Are you really in love?
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Are you really in love?

Has cupid shot you with a bow and arrow or have you just been bitten by the love bug?

Question 1:First of all, how long have you known this person you are crazy over?
Uh, last night?
Last couple of months
Since last year
Wait, you want years? Let me get my calculator . . .

Question 2:How well established is your relationship with him/her?
Sometimes we see each other in the hallways and uh, yeah-
A 'hi' every now and then but nothing special
We are so best buds!
She/he knows who am I but I really don't like the funny looks I get . . .
I think he/she knows my name. Or at least what letter it starts with. Maybe.

Question 3:Does he/she even know you like them?
They are very blind if they can't see it . . .
God no! That might cause conflict!
Yes and I don't think he/she liked the poem that told them so
No, I don't want to destroy my little fantasy world
Yes and funny how they hang around me a lot more

Question 4:About your heart throb's birthday . . .
gasp! I have to start my planning so I can celebrate their honor while bowing to their shrine!
He/she has a birthday?
Seeing I am invited to the party . . .
My heart flutters a bit just thinking of how they are growing older right before my eyes!

Question 5:How much do you know about him/her?
Uh, what they look like-
Their entire school schedule for the past few years
Who their friends are and their hobbies
Where they live, their phone number, family, pets, habits, social security number . . .

Question 6:What's the closest to your ultimate fantasy about him/her?
She/he looks at me and smiles
Ahh, so its our four month going out anniversary -
We're stranded on a tropical island and our clothes keep getting in the way . . .
Marriage. Sigh, I have the china pattern picked out already

Question 7:Who exactly knows about your wannabe sweetie?
Just my closest friends
No one except me and only me
Him/her and his/her friends (if he/she told anyone)
Pretty much everyone I know
Its posted on the web and a picture of his/her shrine

Question 8:Just curious, what type of person have you exactly fallen for?
The jock/cheerleader type. Not a lot brains but what a body!
The heart breaker type. Their theme song is 'Oops I did it again'
The nerd type. Hey, smarts turns me on.
The average joe type. Brains, coolness and personality rolled into one.
Whether they are cracking jokes or running for president, they are always getting attention.

Question 9:How far have you gone to find out info about your hottie?
I ask him/her myself. What's there to be scared of?
Their best friends have to have some use for me
Gone through school files but it sounds bigger than it actually is
My friends make excellent info seekers and name droppers
I've had a phone conversation with his/her mom for two hours

Question 10:Choose the song lyric that describes closest to how you feel about him/her.
'Wonder if you ever see me and I wonder if you know I'm there. If you looked in my eyes, would you see what's inside, would you even care?'
'Obsession, you're my obsession.'
'We always seem to be, sister and brotherly, its such a lovely way to be.'
'Can't keep it down, when that girls around. I wanna, I wanna rock 'n roll.'
'Crazy, but it feels all right. Baby thinkin' of you keeps me up all night.'

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