Do You Have A Crush?

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You have no experiences with having a crush, you've had few to no serious boyfriend/girlfriends and you have no idea if you have a crush on someone.

Is this you? If so, take my quiz!

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    Do you catch yourself looking at them?

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235 days ago
developing a crush
kind of true
we are kinda awkward together
but i try to kinda of walk them in a subtle way as if i was just walking around and then i hope to start a nice conversation (if its possible at that moment) and its usually such an amazing time and i look forward to it every day (unfortunately its quite hard to get to them as we met at a camp and are in a different class, i am praying to get in their class next year, but i probably won't)
244 days ago
For 40% you are: Hello my friend! You picked mostly 'yes but kind of no' options, meaning that you might be developing a crush but you're not quite there yet.


So basically this guy is in quite a few of my classes but I feel like everytime he’s in my class the class is just more fun. I honestly do not know if I like him but if I do then I don’t know why I like him coz he’s full of nonsense and is one of those guys who says LITRELLY EVERY THING HE HAS IN HIS MIND AND I LOVE IT.
Oh and I CAN NOT PHYSICALLY STOP THINKING about when ME AND HIM were going down the stairs after class and talking and the way he LOOKED AT ME OMFG!!!!! DJFNFJDNEJFJFJDKEMGJFJDHE!! I- I can’t. Nope! Whyyyyyyy……but I want to. Omg I’m done.
733 days ago
Maybe you can find out if she likes girls!
765 days ago
I would love to help! So, it sounds like you like this girl. If you are a girl and you like a girl, then that means that you’re not straight. You could be lesbian if you don’t like other genders, or you could be bisexual (liking multiple genders), pansexual (liking people regardless of gender), or something else. But remember, you are valid :)
770 days ago
Can anyone help me? This girl moved in as my neighbor about a week ago, and my first impression of her was that she was really hot. I’ve thought about kissing or doing things with her, and I can’t say I dislike it. Last night I had a dream where we made out and touched each other, and I feel like I liked it. I’m a girl as well though, and I’m wondering what this means... can anyone help?
808 days ago
Sooooooooo idk anymore.... I like him I guess but like uh- Its so complictated..... he is a friend and um well i like him but i don't in that way?????? AAAHHHH
872 days ago
Bro of course I’m not friends with/hung out with/talked to them, i can barely manage to talk in a loud enough voice to my family.
943 days ago
So I guess I think of this boy often and I'm just bored so I'm taking this quiz for fun
964 days ago
why did i get like 5 different answers i'm literally about to break down rn i can't 😭
1062 days ago
Mason is one of the only things that stops me running out of my art classroom screaming. I think i like him but he’s got a girlfriend and she is my best friend so i have no clue what to do
1113 days ago
I never knew what a crush felt like and although i don't like them now i just wanted to know if they were a crush, apparently it was developing but i threw it in the bin hehe
1373 days ago
She is like me a lot! I am a pansexual girl and she is bisexual. We like the same bands, watch the same YouTuber, are both kind of emo, and just overall seem to click. When I first laid eyes on her, I knew there was something. At first I thought I just wanted to be friends and then we talked during lunch and I felt myself feel odd in the stomach, I couldn’t help but smile and laugh at what she said and I knew I was blushing. The only problems: We don’t know each other that well and she has a boyfriend.
1645 days ago
ok, so it said i do have a crush. but the thing is, im a girl, and my "crush" is a girl. i dont like girls like that. but i like her.
1919 days ago
This test is good but Q5 is bad.
1940 days ago
This actually makes me think.