LGBTQ+ - Do I Love Her? Quiz

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Struggling to figure out whether you love or just like her? Take this quiz to find out. Will it be love, or lust?

  • 1
    How often do you think about her?
  • 2
    What do you like most about her?
  • 3
    How often do you fantasize about the two of you together?

  • 4
    Out of 10, how much would you say you liked her?
  • 5
    What outcome do you want from this test?
  • 6
    How long have you had these feelings?

  • 7
    Do you trust her?
  • 8
    Are you close?
  • 9
    Does she know how you feel?
  • 10
    Are you ready for your result?

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548 days ago
I really do love her so much! She means the world to me and I'm so thankful to have her support and love in my love. I love you forever my sunshine ❤️

550 days ago
ily bb.... dats all i gotta say...
596 days ago
I think I might've fallen for my childhood friend- luckily I at least know that she liked girls, but I think I'll wait until we're older before I say anything. I couldn't bear to ruin what we have.
597 days ago
I met this girl in one of my classes, and we became fast friends. I had never even considered falling in love with a girl before her.she made me feel weird things i didnt wanna feel. Soon i figured out that i was in love with her and spent the last 5 months with her hiding my feelings. Then we had to go our seperate ways. And we dont even talk much now. But i think i still have feelings for her. She used to be really touchy and used to tell me that i make her feel safe and things like that but im pretty sure shes straight. Now idk what the hell to do with my stupid feelings.
602 days ago
We liked each other, she told me and I pushed her away because self sabotage, now she has a girlfriend but I still love her. I wish her the best, I brought this upon myself but it still hurts
613 days ago
i really dont know what to say i love her and wwre together for 10 months already but suddenly i start to feel annoyed by her and we dont talk much bc i prefer doing other things, cant say the same about her - shes madly in love with me, obsessive even and shed do anything for me. i really dont wanna be the one who "lost feelings" bc i dont wanna hurt her but what if i dont love her anymore, it really makes me :/ bc i wanna be with her but i dont wanna waste her time when shes :D all the time and im just :/ when were together and i dont know, maybe this is just a phase or something but i really dont wanna break her heart
613 days ago
Also hi *cries in red*! So you like your friend but she might like another girl. You say you are head over heels for her so you don’t need to go oop! In fact you should feel happy :-) So I think that because she asked you about what you were doing with her (flirting) she might know that you like her (but I’m human so I could be wrong). I am not 100% sure what you should do but I can tell you what you probably shouldn’t do. You say she kind of likes this hot girl. Don’t try to impress your crush by changing yourself to be like the hot girl. Your friend might want someone that is true to their self. Maybe if you are feeling brave you could ask her out when the ‘hot girl’ or anyone else isn’t listening. Explain nicely about your ‘journey’ through high school and explain how you started developing feelings for her. Be honest because even if she rejects you she will appreciate it.

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613 days ago
Hi oui! I don’t know if you are reading this but I have seen you comment so I just want to help you. You don’t have to take the advice by the way. So first of all, this quiz is probably not 100% accurate because that would not be possible! So you might not like her. If you do like her then you can’t really make your feelings go away. It is something you just can’t control but it is totally natural :-) However, if you are confused if you like her or not, assess her. So think about how long you have known her for, how do you know her etc. Then think if you want to take those feelings further. Would it be possible to ask her out or even date her? Also if you want to know more then I recommend watching Psych2Go on YouTube. They have a good video on the different stages about having a crush. If you have read this comment then please put a thumbs up 👍. This comment also goes to everyone else who feels this way too.

651 days ago
oh no it says i like her. feelings go away go away
682 days ago
Head over heals
Okay I need help with this. We’ve been friends all throughout high school, I’m in grade ten now, and over the last year we would heavily flirt in English class though it’s the type of flirting that’s like, are we friends? Or something else?
She’s even mentioned this!!! She said things to me like, you ever flirted but like actually meant it? I’m mean cause I do, all the time. Now I’m not sure if she means me and I’m panicking. I’ve now actually fallen for her so the flirting will be real on my end now.
I think I should ask her out, she’s into girls to but I’m scared she doesn’t like me that way. Cause theirs another girl she’s really close to, and those two flirt A LOT, and I can admit yeah the girl is extremely hot, but I’ve fallen for her and it would break my heart to see those too happily together, I mean I would be happy for her but still.
Help ;-;
735 days ago
860 days ago
*gay panic* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
862 days ago
i can feel the gay panic in this comment section lmao
867 days ago
Head over heels... I really don't know about my feelings adsfdj We've been friends since 6th grade but we parted since different middle&high school
I've been doubting my feelings since last year and I'm really awkward when with her
Giod thing is that she's a lesbian and I kinda heard that she had feelings on me? But I really don't knoe
873 days ago
Apperently I dont like her yet, but feelings are srarting to develope. Man oh man i am confused.
873 days ago
I really love her bu she is straight
901 days ago
i love her

okay good

925 days ago
Then tell her or ask her out 🥱🥳
927 days ago
943 days ago
I'm head over heals 😍 but she's straight & she only thinks of me as her best friend. I'm just too scared too confess. I'm just afraid that she might hate me. She also transferred 2yrs ago. I don't even have her phone no. I miss her so much. I just wanna see her.