LGBTQ+ - Do I Love Her? Quiz

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Struggling to figure out whether you love or just like her? Take this quiz to find out. Will it be love, or lust?

  • 1
    How often do you think about her?
  • 2
    What do you like most about her?
  • 3
    How often do you fantasize about the two of you together?

  • 4
    Out of 10, how much would you say you liked her?
  • 5
    What outcome do you want from this test?
  • 6
    How long have you had these feelings?

  • 7
    Do you trust her?
  • 8
    Are you close?
  • 9
    Does she know how you feel?
  • 10
    Are you ready for your result?

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957 days ago
So about two months ago I told my crush I like her and we started texting each other. Then, last week she dissapeared suddenly and I told her: "if you lost interest tell me so I can stop bothering you". She replied 3 days later saying that I wasn't a burden, she just had to delete instagram due to some problems but since I had brought it up, she said she thinks I'm a nice person and we really have a lot in common and the whole thing is fun, BUT she doesn't see me as anything other than a friend. You can't believe how heartbroken I felt. My sister who is also lgbt told me to never speak to her again because she knows it hurts, but the point is I have very strong feelings about her and I don't know if I can get over her. I'm so effing confused
1026 days ago
We tried dating about half a year ago, but it didn’t go anywhere. We were just best friends who were allowed physical contact, which was holding hands every now and then and spooning once (1). We never kissed and she was uncomfortable to show public affection (she’s still in the closet so it’s understandable) We even forgot we’re dating, and often. I want to try again, to give her something more. To make her feel loved. But do I? But do I truly like her? Or do I just really like her as a friend? I don’t want to make her uncomfortable, we’ve been best friends for so long and I don’t want to ruin this. I haven’t shown any affection towards her and she hasn’t shown any towards me. Should I just try and see if my feelings grow, or should I try and forget about it so it wouldn’t get awkward?
1073 days ago
i love my girlfriend of neary a year .
1182 days ago
Thank you for the test! and thank you for the boost of energy at the end
1193 days ago
I’ve liked this one girl for quite a while, she already knows due to the rumors spreading around. She friend zoned me about 3 months ago, a friend of mine just had to watch how his ex friend zoned me in horror. During the whole ordeal I would look back to my friend in a terrible case of gay panic. After the incident I stopped hanging out with her for about 2 weeks until I got my stuff together...kind of, I wanted to look like I was already over her when I was actually dying inside every time she talked.

I’ve tried getting over her but have always failed miserably mainly because a lot of times she does a lot of actions that make me think she’s gay. For example, various times she has kissed me in the forehead as a sign of honestly I don’t know. Lately I’ve tried coping with queer media, I’ve started listening to people like girl in red and have started watching shows like Atypical. I feel like they’re helping but at the same time I feel like they are just making me feel more stuff for her.

A lot of times I feel like the world is planned against me, for example about a month ago me and other kids from this one class were complaining about how this piece of🦄kid who I will name ‘cause honestly screw him,(His name is Chaves btw), was, (and still is), a big homophobic, gossipy piece of🦄and then this one girl who I’ll call CheeseBall came up with with the fantastic idea of telling Chaves that one of us was in a gay relationship, everyone in the group was saying until we settled onto me and a girl who I’ll call Cuffed Jeans were in a gay relationship. So anyway CheeseBall told Chaves about the “relationship” me and Cuffed Jeans were having, you could hear all of the homophobic slurs he was saying from a million miles away,(btw all of these events happened while we were all about to hop on the buses and get to our respective houses). Anyway the conversation between CheeseBall and Chaves passed and as I was heading to my bus I heard the little mothertrucker say “see that one girl? The one with the camo bag, yeah she’s a dyke” when I heard him say those words an instant rage filled me from head to toe, I was about to kick that kids a$s! After that I already knew about some folks talking $hit about me and honestly I lost almost all interest until this one girl,(my crush actually), told me about how kids from higher grades now called me “the lesbian” which honestly explained why the higher grade kids started talking to me since apparently seeing a queer person is not an every day thing. A lot of them say they support the lgbtq+ community yet manage to disgust them without even doing anything.

A few things before I end this
1. I censored most slurs since I don’t want this getting removed.
2.sorry for the grammatical errors, English isn’t my first language

With out of the way... bye and stuff
1196 days ago
Hey hey hey hey hey hey heh
1209 days ago
Yep. I'm 'head-over-heels' I dont know if shes gay though. I think she might be straight but then again she could be bi. Does anyone have any advice? (She doesn't know I like her, and neither does anyone else I know)
1216 days ago
I already know I'm head over heels for her.
1230 days ago
So it says i love her and i thought so lmao. She's sososo cute aaaahh I can't. But idk how to approach her. I ruined the thing between my last crush who was a boy. Im bi btw. So I am scared same thing happening with her. Also I had 2 crushes my whole life so I have no experience with girls 😬 Also I see her twice a week so. I miss her all the time. Gosh I sound pathetic lmao
1255 days ago
So there is this girl in my school and she always goes to the toilet in break and lunch and she always fixes her hair and everything else me and my friends always go to the toilet as well so I always have my chance to .. to u know 😏😏😏 stare at her while she is not looking at me . It just feels sooo dreamy when I look at her 😥😥😤😤😤😤😳😳😳 I just can't imagine her with someone else. She is just too beautiful 😘 but Idk if she likes girls or not so I'm rlly sad 😢😢 but then summer holidays comes up and my family and I r invited to this trip to go to the beach with all our parent's friends and theneighbours we went and I met this girl and she was rlly nice to me I knew that she was older than me and then we became friends but we were nothing more no no she is not into girls and I just take her as a friend and then we have to go back home and for the whole summer I can't just stop thinking about her soon school came back again 😣😣 but then I saw the same friend that I saw on the beach was best friends with my crush !!!!😲😲😲😲😲
1263 days ago
So there is this girl, were kind of friends since forever we are close but don't talk often but when we talk it's very deep and meaningful and special. She's really cute and beautiful and smart and strong and I kinda like her, she likes girls so that's good but she has a girlfriend. I was really sad when I found out but I try to be happy for her. It's hard though

I'm sorry for grammar or spelling mistakes
1269 days ago
She used to love me,she stoped before i could tell her i feel the same way,idk how to tell her >---
1273 days ago
i'm scared. i don't understand what is happening with me. i just started questioning my sexuality, and i'm not as straight as i thought :/ her boyfried is always in the way though... shez's pansexualbso i may have a chance...
1279 days ago
Why do i feel like i know you
Please dm me
If you wanna dm
U can leave a comment
1279 days ago
I never thought i could have strong feelings for a girl. Now im not even sure if she sees me the way i see her. I just don't wanna get hurt.
I really can't get her out of my head seriously, her smile, the way she smells 🔥,shes perfect 😭❤️💯
1282 days ago
I met a girl and she is absolutley perfect. Idk if she is straight or not...but she always stares at me then smiles,even when I'm not "looking" (I see her staring from the side) and when we talk she makes eye contact smiling,GOD SHE IS JUST SO PRETTY AND FUNNY AND CARING AND EVERY POSITIVE ADJECTIVE!😥💕💕💕
1310 days ago
I like this girl but tbh I don’t know know if I really do
1325 days ago
I had no idea... I turned here since I’ve never had romantic or sexual feeling before.. so I guess I should tell her I like her!
1325 days ago
I have a crush on a girl. I always find one or the other. Someone’s either good personality OR good looks. This gurl has both! I don’t think she’s into girls though.. because Advice?
1336 days ago
I think I'm in love with my best friend, I met her through this app where you can make friends with people who have similar interests as you. We've been friends for over a year and I started having a crush on her a couple months after meeting her. We both found out we like each other during a game of truth or dare with some other friends but we're not dating because neither of us really know how to date online. I want to tell her I think I'm in love with her but I wanted to be certain first