Do I Like Her Or Am I Just Curious/Interested? Lgbt Crush Quiz

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This quiz is meant for lesbians, bisexuals or bi-curious girls ONLY. I mean, anyone CAN take it, but it probably won't help anyone except the ones I created it for. Find out know if you're really into this fine female, or if it's something less than that. Hope my quiz helps you!

  • 1
    Have you had any sexual fantasies about her?
    Have you had any sexual fantasies about her?
  • 2
    Have you ever had romantic fantasies about her?
  • 3
    Does she know how you feel? As in, does she know you think you have a crush on her, or are just interested?

  • 4
    Do you get jealous when she's talking with her crush? (If she has one.)
  • 5
    When she's angry or upset with you, do you act like you normally would, or do you try your best to win her forgiveness because you're upset she's upset?
  • 6
    Do you stare at her often?

  • 7
    Why are you taking this quiz?
  • 8
    Did you like this quiz, and do you feel the questions were relatable?
  • 9
    Sorry about this - I just dunno what else to ask!
  • 10
    Do you think you like her?

Comments (138)


22 days ago
my crush has a girlfriend already 😑
47 days ago
I’m gay aaaaah noooOoooOo
78 days ago
ugghhh i’m such a gay b!itchh
89 days ago
Please tell me I’m not the only one who is asexual and thinks they like some one but only likes the idea of a relationship. I think I’m omni but idk if I would actually want a relationship?? I might be aroace but I have no idea. Please help 😞
I’m 13 and the person I think I like is a non binary lesbian btw.
Thank you to anyone who reads this and pls stay safe 🌈✨
98 days ago
Abby I do like you back will you go out with me
101 days ago
@Erinnn I agree with @Anonymous. I'm Christian too, but my religion believes god made us the way we are and he loves us the way we are. We believe everyone of every sexuality and gender deserve love and respect.
116 days ago
Hello girl from my dance class,

This is pretty cringe but i rlly wanna get this off me
I only see you once a week but honestly you're so charming. I love seeing you dance and I love our dry small talks at the beginning of every lesson. I never expected this when I first saw you but I think about you a lot. I'm not sure if I like you yet but I think you're really cute. You leave me questioning my sexuality a lot.
223 days ago
I'm bi but I prefer girls btw. My boyfriend doesn't realize I do not like him back. Sabrina is like an angel fallen down to earth and I wanna date her so bad what do I do?
223 days ago
Sabrina is pan! I have a realistic chance! Just need to take out the trash that is my completely obsessed boyfriend first...
251 days ago
i took this test on my ex and i still love her and cant get over her we were dating less than 1/2 a year but i miss her. the only thing is lately she seems like she hates me around her friends and im scared shes gonna tell me she hates me. What should i do?
252 days ago
idek what i am anymore but i know that i like you n :)
256 days ago
@Erinnn (20171) Being Christian has nothing to do with homosexuality in the slightest. I read a book and it says that itself. Lots of people think that God intended all people to be straight, but I think that God made us this way on purpose.
264 days ago
hey lena. you wont see this but i really like you. your soft brown hair, your style, personality, literally everything about you i love.
266 days ago
Hello, I know you will never see this, but I really like you, Claudia.
I know you are gay and you know I am bi. But we are allways just doing smalltalk and hang out when we see eachother in school. I want to change that sooooo much… but even tho you kinda flirt with me you are out there, with your bestie trying to find a gf. am I your style or not?! I’m so confused.

this remembers me of these lyrics: „you stupid 🍦, cant you see, the perfect one for you is me“

Can anyone relate to this?
266 days ago
I really like my close friend but ik we can never date cause we're both Christians and our families and some ppl we know dont agree w being homosexual (cause of the religion, fair enough) and it also technically goes against our religion since its the same one so there's no way she'd ever like me back or any way I could realistically date her or tell her without messing things up. It's a nice thought though, she's an amazing friend, I rlly wish it wasn't against both our beliefs, I kinda wish I could tell her...welp :(
282 days ago
yeah. every since my friend came out it always left a thought in the back of my head. It says I like her but I am unsure (which makes sense I have mixed feelings about it lol)
330 days ago
hey there, you aren't gonna see this anyway... I don't like to watch those lgbtq movies or the scenes but I just feel so different when I'm around you... So I suspect it might be a crush... and I'm kinda scared... You might be 85% lesbian or bi too. Cos you never talk about boys in a way that you have an interest on 'em. I remember having a crush on a boy and for you - I guess I feel the same... this liking the same gender thing didn't start lately... I was about 10 when I kinda thought why am I like this... I didn't know about lgbtq back then. It's not like I wanna have a sexual relationship with you it's just wanna talk with you and have you by my side... which I know never happens... I don't know why u r ignoring me this much... I felt unwanted and I thought I'm clingy... and I was kinda that crazy kid back then too... since this is like a basic simple crush --- I can get over you ryt? ( does having a crush(?) on you for bout 2 years count as a basic crush --- yh ryt?) whatever I'm gonna ask you why you are ignoring me... when you are in scl u r super nice to me and when it comes to chatting u r just so different... why??? Sometimes (most of the time) I feel like you just need me for advantages like getting the notes... I get jealous when I see you with your best friend (?)... GOD THIS IS TOO MUCH I'MA JUST LEAVE NOW
334 days ago
Soo this test said I like her a lot. I think I do, but it's so weird. I know that I'm a lesbian since 2years but the thing is she acts toxic and I guess she is straight. My friends don't like her either, they talk behind her back. She is quite popular and one of my friends (btw my best friend) that talks bad about her is just jealous and found ,,bad'' things about mehr. She told me and I think I liked her bc of that even more. I'm such an 🦄. I mean everyone blasphemes and I just there like I was out of the conversation. When they would knew that I liked her-
I don't want them to laugh about me and yeah I know that I'm a fool. Lmao
350 days ago
i told her about my feelings and she said she used to like me too. but the next day she said she didn't like me and she was just confused and told me that I'm also confused like her and i don't really like her. those words still hurt me. but i can only wish her to always be happy :)
400 days ago
im just really really confused, i know they (my lesbian best friend) has a crush on me and im bi but i dont really know if a have a crush on them-