Am I Really In Love, Or Is It Just A Crush?

You've been interested in that special guy or girl for quite a while now, and he or she gives you ALL the feels.:-) "But am I actually in love?" you might have been wondering. Good question! Try this quiz now and get to the bottom of this matter of the heart once and for all!

  • 1
    How long have you liked him/her?
    How long have you liked him/her?
  • 2
    Do you think about him/her before you fall asleep?
  • 3
    How do you feel when you talk to this person?

  • 4
    Whenever you read something he/she wrote that refers to you (even as a friend), or recall an activity you two shared, how do you feel?
  • 5
    Whenever he/she touches you, how does your body react?
  • 6
    Have you ever had a fantasy about you and him/her kissing, hugging or even having sex? If you did, did you feel comfortable with it?

  • 7
    Imagine him or her getting hurt. How do you feel?
  • 8
    If he/she suddenly changed something with their outward appearance (dyed his/her hair blue, got piercings, or did anything else to drastically alter their looks), would you still like him/her?
  • 9
    You are checking your Facebook wall. As you scroll down you see a status of him/her saying that they are newly "In a Relationship." How do you feel?
  • 10
    Could you get over him/her?

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9 days ago
I have a crush on the same guy on and off. Like I like him, then I like some other guy, then I like him again, then a third guy, then him again. It's weird and super annoying and I'm sure he's confused cause half the time I flirt with him and half the time I treat him like a brother.
13 days ago
so basically, it all started when he told me he liked me in yr upper primary and i guess i only rlly admitted for myself i liked him in yr 8 lockdownI mean ive had other people saying they liked me but ive never felt as emotional as i do for him and even if i do id much rather have then i thought about it and i realised he liked me since maybe yr in ks1 when i came to tha%t sc%hl or something coz he used to try and talk to me and whenever he sees me he smiles at me and other liking signs and i thought he was just trying to me nice coz everyone used to bully me (i didnt rlly notice the smiles) and when he used to talk to me i used to just say a plain resposnse and tried not to talk to him so much coz i thought of him as a weirdo and i couldnt rlly talk to ppl anyways and we didnt rlly have anything in common . So now im in secondary school and in yr 7 he didnt rlly talk to me anymore coz i rejected him and sometimes he used to smile at me but he also used to give me weird looks and idk he used to spread rumours or not but he definately told alot of ppl he liked me sothen in yr 8 i got bullied so much that my whole self-esteem and confidence disappeared. I mean i guess by my own will ive got a lot more things in common with him and btw i told one of my "friends" that he basically likes me but she told everyone that i like him and now im so scaared that somebody from my schl will read this and realise its me anyways now ive realised he likes me as much as i do and he stickss up for me as well. im too scared to talk to him normally and even if he comes near me i just try and get away and every quiz i do i skip the taliking questions coz u know and when i did this idk if i like him or not it wasnt clear and idk if my likeness will be affected by my mental health and i think he
16 days ago
ok so....i like a boy he is sooooo kind but we both had a fight but i hope we are still friends.yknow it is love not like this quiz got me ayyyyyy..... :P
20 days ago
I'm in love with her... I knew, I just don't know what to do anymore. When I'm not talking to her, I spend nights writing about her, listening to music and taking stupid quizzes to tell me what I already know. She has a boyfriend who is in fact my ex. She is worth more than him. I'm not saying I'm more.. but I love her, we got very close, we both fell deep connection between us. She said she likes me a lot , sometimes even more than him, but she's not ready to leave him. She loves him, and doesn't want to change anything. So here I am, writing what I already know in the middle of the night again.
23 days ago
apparently im in love with her (im a girl). shes adorable and ive liked her for a few months now and i feel so happy whenever i talk to her but i also dont want to force her to talk to me since i feel like im clingy or annoying. thankfully she is also bi and im really thankful that she is since i may have a chance with her. it's embarrassing how much i fantasize about her (i dont fantasize abt😘at all, maybe once but its always things like cuddling, going on dates or kissing that kind of thing). i love everything about her including her imperfections and i've started to take her down to my level (whenever u have a crush u think they're perfect) and i just want to be with her so bad. god im so thankful i know a girl like this and i have a chance with her. im so happy 😘
24 days ago
It's gonna be the hardest challenge to them to like me. Because they will get hurt if they love me.
31 days ago
I'm not sure how I feel, but this quiz helped a tad bit. It said I have a crush on him and it will be easy to get over, but if I continue to crush on him I'll be in love. I wouldn't mind that but the guy I've started to like is bisexual but likes men more. I want to be with him I think, but then again, I stand no chance against the amazing men he can have🤚
31 days ago
Soo… I guess I really am in love with him-
It’s just a shame I look like I do bc hell never love me back or even feel even remotely similar to the way I do about him.
32 days ago
I really like him. I feel that, he also likes me a little. He is my one year senior. I wanna move on. I am very scared
38 days ago
I've known him for 2 years and I think I'm developing feelings for him but I think it's all going on in my head because a part of me doesn't feel the same.
42 days ago
i had a crush on him for 2 years and i still like him
43 days ago
lol i kinda expected this because i told them before, but they said just friends
47 days ago
well it turns out i’m in love with johnny cade from the outsiders
72 days ago
For 80% you are: Ready for your result? You are most likely in love. Your heart beats faster and stronger every time you see him/her. If you still haven't confessed your love, find the courage and do it. If your feelings are getting the better of you, just yell three times, "I love you!" and you will feel better.:) Good luck! Of course I love him, (I'm a dude btw) but the problem is the butterflies and frogs are kind of at both places?? i hold in my excitement while I think about him and suddenly the frogs are croaking and the butterflies are flying. God just marry me you adorable 😻
72 days ago
For 50% you are: Ready for your result? You are most likely in love. Your heart beats faster and stronger every time you see him/her. If you still haven't confessed your love, find the courage and do it. If your feelings are getting the better of you, just yell three times, "I love you!" and you will feel better.:) Good luck!

92 days ago
so im bisexual ( bi ) and i like this girl and I am apparently in love-
99 days ago
This is the hardest one I ever had to get over and we never dated or did anything ☹️
105 days ago
so this new guy came to my school, and i immediately thought i was going to hate him. i had no idea. after a few weeks he started flirting with me, and it was so cute. i didn't like him much then, but after a few months of slow falling, i have realized, without a doubt, that he is the first person i have ever truly loved. i feel nervous whenever he talks to me, he does this thing where he whispers into people's ears a lot, and he did that to me once, and I was SO, SO HAPPY, like ecstatic. he has stopped flirting with me and i think he likes another girl, which hurts so much because i would love him to the ends of the earth. i feel this uncontrollable happiness whenever i see him laugh, and whenever i look at him i think "wow, how is he so attractive." sorry, just needed to vent. if you can help me that'd be great
110 days ago
i fell in love with him on my first day of year 6 ! now im in year 7 and hes in a different school! I still love him!
115 days ago
he's really hurt by someone right now and my heart aches so bad to know hes hurt. i think thats how i kinda know T_T