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How To Choose Between Two Guys

There comes a time in many females' lives (and some males, too) when they are faced with a hard choice: They like or even love two guys, but can only choose one. And the guys want them to decide RIGHT NOW. If you're facing this dilemma, this quiz can help you make the right choice. Good luck. I know it's really tough.

  • 1
    Which guy do you think is more handsome?
    Which guy do you think is more handsome?
  • 2
    Which guy do you see more in a week?
    Which guy do you see more in a week?
  • 3
    Which guy have you already hugged?

  • 4
    Which guy have you already had a date with?
  • 5
    Which guy is more of a gentleman? THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT - you DON'T want a prick ;)
  • 6
    Which guy's family is nicer? That's very important, no matter your age.

  • 7
    Which guy can you imagine living your life with? Like with children, in your own house, with your own job?
  • 8
    If you were stranded on a deserted island, which guy would you rather be with?
  • 9
    Imagine you've been kidnapped. You send both guys a message at the same time that you've been taken. Which guy do you believe would rescue you first?
  • 10
    Which guy do you think is more perfect for you?

Comments (76)


53 days ago
hi i have no idea what im doing here cause today i am like a boy i think
109 days ago
I got 40% for each, so um... help?
111 days ago
GoRgEoUs 2. Let’s hope Colby like me.

He we go Caelby Señor Magee
143 days ago
One of them really don't make any time to even text me
143 days ago
Me, taking this quiz, dating two guys: o.O
My bfs: *laughing their💝off, because they convinced me to do this test, to see who I love more*
176 days ago
178 days ago
Gorgeous 1. Sorry Sean, HERE I COME PETER
185 days ago
Guy 1 always touches me and cares for me and is cuter but Guy 2 I know better and also cares for me
189 days ago
Help!!! I am in love with 2 guys, but they are twins
213 days ago
I dont think so, as you get older, it wont matter as much. And if you like him that much, then I say: don't let age get in the way of you love life!
300 days ago
I wouldn’t call what I had with Grady a date, but we were waiting for our parents to come pick us up after band rehearsal, and he’s my best friend, so of course we would hang out, also he’s a year younger than me, is that a problem 😰😂🤨😑🙃
300 days ago
Gorgeous 1. GRADY HERE I COME. 😂😂😂👌👌👌🙃🙃🙃
333 days ago
I like to guys and one is really my type while the other isn’t. Guy 1 is nice and sweet and cute but guy 2 is funny and sweet and nice and lives closer than guy 1 but guy 2 gets his phone taken all the time for no reason but guy 1 will talk to me all day but idk what to do I told both of then I like them but I also told them about the other guy so both guys are fully aware and both are very supportive
338 days ago
Gorgeous 2 ... Well I just humiliated him... I don't know if he heard or anything but I don't really mean it...
401 days ago
50% gorgeous 1
Its 50/50 that dosent help at all
414 days ago
so guy 1 is like perfect but idk if he’s into me or not, meanwhile guy 2 I already know for a fact likes me but he really doesn’t show it and I don’t wanna hurt him cause at one point awhile back I’d told him I liked him but he’s just changed so much and never talks to me anymore
420 days ago
ok this quiz does not consider the fact that some peeps r not CLOSE with these 2 guys that they know both their FAMILIES, they imagine having CHILDREN w them, & they actually have the GUTS to DATE them! Like dude, thx for trying, but plz have a broader view of what ur content is. I mean, it's fine but can u at least make the answer choices 2 be like "Idk their families", "never dated any of them b4", or smth like that apart from "gorgeous1", "gorgeous2", & "both"! like that is too narrow and doesn't take in mind those introverts
434 days ago
I got the second guy
452 days ago
One guy is super shy but sooo cute and makes me smile but the other has liked me since we met. Just please god give me a good man
452 days ago
Sigh apparently I’m still choosing whatever why does life have to be so hard itd be easier if one guy just stepped out of the picture