Am I Crushing?🥰

Oh no, the butterflies in your stomach are acting up? You're not sure why? Objectively, you cannot see the reason why?

Maybe that certain person is just really beautiful, or charming, that's what you tell yourself. Or has something changed between you and a friend? Help is on the way, dear. Take this quiz if you need some help sorting out those weirrrrd feelings.

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    Do you ever find this person crossing your mind out of the blue?
    Do you ever find this person crossing your mind out of the blue?

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2 days ago
I feel so embarrassed I think I'm crushing on one of my best friends
4 days ago
I think I have feelings for my friend. I dont understand how. I'm a straight female, she's bi and has a girlfriend. Even if somehow we got together, I'd worry it would only last so long, as I'd need to eventually marry and start a family with a man, so it could never work. But I still hold so much affection for her, she has the best personality i've ever seen in a person, and is just so beautful. I imagine us matching so well, as our interests are very similar and I believe us to be the closest out of our friend group. My real best friend. I've always consider her my soulmate, but platonically, until recently. Now I feel more attraction and can't help but what to be with her. I know I can't, but I really don't know what to do. I tried to be more distant, but she kept initiating conversations and sticking close with me. I don't see myself moving on very soon. I don't know what else to do. There's no one I can talk to about this. I worry it would be a burden to my other friends, would they feel guilty or uncomfortable around her girlfriend knowing how I feel? My family are very homophobic, so no help there. I don't even know exactly what I want. I just really don't know what to do. This is my first time experiencing something like this. Please pray for me haha
5 days ago
The answer was a little inaccurate, but it helped
7 days ago
so i think i like my best friend (what a gay move) (i came out as bi but i dont think thats correct i just know im not straight lol. and my friend (they/she) is a lesbian). I have literally been friends with them since we were born because our parents were friends. we came out to each other as bi last year but then later they told me they were a lesbian. my other friend (she/her lesbian) pointed out that it seemed that i liked them like when i talked about them, but i wasnt sure. as i thought about it i think i do but im not sure. i think about them all the time and i would love to be in a relationship. we have sort of kind of flirted with each other and i was being serious but i dont know if they were since it could be possible they were like joking you know. so idk what to do. if they asked me out on a date i would say yes, but i also havent seen them in a month due to traveling different places so i dont know if i have built it up i my head into more than it is. my other friend thinks they like me back but i dont know. its kind of awkward when we hang out, but is that because we like each other or because we are awkward? am i searching for a relationship or do i like them? i dont know. if you have advice i would welcome it lol.
20 days ago
And also it says that i definitely am crushing but I have no way of telling if she likes me back
20 days ago
I know I like her but I doubt she would like me back, I dont have many qualities that I would call 'attractive'. However she seems genuinely interested in what I have to say when I talk to her and sometimes also starts conversations with me about her own personal life or my own. If I tell her I like her I think she wont talk to me anymore. Should I tell her?
26 days ago
@anonymous(they/he) think abt what you like abt her. if u cant really think of anything except friend feelings, u might nt b into her. sorry, my advice is probably really bad. but at least i tried!
good luck!!!
27 days ago
so we're best friends. she's demi, i'm aegoromantic and asexual (i think???) i don't know if i've just never had a real best friend, or if she's just far superior to everyone else i know, or if i'm crushing on her. i don't want to have a crush on her because it would be weird and wouldn't work very well since we live 15hrs apart. and either way she would not like me back if i did like her in that way. she had a crush on a guy from her school recently who she realized was an actual 💋 who was pro life, homophobic, etc. and the past week or so we haven't been talking as often as usual, and this has happened before and she felt bad and ended our friendship briefly because she didn't want to have our friendship hanging by a thread, which i cried about and said okay. anyway after a few months we became friends again and i don't know if i like her romantically or not. i doubt i do, because the relationships i have been in i didn't really feel sad about when they ended? and i don't really want to do anything romantic when it starts happening. like, sure, i'll daydream about cuddling with someone or whatever, but when the situation actually pops up it just feels awkward and wrong. lmao sorry for spilling out my entire relationship in the comments of this quiz
27 days ago
we dont flirt but we txt every day. shes super sweet, and seems to be the only person who actually likes me in the universe!!! and ses bi. im demi
29 days ago
@Heartstopper: Decipher the situation first. There are a number of factors to take into account, such as her sexuality (depending on your gender identity) and her body language. Does she stare at you? Touch her face, neck, hair or chest while near you? Flirt at all? If she does any of these you might have a chance. However, if she is a player then the last one may be irrelevant. Thanks for responding to my comment btw (I'm a bisexual who has just broken up wiith her boyfriend, for more info check my previous comments). I am going to overnight camp with her in a few weeks so I could make a move there :)
35 days ago
@anonymous OMG! Congrats!!! date her (if u wanna)
35 days ago
ive been hanging out with my new friend. and shes not the type i usually fall for, but i think i like her. and shes only recently started hangin with me! but weve been friends fir a year. i think she might like me, but if she doesnt, andi tell her it might ruin our friendship. should i tell her?
38 days ago
oh wonder of all wonders she likes me! i was preparing for heartbreak but unprepared for the opposite what do i do?
41 days ago
So I have two friends, let's call them Mara and Alex. I have a huge crush on Alex, though I'm better friends with Mara. The thing is, I'm beginning to think Mara has a crush on me, from things she and other friends have said. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I just think of her as a friend, but now, I feel like I'd like dating her. I'm worried it'll just make things really awkward if I bring any of this up. I don't know what to do...
42 days ago
i have a crush on my best friend
what do i doooo
cos like she's my best friend, but i dont want to ask her out but i really wanna date her
42 days ago
@Bisexual: Talk to her! But first, go over this list: 1. Is she a player? 2. Have you heard anything about her being mean? 3. What exactly IS her sexuality? Once you have answered, determine what the best move is to make.
42 days ago
That leaves me a SINGLE PRINGLE meaning that I can date the girl of my dreams, if she will accept me. ;) :) ;) :D
42 days ago
btw I was really nice about the breakup and made sure it was not hurtful :)
42 days ago
Broke up with A today. I feel so much better (although he is upset). Aaaand people are saying that Sabrina likes me! My friend Niv told me that she does and broke a Truth Circle from Truth or Dare. EEEEEE! I'M SOOOO HAPPY! :)
42 days ago
Im a 14 year old girl in 7th grade with a crush and Well i dont know this girl well i never talked to her either but shes really hot and i know shes a part of the lgbtq an im a year older then her so i dont hope she thinks its to akward if i talk to her someday. a girl from my class that i freaking hate is friends with that girl i have a crush on but maybe she could help me idk help!?!? 😭😭😭