and girls to scream his name you dont even deserve to speak his name
748 days ago
i got guy b yay i really like him buh then there was another guy that i liked lol buh i still think bout guy b and i like him alot
784 days ago
GUY B GUY B!! I LIKE HIM SO MICH!!!... quiz is wrong lol it said a!! Haha! Funny thing is there is NO guy a!!!!
784 days ago
It said guy b... he’s 3 years older than me, but looks my age. He’s my cousins best friend and my memes neighbor... I see him once a week, but... GUY A!! He’s a few months older than me, we go to the same school, we go to the same church, I’ve known him since I was an infant... apparently we’ve taken baths together... UMMMMM... he liked me in 4th-8 grades and I’ve liked him for most of that time... i don’t know
813 days ago
I don’t think I like any😳
856 days ago
Guy B is my close friend's twin brother, and she even said that we would go pretty well together, even though she's still confused on why I like him. Guy A is in basically all of my classes and he looks at me sometimes, makes a joke and waits to see if I react, and just generally acts friendly around me and I've liked him kinda one-off for a while, but everyone knows that he likes a different girl and my friends know I like him and kinda pity me when anyone mentions him and the other girl, but I just always say that we are just friends, and we are, but I get the feeling that he actually might like me as more of a friend. Basically, I'm just kinda confused though and I don't know why.
888 days ago
Ok well I agree. Person A. I’ve liked him since fourth grade (to freshman year that I’m in now). I liked person B in kindergarten til 3rd grade when I left the school. We are still kinda friends and he just told me he liked me. And I think I like him a little but I LOVE person A. And I think the reason that the Johnny Depo quote doesn’t work for me is because that the only real reason I started liking B is because A doesn’t like me back. He likes my good friend. And it sucks. Because A is my best friend. He knows literally everything about me (except that I like him again). We almost dated. We basically did. We just never made it “official” we never put a label on it. But we did everything that couples do basically. And I really love him but I don’t think I have a chance with him. AAAAAAAAAH help please. He told me he likes someone else but won’t tell me who. My brain is saying “ it definitely isn’t you” but my heart is saying “omg what if it’s you?!?!” What if it is me and he isn’t telling me because he thinks I don’t like him?! He is “making moves” on me. But then claims to not like me. He’s different than other guys. Please help me. What do I do?!
932 days ago
and they’re both cute btw
932 days ago
it says guy b and i kinda think thats true because the johnny depp quote about if you cant choose go for the second guy because if you really did like the first one you wouldnt have liked the second
but the problem is guy b is popular and hes super funny and sweet and like he talks to me but he also talks to other girls and he was on the football team and i dont know if he has a gf or not i dont think he does but theres rumors he likes a cheerleader
but guy a is a lot like me and hes nice too and we talk too but he also talks to this one girl at lunch and they laugh but i think shes the one girl everyone says is rlly clingy and kinda depressed so maybe they just friends? because during class he looks at me and i hear him and his friends whispering but idk if its about me
1256 days ago
@avni and that’s a fact bruh
1279 days ago
@helplol go with guy A.... is that even a question?
clearly he likes you more and will keep you happy...