Are you really in love?
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Are you really in love?

Love can be a wonderful but confusing feeling. Find out if those butterflies in your stomach are from guilt, or passion

Question 1:Being in love is like...
The greatest feeling in the world
Everything it's cracked up to be
Having Christmas everyday
I can't put it into words, my actions speak louder
There aren't enough words to describe the elation

Question 2:If your "one true love" passed away, could you ever love again?
It depends ...
Never, love dies with my lover
I'm sure it's what my love would expect me to do, in order to stay happy
I couldn't imagine myself being with anyone else
I could, maybe, but it would be different

Question 3:What is the MOST important when you pick a life-long mate?
Body, you can't wake up to someone you aren't attracted to
Soul, looks aren't everything, a pure soul makes true beauty
Mind, if they have the right mindset, they can be the sexiest one in the room
Total package, mind .. body.. and soul
Feeling complete with that person is all I need

Question 4:Are fights (in a relationship, and non-violent) good, bad, or what?
Good - never fighting can lead to pent up aggression, get it out
Bad - there is no need to fight with the one you love
Productive - understanding your mates feelings is everything
Fun - who doesn't like a good fight?

Question 5:How old do you have to be to understand true love?
Teens are young enough to understand
Adults, you need experience in life
Age doesn't matter, only love does
Old enough to understand that love is a "many splendored thing"
If I met my lover at the age of 2 I would've known then that I loved them

Question 6:When you disagree on something like where you eat dinner do you...
Compromise.. half and half
Let your mate have their way this time, and next time its yours
Its my way or the highway
Whatever she wants, she can have it

Question 7:What will you remember more vividly on your 50th wedding anniversary?
The first time you two had sex
The first time you met
The first kiss
Their eyes when you saw them first
Your wedding day

Question 8:Would you be willing to die for your lover (meaning if you die, then they can live..but otherwise they die)?
Yes of course
I'd rather die with them, leaving my lover alone is too much pain to handle
No, I couldn't.. heaven is much better than Earth, they deserve it

Question 9:Would you be willing to endure a life long torment just to see your lover smile once more before they pass away?
With no hesitation, yes
They will always be smiling in my heart, so no need
I'd suffer an eternity to have just one more day with them
I couldn't handle to see them once more like that before they left because it would hurt too much

Question 10:Can anyone love anyone (man-man, man-woman, woman-woman)?
Love is love, period
God intended love to be between a man and a woman only
Woman with woman, yes, otherwise no

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