Do I Like Her Or Am I Just Curious/Interested?

This quiz is meant for lesbians, bisexuals or bi-curious girls ONLY. I mean, anyone CAN take it, but it probably won't help anyone except the ones I created it for. Find out know if you're really into this fine female, or if it's something less than that. Hope my quiz helps you!

  • 1
    Have you had any sexual fantasies about her?
    Have you had any sexual fantasies about her?
  • 2
    Have you ever had romantic fantasies about her?
  • 3
    Does she know how you feel? As in, does she know you think you have a crush on her, or are just interested?

  • 4
    Do you get jealous when she's talking with her crush? (If she has one.)
  • 5
    When she's angry or upset with you, do you act like you normally would, or do you try your best to win her forgiveness because you're upset she's upset?
  • 6
    Do you stare at her often?

  • 7
    Why are you taking this quiz?
  • 8
    Did you like this quiz, and do you feel the questions were relatable?
  • 9
    Sorry about this - I just dunno what else to ask!
  • 10
    Do you think you like her?

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3 days ago
Oh no oh no things are getting really bad really quickly. You girls I like her and I really want to get this feeling away, please if anyone has any ways in which I can reclaim my straight-ness it would be the best thing. I mot against the community, I ship many queer people and have friends that are. But she's so straight and I don't want to ruin our friendship. Please anybody, if there's someone who has advice.. It's literally forbidden by my parents and religion and I don't want to do something like that.
39 days ago
I like her alot I think because I think about her all the time but then again I don't want to like her like that and just want to stay friends but then again I wouldn't mind kissing her but then again I'm fine with it being platonic. I just wish she would get out of my head!!
88 days ago
so, i never had liked anyone before, never. but we started talking and for some reason i would start getting a little jealous ? when you would say goodbye because you had to talk to your friend, but i was okay, i thought, maybe is something normal in that case. then, one day you sent me a meme, i never really thought about it but when i read our conversation again, it looks like an indirect way of saying “i like you”. then, i would start thinking about you, almost everyday, i would wait for you to send me a message, and when i received it, i would get so happy, and we can talk hours and hours without being tired. i’m getting used to this feeling, i still don’t know if i like you or not, even if this test tell me i do, i’m still confused, since i never had liked someone in real life. i’m sad about the fact that we don’t really live close, im from another state, so i don’t know if i actually like you, or i like your company, but you make me really happy. i think about kissing you, cuddle, and a lot of things, but i don’t get really nervous when talking, just happy, you make me lose track of the time. i wish i could hug you and give you a big kiss. my heart is talking, i don’t know what to say. i’m so confused.
116 days ago
I have a boyfriend when I’m not supposed to I know I’m bi but my parents think I’m too young to have any feelings besides happiness and if I break up with my bf I’m afraid he will tell my parents because they will give me a talk and say even if I like girls they will think I’m a boy and not like me because bisexuals only like girls they think :(
122 days ago
e. b. you won't see this but god you have caused me so much angst over the last few months i don't know am i just doing this to get attention or do i actually like you ffffff i don't know i'm so confused it's just kind of been admiring you from afar because we're not that close :((( but i do really like you and i don't know if it's platonic or what but all the times where i'm just joking about being in love with you that is me passive aggressively trying to drop hints i wish we could talk more at least i wish we could be better friends

135 days ago
This is too relatable, i really like her, but we have never really talked, shes on my soccer team and her name is savannah. She's really funny too, my parents would just put off my sexuality as a phase, but i think this is real. I dont want a relationship right now but j really like her and have so many problems I would need to figurw out before anything anyways, Im just so confused.
138 days ago
I don’t even know if she’s LGBTQ but I really like her I just don’t want to ruin our friendship
138 days ago
I want to tell her I really do, but we’re playing basketball together on club team so that would prob make it really awkward.... luckily we don’t have any classes together *signs in relief*
150 days ago
hey maisy ur never gonna see this lol but i think i like u and i would love to go out some time ik itll nevr happen but you knnow
151 days ago
Okay, I'm to scared to tell her that I love her. Because I don't want her to stop talking to me.... But I guess she deserves to know how I feel about her. What should I do....
151 days ago
Hey princess! I really like you and I think and fantasize about you all the whole time. I’m sure you like me as well but I don’t know if this is a girl crush or a romantic feeling and I don’t know how to ask you yet.

Anyways, I just want to hug and cuddle with you for hours but I don’t have the chance yet.

151 days ago
i think it was a short friend crush??? idk tho, because she’s on my soccer team and she’s so pretty and sweet and she complimented my eyelashes and ya but i hav a gf who i LOVE LOVE LOVE and would never do anything to hurt, but still i feel bad
151 days ago
dahabo lmao your never gonna see this but god! I do like you and want to be with you! to bad you aren't LGBT :(
159 days ago
I know you'll never see this but Fed you're just so perfect. I have the biggest crush on you I've ever had on anyone before and you're so pretty and funny and sweet and smart and just ahhh-. We have so much in common I feel like we were made for each other. You'll never see this though 😭 and if you do you'll just assume it's going to someone else named Fed 😭😭.
160 days ago
I like her very much! HOW SHOULD I TELL HERRR
168 days ago
I know my crush will never see this lol,
but Auburn you are so pretty and funny and we kinda just vibe and I do not know how to tell you. Not to mention that i don’t even know if you accepting, let alone also LGBTQ+

ughhh give me a signnnnnnnnnn

i am literally dying cause you didn’t come to school today and i realized that i really missed u :((
313 days ago
how do i know if this is a romantic crush or a friend crush? i just want to move in with you and be closer but i know i'm ace at the same time,,,, i know you will never see this but i like the way you vibe with me, i like the way you comfort me and assure me that no, im not annoying, and i know i act like i hate all our ships matching our mbtis but im secretly looking forward to it. coupled with my overthinking and habit to project we will probably never be more than friends and thats ok i just really wanna let u know i appreciate you. im glad you started dming me. im glad i invited you out for the movie. im glad that you still choose to talk to me even i ramble too much and dont know how to convey my feelings except through too many questions and how my love language is gifting but i can never buy you the things you like. i know you still like your friend, but even i dont know if this is platonic or romantic. let me just simmer here. let life take its course. thank u for ebing there for me
329 days ago
i literally die everytime you hug me or smile at me but i don’t wanna tell you how i feel if it ruins our friendship. It’s happened to me before and I don’t wanna ruin a great friendship just because of my stupid feelings. You probably just see it as platonic... luv u ((:
343 days ago
what if I'm her crush? theb question 4 doesn't apply
358 days ago
so kn is the time to move i think so.....
i am so confuseddddddddd