Are you actually crushing on them?

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Feelings are confusing and often will make you ponder on the question everyone comes across in their minds: Do I have a crush on you? These simple 10 questions will make the decision quick and easy! Just answer all questions as honestly as you can. Good luck! ;)

  • 1
    Okay simple questions first: Do you think you like this person?
  • 2
    Friendship with this person?
  • 3
    Okay, we are going to act out a normal day in your life. You get to the place you see them the most. They aren't there. What are you feeling/what do you do?

  • 4
    They show up halfway through the day. How do you feel?
  • 5
    At lunch/lunch break, they invite you to join them. What's going through your mind?
  • 6
    (This might not be the type of person you are but oh well) You decide to send your crush a secret admirer note! They wrote back and said that they like this one person that happens to be you, even though he doesn't know it's you. How do you react?

  • 7
    Okay, suppose your "crush" is in a relationship. What do you do?
  • 8
    Do you two have anything in common?
  • 9
    Do you think that this person likes you?
  • 10
    Last question! What color is their eyes? (If you know, it shows observance)

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324 days ago
he's awesome. he's funny, nice, etc. I'm 11 and he's 12 (i think.)
393 days ago
I like a boy a year older than me named Jude and we have so much in common
1309 days ago
Long-distance crush who is an old frind and gives some signs of liking me back. Nuff said.
1722 days ago
I’m confused. Says 50%. Thing is, I think I only like him over the phone... he’s different in person. He likes me. I know this for a fact. We talk about it. In person, it fades. It’s weird. There’s also my other friend who I definitely like but am trying to get over. He DOES NOT like me. I know this for a fact as well. I don’t really know what to do here?
2002 days ago
My Girl friend is just a friend according to her I feel so different am I gay?
2032 days ago
We're both Bisexual and Asexual girls, and when I say something bad about myself she contradicts it and when she says something bad about herself I contradict it so... yeah
2059 days ago
I have a crush on this person named Autumn really! It's a beautiful name
2059 days ago
Hey Elly can you make more your good at this.
2070 days ago
So im definitely crushing on her, she likes me back,she is my best friend but i think i might be in love with her. Im 14 bi girl and she is pan and dying inside, needs advice. I cant stop thinking about her and my heart beats faster when she is around. HELP
2072 days ago
She’s my best friend... but maybe what I feel is something more?
2073 days ago
I really like my crush.
2087 days ago
Idk if I like her or not. OMG THIS IS SOOOOO CONFUSING!
2101 days ago
SLIGHT FEELINGS? Hmm... I suppose since I get nervous around her, I ACT like I have slight feelings for her, but it’s almost the exact opposite. I’m not obsessive or anything, but I think I’m the only guy who likes her more than a friend. I probably unintentionally keep her guessing, because we only talk every so often. And I don’t see her in the hallway very often. (Mostly because she’s 4’11”). 🤷‍♂️
2102 days ago
Uh oh..........I like her how is this even possible!!!!!
2129 days ago
Hey elly... ummm... idk. It says I like him but idk cuz this usually happens cuz I easily and I mean EASILY crush on guys. I'm the type of girl who is way too... friendly maybe?? Idk... I'm kinda shy and awkward sometimes then sometimes outgoing and idek how to feel about this guy cuz I've known him like FOREVER like since we were babies and I NEVER felt this way about him. I'm just a weird girl I guess... please help meeee...😓
2131 days ago
I am definitely crushing on her 😍😍😍
2131 days ago
My crush is awesome! His eyes are a beautiful ocean blue, and his hair is so soft! He is really funny, caring, and cute. I know for sure I like him! He also flirts with me a lot so maybe...
2136 days ago
Her eyes are so pretty... They're light blue with a little green 😍
2140 days ago
wow i think that she really likes me
2143 days ago
I know what her eye color is, its almost like mine ( hazelnut) but more green