Do You Know If you are in love?
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Do You Know If you are in love?

Do you know if you are in love, or is it just feelings? Take this quiz and find out if you are in love!

Question 1:You've been going out with someone for quite some time now. When you are not around them you are:
Thinking about them constantly
Sort of thinking about them but kind of wandering off and thinking about other things.
Don't think about anything at all.

Question 2:When you are with that special someone, you:
Are too busy checking out the other guys/girls around you
Keep thinking about how bored you are.
Kind of pay attention to them but kind of daydream too.
Can't take your eyes off of them

Question 3:You've been dating your hunny for almost a year now. Your family and friends keep telling you that you don't need him/her. They make you choose. You:
Definitely choose your sweetie of course!
Tell your sweetie good bye and follow the crowd.
Tell your sweetie that you two have to break up and you are sorry but you don't want to disappoint your family and friends.
Say YAY! Now I have a reason for us to break up!

Question 4:Your sweetie sees that you are really upset about something. He/she justs holds you and says it will be ok. You think this is:
Sick and disgusting.
Too sappy and mushy
Please, get off me! Ewww!!
The sweetest thing in the world.

Question 5:You and your sweetie go to a big concert. There's a lot of people that you know there and they are looking at you and him/her because they have never seen you two together before. You:
Put your arms around them and make it known that you are glad to be with them.
Sit two seats away and tell them that you like the view better.
Kind of hide your face so that nobody realizes its you.
Tell them to get away from you and act like you don't even know them.

Question 6:You and your hunny have been doing a lot together lately and you two have been fighting a lot lately. You don't know if it is almost over with you guys or what. You are so confused. You:
Tell them to go away and that you never want to see them again!
Try and talk about it and if that doesn't work, then break up with them.
Tell them you hate them and you don't care if they get him by a car.
Stick it out and try to work it out because you would do anything to stay with him/her.

Question 7:You and a hot girl/guy have plans to go out tonight. They decide that they don't want to go at the last minute and you think that he/she is just blowing you off, but then later you find out that their grandfather died. You:
Stay mad at them because they should have told you no matter what.
Revenge! Do the same thing to them!
Tell him/her that you are sorry and will make it up to them.
Think that they are just making up excuses and tell them to never call you again.

Question 8:You've just got out of a really bad relationship, but you have been talking to someone who really makes you happy. You don't know if you want to chance it, but you really like this person. You:
Tell them that you think every guy/girl will do the same harm.
Say you hate every single race of male/female and for them to get a life.
Tell them that you just want to be friends.
Give them a chance. You can't judge every relationship by just one bad one.

Question 9:It's time for you to go to bed. You have just spent thirty minutes just saying goodbyes and smooches to your hunny. When you two finally get off the phone and you lay down your head and close your eyes, all you can think about is:
Your sweetie! He/she is so sweet and you can't stop thinking about them!
Food! Food! Food!
Thank God! I finally got her/him off the phone!
Ohmygawd! I think I feel something in my bed! Help!

Question 10:Your sweetie is going on a long vacation for about two weeks. This is the longest time you two have ever spent apart. He/she finally leaves. The whole time he/she is gone, you think:
Thank God they are gone! Now it's time to party, party, party!
Hmm, I wonder which guy/girl 'friend' I could invite over?
Think about them constantly and cry because you can't talk to them or see them!
No biggy. They will be back sooner or later.

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