๐Ÿ’ž Am I in love? ๐Ÿ’ž (Lesbian Version)

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This quiz will tell you if you are in love, itโ€™s just a crush, or you donโ€™t like her.

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    How much time do you spend together?
    How much time do you spend together?

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106 days ago
Can anybody help mewith this? First we were close friends and then j was always cheking her online and text her much and even get jealous when i was seeing her and her cousin i. Think i had this feelinh for 1 month and then i told her about it and she said she loves me back and we're in relationship it's 4 months now but the question is do i really love her or i just had crush on her and i told her too quick?
126 days ago
I Just love her......... thou am kinda shy(
144 days ago
Tbh I have always been scared of love. Then she came along and made it so easy. She was scared I was gonna leave her but I promised I never would. I made her promise she wouldn't fall in love with me and all she said was no promises. I think I was in love with her the whole time but it's all so confusing. I didn't really put my feeling for her together untill she left. We were on great terms and out of no where I opened my phone and she blocked me. I think of her everyday all the time. It hurts. A lot. Its possible I pushed her away. See whenever she said "make me" I would purposely make her jealous cuz I knew she was sensitive. I stopped doing it when she asked me to stop because the thought of me with someone else made her cry. We live over 2000 miles apart so its not like I can go over to her and hug which is all I really want rn. She is the first person I have ever really wanted and the first person who just dissapered from me. So Kayla if u ever see this I love you. I always will. You changed my view of love. Of pain. And I will forever be able to tell people that my first love was perfect but I let her get away.

151 days ago
It says its just a crush
156 days ago
We were besties... and I realized I like her... she isnโ€™t straight... I was scared to tell but she did the first move. ๐Ÿคง๐Ÿคง I JUST LOVE HER โค๏ธโค๏ธ
166 days ago
IM IN love i think she likes me i thnk idk im 12 shes 12 sooooooo
381 days ago
I'm in love. But she is straight. On top of that she transferred to different school & I don't know where. I don't even have her phone no. I missed her for 2 yrs. Hope I meet her again someday
394 days ago
Im in love๐Ÿ˜! But she is straight :( so I hope I find someone!
400 days ago
I think I have a crush on my best friend who is a year younger than me and I've known since she was a month old. We're both bisexual and came out to each other recently but no one else knows, we're both girls though, which is why I'm taking a lesbian quiz as I can't find one for bi's in my situation.
I'm scared if we dated and broke up our relationship would be ruined, but we also seem perfect for each other.
419 days ago
im taking this quiz while my crush ignores me right now i legit used to be so close to her and since we separated now she ignores me. We were really close i lost a whole year on her and that was how i found out im lesbian cuz when i first met her she told me she was a lesbian and since she had told me that i started looking at her in a different way and yeah we became really close and she used to do like really weird things like make a goofy face with her tongue out and put her face close to mine lol and yeah i used to get hella jealous for no reason just because she had a crush or our or her friends really got close to her and i would always sit in the middle and well after a whole year of school passed when i actually confessed to her it was by message and i texted her but she never texted back and when i got the next year to school again well i found out she had no phone anymore so she never got that message and after that i mostly got jealous and flirty with her and her too but then after a month i started having friends like im not lying when i said i lost a year on her i didnt really have friends i pushed them away and yeah when i actually start having friends well i stop hanging out with her as much as i used to i was so lonely back then that when she didnt go to school i felt like a puppy waiting for its owner lol makes me feel kinda stupid but yeah when i start having friends and not hanging out with she wrote a whole letter saying how much she hates me because i stopped hanging out with her and i found out because her cousin showed me the photo of the letter and a whole lot of people found out about it and she told me it was her cousin that wrote it but i recognize her hand writing and her cousin you dont understand his handwriting plus he didnt know and yeah after that we only talk sometimes and now in quarantine she ignores me it ๐Ÿคbut she has a gf now so im giving up lol
450 days ago
I am in love with this girl that is bisexual, and I'm non-binary, so it isn't really lesbian. But whatevs. We were together for like, 22 hours, then she broke up with me. I am practically CRUSHED
469 days ago
I found a girl who is LITERALLY my dream girl, minus a few traits (which is 100% okay i love her anyways!) and whenever i talk to her online, i feel like screaming or rying from excitement. Ive never been in love before but i have some INTENSE butterflies and i cant stop thinking about her! (ive drawn her like 12 times haha) shes everything ive ever wanted and more, but she lives so far awayyyy and we both like each other, but i love her and idk if she feels the same way....
474 days ago
I met a girl that is so much like me, not like anyone ive ever met before. It feels like shes the only one who r e a l l y understands me. Shes in a different country but is thinking of moving in a few years. We have said i love you to each other but i dont know if shes just being a sweetheart and doesnt mean it like how i do. I want to tell her but im scared ill lose her if i do or dont.
479 days ago
I have a crush on a girl that is lesbian like me and I canโ€™t help but feel excited when talking to her or fantasizing about her but she has a gf and idk what to do
490 days ago
i know i like isabelle
but i dont know if she likes me cause whenever our friends ship us she gets mad at them but she basically florts with me when we sit next to eachother in maths ,oh and i havent got a phone so i cant speak to her in quarantine
any help?
yeh any help?
497 days ago
I'm non-binary so we're not a lesbian couple, but this quiz I liked the best. Although we're in quarantine so I haven't gotten to see her much... ๐Ÿ˜ข
504 days ago
"You are in love! Make a move now!"

a). We're quarantined
b). Our relationship has professional roots
c). There's this huge age gap (we're talking 36-year age gap)
d). She is straight

511 days ago
Ive been dating my girlfriend for almost four months now and still getting comfortable with the idea of saying i love you. But she makes me so happy and i know that shes the most important person in the world to me. I like to think she feels the same way and would say it back. Sometimes it feels like we have these conversations where were both dancing around the topic. Shes so wonderful and good at bringing stuff up, she asked me out and invited me to stay over night the first time we did that, now i want to return the favor and make the first move with telling her! Do i wait until we see each other after quarantine or tell her in facetime? We will see!!
516 days ago
Hi I have a crush on a girl and I love her but what do you do when she asks you out i just froze up and felt excited and nervous I said yes but now she talking about the future and before lock down she asked me to Mary her and were just in year 10 what do I do??
521 days ago
I know I like her. She likes me back. The problem is she lives over 3 hours away and we're both already in a relationship with someone else. I would never cheat, and neither would she, so neither of us will ever ask the other out. I think of her as my soulmate, but with the way things are going, I doubt we'll ever be together.