THE True Love Quiz

Are you eagerly (or desperately!) seeking an answer to the question, "Am I in love?" you can rely on? Look no further! This test will give you the answer you want - whether you like it or not. Because it's better to know the truth than to act on lies or false hope.

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    When you're with him/her, what do you think about most?
    When you're with him/her, what do you think about most?

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8 days ago
I in love with my crush Lily. She’s super cute and nice. I just don’t know if she likes me back.
76 days ago
I am in love but i don't know if he loves me
107 days ago
This quiz is very good but I would like a quiz that tells me how much % my crush likes me.
138 days ago
i fell in love with someone i can never have there is just to much in the way
138 days ago
I have a crush I think she loves me so much
180 days ago
Its my older brother friends and hes like much older than me but i think we like eachother
188 days ago
I’ve taken so many tests already, but I just want to make sure. My partner, Ludo Everton, happens to be the bets person in the whole world and I really don’t want us to break up. We haven’t even had🍦yet but he’s been nagging me to do it as soon as I turn sixteen (I’m only twelve).
211 days ago
This was boring because I know my gf loves me so much
220 days ago
Im really sure if should ask her out im worried she will reject me :(
222 days ago
I have fount my true love got a 100% but we are only 12 so i could change good luck to who ever single
234 days ago
Want to kmow if i foundtrue love
239 days ago
Do you think my boyfriend loves me?
249 days ago
I love to dance and sing
254 days ago
kind of...
254 days ago
I totaly agree with you
275 days ago
True Love does not exist i am convinced of that
282 days ago
love, i haven't found true love yet either random person (my friend). there was like 5-6 people in my school who liked me (and i truely didnt like them back), reyad, max, jaxon, bennet, joshua, caleb, and i think one more.
282 days ago
I have not found true love, but who cares? Not this dude! I'm okay by myself. Have a nice life ya'll!
282 days ago
never mind what me said
282 days ago
and why do you guys love your bf/gf? bruh . . . stop it!