Lesbian Love Quiz

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Test how good your relationship with your girlfriend is, using this quiz!

  • 1
    Does she call you or see you in person more often?
  • 2
    Have you talked about the future together?
  • 3
    What are your ages?

  • 4
    Do you think about being with her in the future?
  • 5
    Do you get easily jealous when she's around other girls?
  • 6
    Have you ever suspected that she has cheated?

  • 7
    How often do you say "I love you"?
  • 8
    Have you met the other person's parents?
  • 9
    Do you feel ashamed when you hold her hand?
  • 10
    Do you comfort her when in rough times?

  • 11
    Do you engage in sexual activity?

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243 days ago
I'm so happy! I revealed I had a crush on my virtual friend(our group tells each other who our crushes are)after realizing I did have a crush after all. They(they are gender fluid) told me they had a crush on me too and now we are dating!!! We are probably going to tell the people on the chat today, so wish us luck! There is going to be a jealous ex.
285 days ago
when ur 11 tho lol
and u get
You have scored 60-100 points. Good job! You and your partner are strongly in love. You are attentive, loving and a very cute couple
604 days ago
My fiance and I have been together for going on 9 months now and my feelings for her have never changed. She's a stud and I'm a girly girl. I just proposed to her March 5th. I'm deeply in love with her and that will never change. I want the whole world to know how I feel about her. She and I live together and my feelings for her sored higher than it did when I met her for the first time. She could be standing right in front of me and I still can't stop thinking about her. She's the love of my life and I can't wait to have her last name.
924 days ago
follow your heart even if you might be scared love is love
love u humans
no homo
lol even tho im gay
930 days ago
I like my friend... She says she's bi... Maybe I should tell her I like her?
938 days ago
Hi I’m in love with my friend I met her last year and I love her so much but now she hates me and I don’t know how to fix r love 💗
938 days ago
I’m 15 and she’s 18 years older than me , she know I love her , but I guess she don’t know that I love her and I want be her girlfriend, by the way she’s my mother friend,and she’s always sleep with mother cause u know there are friends,but I still love her , I think about her all the time!!!!!!
1355 days ago
im in love my best friend who is girl im happy with her