Am I In Love With My Best Friend? (For Females)

Well, obviously you love her - after all, she's your best friend! But do you think that maybe you could actually be IN LOVE with this amazing, captivating female? It happens more than you might think. Why not find out if it's happening with you right now? Try my quiz!

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    Have you ever been with a girl before?
    Have you ever been with a girl before?

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46 days ago
I love you guys so much
46 days ago
I took the quiz again and got 100% that I have crush
116 days ago
I took the quiz again and got 70% that I have a crush
118 days ago
She is shy,taller than me,nice and funny
118 days ago
Chelsey C. I hope you don't find this (tho u no have a phone) I told Shaniah G.(My friend) I like you alot and I don't know how to say it in irl that I found out I am LGBTQ+ and I-I ❤ you alot 😖

Hopefully yours,Gia A.

Any advice everyone?
118 days ago
119 days ago
Alisha CN
You might see this, although i hope you dont. Im not sure if I have a crush on you or not. I have a super duper hard telling romantic feelings apart from platonic. So like, if I ever tell you i like you, chances are im confused.
-Natalie Z
139 days ago
Legit got 40% A and 40% B and 20% C
Her brother used to joke about it, and she’s been my friend forever now I just hate her bf. I thought he was a bad guy at first, but that isn’t so much the truth idk anymore. Like I wanna go traveling with her and spend that time talking often.
176 days ago
'So are you in love with her? You seem indecisive. You're probably bi-curious or maybe even bi-sexual. You could have feelings for her and be too scared to admit it. Or maybe you just like the idea of being with her, and are drawn to the fantasy or the lust. You need to take some time and get in touch with your feelings. There's nothing wrong with experimenting to figure things out. Maybe ask how she feels about lesbians?'


311 days ago
Feelings suck
I liek her?? I mean she's adgdgwgwhd Idk I'm just very awkward
311 days ago
Oh nanu I love you so much idk if this is just a phase or if I'm really in love with you I don't want to lose you as a friend because you've brought me so much happiness and I love you. Ik you don't feel the same and I respect that but I still love you 💕💕💕💕💕💕✨please don't ever see this
311 days ago
My life is complicated. My best friend and I both just realized we were bi, and a couple years ago we both thought we had a crush on each other. I definitely like her now... does she like me??
319 days ago
im in love with my BFF i never thought of my self as lesbien
319 days ago
Oh 🍦... This is gonna hurt.
355 days ago
I feel just like Hamlet, wandering the lonely world and searching for an answer. If we were to kiss, how would you feel? I do not know how to feel. But oh, ophelia, you've been on my mind, girl, like a drug Xx.
356 days ago
I like my bestie, but i think she’s straight ;0; and I liked her since elementary.
357 days ago
I don't know where to start. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if we never became friends. It's strange but I think life would be boring. You're so complicated and so human in the most beautiful way, in a way I think I could never be. You carry the world on your shoulders but it's like you don't even feel it there. You still breathe and you still smile with an elegance I can only compare to romantic literature. You live for newness and understanding, you're not afraid. You look in the mirror and can read your face and every flaw like its a novel about the universe. I see in you what I don't show other people. It's different with you. I had never dreamt about somebody I liked before you. I could never imagine them, and I would never explode into a fit of giggles just from reading their name on my screen. You are amazing, and yet still, I don't know if I yearn to kiss your lips or yearn to see you truly happy with him.
- h
363 days ago
Oh hi beth’s sister UvU
363 days ago
363 days ago