Am I Crushing?

Oh no, the butterflies in your stomach are acting up? you're not sure why? Objectively, you cannot see the reason why? Maybe that certain person is just really beautiful, or charming, that's what you tell yourself. Or has something changed between you and a friend? Help is on the way, dear. Take this quiz if you need some help sorting out those weirrrrd feelings.

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    Do you ever find this person crossing your mind out of the blue?
    Do you ever find this person crossing your mind out of the blue?

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4 days ago
i never have crushes i don’t know if i like her or not this caught me off guard im mean she’s funny she’s nice and she’s pretty what’s not to like but i don’t know i just don’t wanna ruin our friendship
5 days ago
oml I think the person I took this test for commented-
5 days ago
Also, it would be really nice if you added they/them.
5 days ago
Also, I’m a girl and she’s also a girl. And we know that we’re both Pansexual.
5 days ago
I have a crush on this girl, but I don’t know if I’m really crushing or if she’s just a really good friend. I mean, she used to have a boyfriend and i got jealous, so, maybe I am? Also, I catch myself staring at her all the time. Also, when we have sleepovers we have to sleep in the same bed, and I feel like I want to kiss her. I just don’t know! Ugh!
6 days ago
hey everyone, i've seen a lot of these comments, and i have some advice which *may* help. if it doesn't help, i'm really really sorry and i hope your situation is clear soon :). i am speaking from experience, having one guy friend of mine reject me only to then realise that he liked me back, and we ended up going to prom together, and then also one guy who likes me back but neither of us have confessed to each other :/ anyways enough about me let's get on to some advice which will actually help you LOL. for those of you who are worried about their crush not liking them back, your crush probably DOES like you back, just look out for signs like for example: do you notice any of their friends teasing him when you're around? do they tease you? is their body facing you? these are all some signs that someone is attracted to you, and even if you still think that they don't like you back, here are some signs that they may not be interested in you: in texting, if they say 'k' they're probably not interested in the conversation and leave 'k' to make it seem like they care a little bit, or if they keep cancelling plans that you may have had because again they're just not that interested. if you think that your crush doesn't like you back, i'm sorry :( and to be honest your crush doesn't deserve you either you're too good for them!! for those who want to confess: it will be hard, but you should confess because think about it: they probably won't reject you, and even if they do, it's just proven that soon after they reject you, they'll probably start to realise what they missed out on and start liking you. for those who think that they like another person: again, try to observe how they treat that other person; do they treat them better than you? plus, think of the context that they know the other person in: at school/work? online? usually only knowing someone online and not meeting up anywhere tends to have a lot of missing bonds in the relationship (again i'm NOT saying that it CANNOT work, just from my own personal observings and experiences :) ) and for those who are even questioning liking someone in the first place/those who are in other really complicated situations o_O: think about what YOU want, think about YOUR feelings, and sort those out before doing or saying anything else. you don't want to hurt yourself or hurt anyone else right? just keep that in mind :) and for all those liking a fictional character: i'm sorry RIP ;') i hope all this helped and good luck to y'all in making all this clear and better :)) byee xx
8 days ago
I’m A
They ask why I might resist these feelings? Mhhh is it because she said that she is straight? Multiple times!
Idk we’ll never know
11 days ago
Hey peeps help me 🙏 I have been crushing on this guy for ages and I ended up sitting next to him in class but then he moved next to another girl but I don't know if he likes me more then her
I hope he doesn't have a crush on her
I know he had feelings 💘 for me before not sure about now
Advice please 🙏🙏🙏
12 days ago
I think I'm crushing on my friend and that's ok but i don't think she likes me the same way that i do, i try sometimes to not have feelings for her but i still do sometimes, sometimes I'll feel like she's just a friend but aother times l i feel like i like her more then a friend, i try so hard to not feel that way but i guess we can't just push those feelings away huh? But i get confused sometimes and i ask myself "do i really like her or is she just a friend?" I know i crush on her sometimes i really try not to though and it's killing me! But I'm afraid to tell her because I'm afraid I'll loose her and she is just amazing! I'm so afraid of losing her and i don't know why, and when she talks to someone else i get jealous sometimes, but i don't know anymore....😟😔
13 days ago
So the person it turns out I like are rlly nice. Like they are so kind, but I dunno if it's just admiration or me wanting to fit in. They r also bi n im definitely genderqueer, going w pangender rn. I also don't think that they like me back at all, cos I don't feel like I have a crush on em, but like I may. But mostly I don't.. Could it be like admiration myb??
14 days ago
"So why not just go for it and see where things lead?"
Because they're a celebrity...
20 days ago
I would rlly appreciate it if you added they/them
21 days ago
I met this guy about a week ago and we've been talking non-stop since. He lives about 45 minutes away, so he's a bit of a drive away. We've hit it off strangely well, he's super funny and fun to talk to, I find it so easy to have a conversation with him, he seems smart and kinda dorky. I get really happy when I talk to him and I find myself thinking about him often. He seems to feel the same way, he says how he misses calling me now that he hasn't been able to for a couple of days.

The problem with all of this is that I have a serious boyfriend, who I really like. Honestly, he's the kind of guy I wouldn't mind marrying (wayyy in the future). He's smart, incredibly emotionally stable, completely drama-free, responsible, and seems to be good at everything I lack in.

Really, I think what I struggle with is his lack of emotional introspection. He's such a quiet person, and I desperately want to know what's going on inside his head. I love getting to know what people think about, how they feel about things, etc. I love exploring that part of people and myself through conversation, but I just can't get to talk about those things with my boyfriend. If I ask him a personal question, he won't know, and won't try to ask me the same question or even ask why I'm asking it. If I try to vent to him, he'll express sympathy but won't offer his thoughts on the matter. I've been dating this guy for 7 months, yet I can't have a deep conversation with him. What can I do?

I think this frustration is probably why I've been catching feelings for this new friend. Unfortunately, I'm the type of person who catches short-lived feelings for people really easily. I think that this is that kind of thing, but in the mean time what do you think I should do about this crush and my sort-of lack of emotional connection with my boyfriend?
22 days ago
I took this quiz because I'm afraid I'm liking this girl, witch is amazing, but I'm only comment her on the internet, i would like to just ask her already if she would like to have my phone number and just be friends, but the problem is i don't want to be just friends i want to be more then just friends, but I'm really warried to ask her if she would like my phone number, i mean i know a little bit about her and she sounds amazing, and she knows about me back I've told her a lot about my life, but i just don't know what to 🦄 IT!! "Ugh"😞😔 anyone have any advice??
23 days ago
I've been friends with her for over six or seven years and have been feeling things for her for as long as can remember. She recently came out as a lesbian too, and my emotions became more relevant and idk. I want to make it a thing but there are a lot of things blocking a relationship. I don't think I can ever tell her how I feel. It hurts a little, especially because I don't normally fall for people and am pretty closed off to those kind of emotions. I just wish that things can be different, but I guess as long as I can still talk to her and be with her that's fine 🙂🖤
24 days ago
Well bye for real. SEE YA PEEPS 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
24 days ago
:p mannnnnnn I don’t like this “crush thing”
24 days ago
O_O..............l.............oh no 😔
24 days ago
Well bye 👋🏻 Going to listen to one of his song apparently. I feel like I have no control over this
24 days ago