Are You In Love, Or Not?
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Are You In Love, Or Not?

Hi! Thanks for choosing my quiz! You're about to see if you're really in love or if it's just a puppy crush.

Question 1:What is the thing you like the most about this person?
They're hot!
They pay attention to me
Their charm, generosity, etc.

Question 2:How long have you liked this person?
Less than a year
A year or two
A while (3 years+)

Question 3:Do you tell them you love them?
No -- Too afraid
Yes! Of course!

Question 4:Do you like anyone else at the present time?
Yes -- Just a crush

Question 5:How often do you think about them?
Sometimes -- When I'm not busy

Question 6:Have you thought about you and _____'s future?
Kind of, not really
No! I don't think that far into the future

Question 7:Have you ever bought _____ anything?
No! I would if I had money!
Yes! All the time!

Question 8:Does this person ever tell you they love you?
I know they want to, they're just shy

Question 9:Have you ever danced with ____?
I'm too afraid to ask! Eek!

Question 10:Do you think there is a ~chance~ you will ever get married to ___?
Not really
Yes! There's a chance. We're going to college together, and........
Yes, maybe

Question 11:Have your parents ever met ____?
I've spoke of him/her

Question 12:Are you taking this test to see if you're in love?
No, just for fun
Yes, I'm not sure
Kind of.....

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