Am I Crushing?

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SOME people think this is a dumb question, and I think that's dumb of THEM, quite frankly. It's quite possible to be unsure, or for your heart and head to be at odds with one another. Take this quiz if you need some help sorting out those weirrrrd feelings.

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    Do you ever find this person crossing your mind out of the blue?
    Do you ever find this person crossing your mind out of the blue?

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@anon you need to talk to her about her feelings for you if you like her (as a friend) she may understand, but if you LOVE her you can try getting to know her better.
4 days ago
i think im starting to crush on my (female)best friend but i don't even have my sexuality figured out! i thought i was straight but this is making me think other wise :( and shes straight. im too young to even think about these stuff ! i dont want to be crushing on her 😢
5 days ago
I do not know but i think i like her
shes a good friend of 3 yrs now and i think she likes me but i dont know
6 days ago
Omg I knew I liked him but oh my gosh not that much. I hope now I can just pluck up the courage to talk to him
6 days ago
Hello, I’m crushing on my best friend, the problem is that she isn’t into girls... and I don’t think she will ever like me and it hurts that I’ve been in love with her for Over 6 years!!! I’m hurt what should I do??
7 days ago
@ :(, sometimes life does you like that :/
7 days ago
I think that I might be starting to develop a crush on my friend, but I don’t want to have a crush on him 😫
10 days ago
I think i’m crushing on two people at once- I’m a girl and they’re both girls and they’re both bi, but there’s no way they would like me😔
13 days ago
I like someone and he likes me back and on Monday we’re trading hoodies and I’m happy now :)
We’re gonna get to know eachother better before dating tho
15 days ago
I think i might like this girl but i liked guy before and im just a bit confused on how i can tell so for now im just bi-curious
15 days ago
i reaily like this girl named serenity she is my dream girl when the pandemic is over i want to be friends with her i hope this willl work
23 days ago
Uh, yeah I commented on this awhile ago saying that I liked a girl, uh, it turned out that she liked another person. It’s completely reasonable to like that person because she’s nice and sorta pretty. My feelings died for her immediately, but I was still sad. It was the first actual crush I had since kindergarten. But, I think of her as a friend now. SPEAKING OF FRIENDS. My friend of 3 years is really nice, and just enjoyable to be around. I’m pretty sure she’s straight, but I’m not out to some of my friends yet, so she doesn’t know. A few days ago she came over just because we wanted to hang out. I had my pride flag up, and she looked at it, and just didn’t question it. But this is when my feelings started to form. Now whenever I think of her coming over it makes me get butterflies and UGHHH I DONT WANNA RUIN OUR FRIENDSHIP. Ugh. I hate being a human.
23 days ago
I told them before, they said they were straight. I thought I was over it but 🚔 do they make my heart race.
23 days ago
i have a crush on someone i’ve never met in real life and lives in another country. great!
25 days ago
so ive liked this guy for 3 years and I may have a have a chance! (he told me he may be bi) but im to embarrassed to ask him out :(
25 days ago
Sigh...I definitely have a crush on her, but she's straight.
26 days ago
i think im gonna go insane. ive always liked him, ever since the start. he calls me cute things, he says that he loves me. but i know that its platonic. i hate it. maybe its not platonic? i dont know anymore
i dont wanna feel like this
27 days ago
I have 90% on this guy max.... Ive like him fir 4 yrs now
28 days ago
I think I like her but I also like this guy more...can you like two people at once? Also idk if she’s LGBT, I’m bisexual btw
29 days ago
Soo umm apprently i am simping for a celeb actor and he is like HOT :0 but thing is i got a 50% and that means i really do like this person like... WOW.