Do I Love My Partner? Quiz

Are you not quite sure about your feelings for your special someone? We're only human, and doubts happen more than you might think! Find out now how you truly feel - take this test! It's best to know the truth, good or bad. I hope you get the answer you're hoping for.

  • 1
    When your BF/GF says or does something really stupid, you:
  • 2
    When you two fight, you:
  • 3
    If one night you two aren't going out together, and your BF/GF is going out with someone of the opposite sex, you:

  • 4
    On a scale of 0-10, how much do you trust your partner (0 being the lowest)?
  • 5
    When you go to family gatherings on your partner's side, you:
  • 6
    When you guys go out, you:

  • 7
    When in public, you guys:
  • 8
    If he/she has any siblings, you (would):
  • 9
    How many kids would you have?
  • 10
    If he/she is away for longer than a week on vacation visiting family, you:

Comments (13)


677 days ago
grrrr !!1!!1 it say i do not love girlfriend but i do indeed lobve her very much !!!!!!!11 >:( !!!!!
831 days ago
The opposite🐬question didn't work because we're gay
1270 days ago
My boyfriend and I met 3.5 years ago and were only friends until a month and a half ago. I had rejected him 3 times before and him liking me used to make me feel uncomfortable
A few months ago I started developing feelings for him and now we are together. In the month and a half wer have been broken up as many times as I had rejected him because he is afraid I'll leave him, occasionally says when we have a small argument he isn't ready for a relationship and I am kinda jealous at times. I do love him but I don't know if I LOVE him. When we fight or broke up we make up over phone and it resolves in sexting since he lives 1.5h away and has a busy schedule. I am unsure about my feelings at this point, maybe because this relationship has brought me about 45% pain and 55% joy
1324 days ago
aye I mean he said he’d never leave me and I love him and everythinggg but idk if he actually loves me 😬
1350 days ago
I fee like I'm no longer an independent. Like having a bf made me forget who I am . I feel lost and alone . My bf and I love each other more than anything but I feel like he might just walk away and leave me . Am I being paranoid? ??
1350 days ago
I'm in the 6th grade . My bf and I have been dating for 5 months . He's a great bf ...he holds me ....but he doesn't know when our anniversary is and it really hurt my feelings. But he made it up to me . It's so interesting to find people around my age who have similar problems on this site. I wish everyone luck on their young relationships.
1402 days ago
I am literally in fifth grade but when she says she loves me it makes me so happy and I really love her but I have no idea what love should feel like so I don’t know if this is right and I think about how sad I would be if she left me and I’m afraid to tell her what I’m feeling cause I don’t know if she feels the same kind of way I do
1504 days ago
My boyfriend & i walk around the city, hang out at the mall, and go to Starbucks, and do stuff like that, but we arent really connecting. WHAT SHOULD I DO????!!!!!!!!
1712 days ago
I don't understand love
1803 days ago
yeah i love my boyfriend more than anything, but I'm not sure he sees it. he is really comfortable showing his affection but i find it hard because i am scared he will judge me. i do love him but i am too scared that he will break up with me and I'm so paranoid...
2107 days ago
I'm still in 6th grade but I can't stay a day without my girlfriend
2305 days ago
I love someone so much.I can't live without her.I love u jaan........
2553 days ago
I lve him jeet singh