Do I Truly Have Feelings For Her? Love Quiz For Guys Only

Sometimes you can like a girl, but feel that you don't truly care for her. Take this test now to see if you do or you don't. And hey - if you care enough to take a quiz about this, you might care for her more than you think you do. You'll know soon!

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    If she were depressed, what would you do?
    If she were depressed, what would you do?

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84 days ago
Lol ima girl. most likely but if I were you I would find out for sure.
119 days ago
So if this is accurate, then I like someone I have never even seen before. Is that even possible? Long story short: I met someone from Ukraine on LOL who just happened to also main Neeko, then when this stupid war started, I started losing sleep, worrying about her. Is this normal? Am I okay?
211 days ago
Heyyy question for the boys: if he’s been my best boy friend for a while, do you think he would have a crush on me?
211 days ago
Doing a little recon lol
225 days ago
NEWS: there are only 2 str8 people on this page of comments
225 days ago
Haha i saw all the other lesbian posts lol there are like no boys here
225 days ago
Ugh boys only huh well im a girl who likes girls but imma take it anyway haha
338 days ago
I like my best friend but my other 2 best friends both dated her and i have likes her for a long time and i found out at one point i found out that she liked me back but I'm a 😻 and didn't tell her now I'm going to see her one last time before i move should I tell her?
385 days ago

I'm so sorry. Hope you get better and you see each other again :)
458 days ago
I'm a girl lol but I got head over heels I REALLY hope she says yes yall
473 days ago
im a girl i think yes i am
500 days ago
looks like I'm head over heels for her, but she went to some other country and I don't know if I'll ever see her again
512 days ago
im not against it but basically i only find girls on quizzes like these... maybe a buncha guys are on the girl quizzes? wow that sounds very weird
518 days ago
My crush likes me. He kissed me on the cheek once in the school hiding place, we haven’t talked since then.
535 days ago
I'm a girl and I wanted to know how my crush felt.
583 days ago
Do i like her or am I just being nice to protect her. She suffers from depression and I want to bee there for her and she has feelings for me. I when she makes sexual jokes cause it's weird and it interest me to undertsnd how she thinks. I want her to be happy buy I'm not sure If I like her or want to be with her. It's as if I'm being clouded by doubt. I have no idea where my feelings are right now and I need to know. I'm not sure if I liked her of I would try to make any moves. But currently I am leaning towards ignoring my feelings. She says she needs me to be a friend since I tried helping her with her problem. Is that what is blocking me or do I just don't have that type of feelings for her ??
610 days ago
just like half the people here, imma lesbian girl
620 days ago
so... this test has really good questions, but I said that it would be a one night stand and I was answering like i didn't give a 🦄, but still the result was that i like someone...
623 days ago
Questions are good but the options for answers is horrible. It's less and not all of them are what a guy might do.
641 days ago
If she would die, I'd kill myself, she's my best friend, the main reason, that makes me happy and sad at the same time and everytime she leaves me I'm feeling really down, because I have abandonment-issues and they are really extreme when it comes to her. Problem: she's maybe bi or bicurious or straight and I fricking don't know, but I think I love her