LGBTQ+ - Do I Love Her? Quiz

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Struggling to figure out whether you love or just like her? Take this quiz to find out. Will it be love, or lust?

  • 1
    How often do you think about her?
  • 2
    What do you like most about her?
  • 3
    How often do you fantasize about the two of you together?

  • 4
    Out of 10, how much would you say you liked her?
  • 5
    What outcome do you want from this test?
  • 6
    How long have you had these feelings?

  • 7
    Do you trust her?
  • 8
    Are you close?
  • 9
    Does she know how you feel?
  • 10
    Are you ready for your result?

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7 days ago

Ok so I'm 15 (f) and i go to a school where every year, we get different classmates so that it's easier for new kids to find friends in their class. That was just a lil context. This school year i got new classmates, there was one girl that i knew was in my class, but i didn't really pay attention to her. But somehow we got talking and we got pretty close and always sat next to eachother in all of our classes, so we became friends basically. De 2nd week after the schoolyear started, our year went on a school trip where we would spend one night. Every class would be devided into rooms of about 6 people, boys and girls devided bc those were the rooms we were gonna sleep in. I ended up with that girl. We got talking all night in our shared room with other girls from our class and it was super fun because we were both getting to know eachother by asking question. That is when i discovered that she's bisexual (so am i). Some time after the trip, she texted me and confessed that she had feelings for me since the beginning of the schoolyear. I rejected her nicely saying that i didn't have feelings for her in that way, but i would like to continue becoming closer as friends, and that i wouldn't see her any different after she confessed. A few months passed and we got closer because we sat next to eachother in each class the whole schoolyear untill now. She asked me again if i had any feelings for her because she still liked me. I told her that i wasn't sure bc i started feeling something towards her but i didnt know for sure if they were romantic feelings. About 3 weeks or so after that, i was starting to become pretty sure that i started developing feelings for this girl, so i asked her if she still liked me, and she said she still had feelings, so that is the moment where i told her i thought i was starting to like her back. We got closer, talked more, i started making little moves like holding her hand on different occasions. And i asked her to officially be my girlfriend about 5 days ago ^^ she's so cute honestly. She has long, soft brown hair with the end dyed a lighter brown. She always wears het pretty hair down. She's shorter than me (it makes me feel some type of way and idk how to deal w it but i like the height difference). She's always too shy to hold my hand first, she scoots her hand to the edge of her thigh as a signal for me to grab her hand( its sooo adorable). She's a very calm person that doesn't talk much, and im exactly like that too. We're both introverts but because she's quiet, she makes me talk more so i feel like i still dont know too much about her😭 but i haven't been able to get her off my mind lately. I'd say im a pretty dirty minded person with a high😘drive, so before i liked her i thought about ppl sexually sometimes (like teenagers do ig??) But with her it's different.. when i see this girl i just wanna hold her in my arms, or put my hand on her waist or cuddle or smth. I wanna know more abt her so we can talk more comfortably and have deeper conversations. Help... im so invested in her that i think I'm going crazy
11 days ago
Oh yeah and I forgot to add that I'm bisexual
11 days ago
I like this girl at school, like I really love her. She's one of the most beautiful, most talented girls I've ever known. But she's straight, and the worst thing is, she found out and said she would out me. I apologised to her for all that happened, she said it was okay but she doesn't want to be friends. She said she's not homophobic but she always moves whenever I have to sit next to her. I can't get over her. HELP ME pls
17 days ago
I like this girl at my school. She is literally the sweetest person and can we talk about how gorgeous she is? She is the prettiest and funniest girl I have ever met(NO KIDDING!!!), but I know she thinks I'm annoying. I can't stop thinking about her and trying to be funny around her but she doesn't really like me, let alone like me as a friend I try to avoid asking questions about her, but I am worried it will be obvious that I'm in love with her and it will just all spill out someday. So I guess I'll just keep on secretly admiring her from afar. Which is hard. She has the locker next to me and I get nervous whenever I go to get my books or my backpack... If anybody has any of these crush situations at school/work/life/etc, know you are not alone in this awkwardness
52 days ago
So I likke her and test told me to wait a bit longer... IM WAITING 5 FRIKING MONTHS... now lets calm down and understand that these test are most likely fake

p.s. Niccy and Perrie
76 days ago
So, I like her and she likes me, and really everyone knows that, but we're both too stupid to say it. We've been hurting ourselves for a long time now (because we don't say it), and now my friends want us to talk to each other tomorrow. I'm really scared!
189 days ago
my soon be wife and I really in love with each others and trust each others she get bit jealous of another girls around me she is 45 and I 35 but she know I want hurt her and break up with her she got 2 kids with her ex wife .
207 days ago
Goodness, I think I may have a crush on this new transfer at my school, but I don't know yet. I seriously hope it's just a phase or something. I haven't had many crushes in my lifetime, so evidently I don't know how it feels like to have one. The last crush I had was in the 3rd grade, but it was so long ago I can barely remember if it even WAS a crush. Yet, this girl makes me feel nervous whenever I'm about to walk into a room she's in. My stomach drops and I feel chills, despite always wearing something warm. I mean, I always try to get close and talk to her, but I also want to hide my face and get away from her whenever I do. And I can't help but stare at her whenever she's not looking. And the few times I get the chance to speak to her, I get tongue-tied and awkward... Everything she says is funny to me, and she's a great person all around. Not to mention she's drop dead gorgeous. I mean, a great personality and stunning looks! What more could you want in a girl?.....Heh, you know, it's kinda strange. Whenever I think about being intimate with her, I immediately get disgusted and shut down the thought quickly. But not for the reason you may think. Just the idea of her even TOUCHING lips with mine grosses me out! There's no way she'd ever want to kiss or even try dating me, so why even try fantasizing about it? It's like chasing an impossible dream. She deserves so much better then a disgusting creature like me. I'm always the last option, so why would it be any different now? Heh, who am I kidding, I wasn't even an option in the first place. That might be why I keep trying to suppress my attraction toward her. I know she'll never think of me the way I think of her. Which I've accepted as okay! I certaintly don't plan on telling her my potential "crush" on her anytime soon. I'm just waiting to see if my attraction toward her will pass so I can forget about it... Like, I can fantasize about being romantic and intimate with other women, so why is it so different with this girl? Maybe it's because I don't have a crush on her? But what if I do? Why do I feel these strange feelings when I'm around her? I just want it to all stop at this's so stressful to think about. Heh, sorry, I don't mean to be so negative, it's just this has been on my mind for a while now. I mean, is this really how a crush feels like? It's so overwhelming. I know I certainly feel some attraction toward her, but I wish it'd go away and vanish. I hate it, but at the same time I love it. Ugh.. I'm sorry, I just really needed a place to vent...Thank you if you read to the end, and sorry once again if this was difficult to read, I really let my emotions out on this one.

Have a fabulous day you lovely people! 😇❤
214 days ago
@remus you should ask her out when you feel ready.
230 days ago
oh my god ok. so there's someone I've kinda known for a couple years now. she just came out to me as a trans woman and yknow what? I'm scared that I might be in love with her now. she's funny, charming, and has "joked" about me 💋 her multiple times??? so confused but I get butterflies when I think about her. but then again butterflies don't last. they die. but oh my god what if I don't actually like her and I'm chasing after something that isn't actually there? or what if I do like her and I'm just downplaying it? I need to know. I just got out of a toxic relationship too so I feel like a need to give myself a break but oh my god she's perfect.
329 days ago
You have to beat Tower of Nervous Sweating
336 days ago
sabrina, if you're reading this i want you to know that i love you. you're amazing and when you talk to me i feel like im on top of the world. you're perfection in my eyes and i hope you like me as much as i like you. to me, you are like an angel fallen down to earth.
347 days ago
i love you so much
378 days ago
Hello Claudia, I‘m fully into you. I love everything from your eyes, your personality, up to the fact you‘re complimenting me. But please make it clear. I know you are gay and you know that I‘m bi. PLEASE SAY YOU LOVE ME OR ELSE JUST DONT FLIRT WITH ME. YOU ARE OUT THERE WITH YOUR BESTIE TRYNA FIND A GF BUT YOU FLIRT WITH ME ALL THE TIME.
ma‘am what the hell.

You‘ll never see this anyways… but still, I just wanted to say that.
400 days ago
She is sweet, she always wears her beautiful light blonde hair down. Her light ocean blue eyes light up when she sees me. She loves to write, I could watch her write for hours. She loves animals❤️ She is lesbian too, I find her staring at me often. She is older then me, by a month. She is sweet, and kind, and loving.
400 days ago
So there’s this girl that I’m best friends with at school, and she’s really pretty and sweet❤️ (She’s lesbian too) My little brother is the only person that knows I’m lesbian, and he always jokes around that we are girlfriends! (Is it really that obvious?) Once we where sitting next to each other and I was looking at her, she asked my why and I brushed it off. I was thinking about how pretty her blue eyes are🥹 maybe she likes me? I catch her looking at me all the time! And I even put a rainbow on my computer as a little hint since we always do homework together❤️❤️

-please reply!!
400 days ago
So there’s this girl that I’m best friends with at school, and she’s really pretty and sweet❤️ (She’s lesbian too) My little brother is the only person that knows I’m lesbian, and he always jokes around that we are girlfriends! (Is it really that obvious?) Once we where sitting next to each other and I was looking at her, she asked my why and I brushed it off. I was thinking about how pretty her blue eyes are🥹 maybe she likes me? I catch her looking at me all the time! And I even put a rainbow on my computer as a little hint since we always do homework together❤️❤️

-please reply!!
403 days ago
head over heels..

We're already dating but not irl. I really really really like her but I don't wanna say I love you bc we've only been dating for a few weeks even though we end convos w 'ly'. URGH. Why is she so perfect?????????
424 days ago
i didnt know i felt this way…i always thought she was pretty and i always liked being around her…i just thought i liked being around her bc i didn’t have any friends.
424 days ago
I already know I love them, idk why I did this quiz. They are gender fluid but thats ok! They are pretty, kind, funny and I LOVE their british accent. We are virtualy dating as we are virtual friends, and we started yesterday after they told me they liked me too,(everyone in our group knows one anothers crushes so thats how they knew)i asked them out! I'm so happy, but I think we are telling the chat people today, so there is prob gonna be a jealous ex...