Do I Have a Crush on Her?

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This is only meant for bisexual, lesbian, and other LGBTQ+ people that identify as girls. Sorry, but I can only do my own gender, as I don't know what it is like to have a crush as a male.

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    Is she in your dreams? (Day and night)

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23 days ago
Omg pls someone help me guys! 👋
Hi so I am straight… Nah actually I’m in that stage where I think about my sexuality very much and find out which I have… So my girl bestfriend is pan… and I like her very very much! I think I maybe really love her bot just as my beet friend - but I‘m not sure and I think about that every day because I‘m not sure… I have that feeling that I‘m Bi sometimes and I‘m often told it‘s my sexuality actually… She‘s so cute, lovely and hot - but I‘m not sure if I just love her as a friend or more 🥲😓

Sometimes I have that feeling that she also likes me more than just as a friend but you have that feeling when you have a crush on someone actually really often…
I‘m sure she would understand it if I talk to her about that… But I‘m I don‘t want talk to her before I‘m not 100% sure that I really love her 😔😟

What should I do now? 🥺
28 days ago
AHHhhh help meeee she’s so hot I love her so much but I don’t know if she’s lesbian or bi so I’m doomedddddddddd 😢😢😢😢
84 days ago
SHE IS SO PERFECT and i am SOOOOO ATTRACTED TO HER. she is so pretty and hot and omg and she is always flirty with me. But she has a bf and I know for a fact she doesn't like me in that way. We are best friends :( I am super attracted to her, when I'm around her I don't feel any different than w my other friends, just a little more nervous?? i think i am just attracted to her physically maybe???
96 days ago
why does the universe make the person in love me i deffo have no chance.
96 days ago
My crush is straight I think! :(( Shes not even in my classes and doesn't even speak to me. I've had crushes but I can't over her and her beauty, I act completely straight and no ones know so she 100% thinks I'm straight..
102 days ago
My crush is straight and has a boyfriend. I’m soooo sad. 😭😭
104 days ago
i fell for the most beautiful pan girl ever and I want to tell her I want to tell everyone but I dont really talk to her but I dream of her day and night I dont know what to do. I'm not in her classes but I'm having my classes switched so PRAY that I end up with her guys. Praying for yall too.
108 days ago
My crush is straight....I can't get over her 😆
134 days ago
just realised i have a big crush on a girl who transeferred to my school like 4 yrs ago and im like :- then :O then i was like shes probably straight WHY WORLD WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
163 days ago
Sadly I’m in love with a straight girl
165 days ago
im inlove with a straight girl ya
173 days ago
Yeah me falling for a straight girl ✌️
176 days ago
So I got medium crush on her. I have not told her about my feelings for her yet, but im thinking
About it. I have known her for like 6 or 7 YEARS AND NOW I FIGURE OUT I HAVE A CRUSH ON
234 days ago
"You have a medium crush on her. You should continue talking to her or try to talk to her if you aren't already! This will most likely grow larger!"

...I've only known her for a week 😳
242 days ago
shes in a relationship with a guy, who she doesnt even like:(
plus i aint got the balls
358 days ago
Mine is married and she is 25 years older than meeee(she's my teacher)😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
358 days ago
Why universe is she straigh:((
375 days ago
help i fell for a straight girl X::(
545 days ago
I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said she’s straight. Goodbye world I’m of to kill my self.
557 days ago
Ahhh I love her so much why is she straight?!😭