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Do I Have A Crush On A Girl Or Am I Just Attracted? Quiz For Boys Only

Have you been thinking a lot more about a certain female lately? It happens to every guy! Answer these quiz questions honestly and your result will tell you what's happening with your heart and mind and whether you are crushing on her. Good luck! I've updated it with my adult powers and dating experience to make it even more accurate for everyone!:')

  • 1
    Choose quickly!
  • 2
    Are you easily impressed?
  • 3
    When she smiles at you:

  • 4
    How eager are you to be around her?
  • 5
    If she is upset:
  • 6
    You'd spend a cold night with:

  • 7
    Do you find yourself staring at her?
  • 8
    How often do you think about her?
    How often do you think about her?
  • 9
    What do you think of her?
  • 10
    When she flirts with others, you:

  • 11
    Is there bits of her personality that you find upsetting? Think carefully. For example you might love to do silly fun things, but she thinks it's childish and might tell you to be more mature. Or her way of thinking could be a bit backdated, or lame music taste. Stuff like that, personality.
  • 12
    When you have thoughts about you and her, they are mostly about:
  • 13
    Prom is coming! Whom do you take?
  • 14
    You see her as:

Comments (111)


1172 days ago
@PhantomGirl did you really need to put ‘I’m straight’ in all caps lol nobody said you weren’t there’s no need to be insecure about your sexuality
1213 days ago
here is the thing: i love her a lot, but my friend refuses to give me her number. help me please. i need persuading help. please
1245 days ago
Well, theres this girl, we only communicate by text an video-calling (she lives 10 000 km away), and i am crushing. Its weird but feels great.
1307 days ago
Hey guys! If you have a crush on a girl just go for it. Don't be scared of getting rejected. It happens to the best of us. If you have a feeling she likes you too, take the risk. At least, that's what I did and it worked out just fine for me. :)
1316 days ago
I have like feelings for this girl and sometimes I get jelouse but she said she liked me like ten times and then a month later she said it was a joke
1327 days ago
aww, I'm sorry about Grace
1356 days ago
I did not care about the BOYS ONLY part, I wanted to do a quiz to see if i really did like this girl. And aapparently i do! She is the light of my day!
1402 days ago
Why is this for boys only? She's gay and I don't know what gender(s) I'm attracted to.
1437 days ago
About Grace… it's over…
1441 days ago
I love how many ppl here are gay lol I’m a pansexual girl !!
1518 days ago
I am so happy with my result. I got:

You officially have a crush on this girl, bro! You like her and you have feelings for her. She's more than just a girl to you now! Treat her like the princess she is - good girls are hard to find!

She is called Grace and she is beautiful and has a great personality. Whenever I see her my heart melts and her smile is like pure sunlight. Also, I have a chance with her because her friends told me she loves me back!!! ☺️🌹
1586 days ago
After I made my comment I realized I am not the only one...
1586 days ago
So...I'm a girl...and I did this, cause I'm gay and didn't read the BOYS ONLY bit, but...it worked fine...
1607 days ago
I have a MAJOR crush on this girl named Parker and it makes me so sick that I either never get the chance to talk 1-on-1 or because she's talking with her friends that aren't friendly to me much at all!
1611 days ago
“Boys only” ha im gay
1646 days ago
ah im gay and i have this bigbig crush on my best friend im not even out but ugh i just want to kiss her so bad oml
1667 days ago
I'm a girl (hA) and I'm bi, I really like this girl at school, her name is Maiah, and I love her soo much. my mum sent me to an all girls HS to stop me dating boys. but it turned me half gay haha. whenever I think of her my heart beats faster, the best part is, she's gay! eek. :)
1668 days ago
Damm idk if I like this girl she ain't too good looking but her personalaty is amazing..
1689 days ago
Dude I like this girl so much. Her name is Jane and she's amazing.
1727 days ago
I have a crush on this girl but I don’t want to act on it in case it ruins our friendship and makes things weird between us and our other friends, what should I do?