Is he for real?!?
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Is he for real?!?

So do you love him or is it just a fling... will it end soon or last forever... answer these questions and find out for yourself!!!

Question 1:You are going out of town for a trip and you invite your boyfriend along so can spend time together. He knows that you won't get to spend quality time together because you are with your family too. He...
...comes anyway. Just being with you is enough.
...says maybe and then forgets about it until the last minute.
...says no and doesn't give you a reason but you know it's because you won't get to actually enjoy the others company.

Question 2:You and your boyfriend are going to the movies. You really want to see a girlie movie because it's been on your 'to see' list since you saw the first preview but he wants to see this scary movie because he is a guy and it's a guy thing. He...
...says 'I will never be caught dead in a girlie movie, even with you.'
...says 'only if we can go to an earlier movie so no one that I know will be there.'
...says 'sure, anything for you hunnie.'

Question 3:You don't feel well so you call your boyfriend. You tell him that you are sick and that you want to see him but you don't want to get him sick too. He...
...says 'maybe I will come over later and give you some time to rest.'
...says 'eww gross... I will see you when you get better.'
... says 'ok, give me 10 mins to get ready and I will come over.'

Question 4:You are wearing a new necklace that you wore just for the occasion (an evening out with just him) and you were hoping he notices it. He most likely...
notices it right when he sees you.
never notices it until you ask if he likes it.
mentions that he likes your necklace after a couple hours together.

Question 5:You are a sporty girl and you know that the only time you are going to get to see your boyfriend will be after right after practice or not at all. You
call him and ask if you can come over although you are going to be sweaty (he may not like you after he sees you that way).
call him and tell him that you don't have time to shower so you will see him tomorrow (it's totally wrong for a guy to see you out of make-up).
call and say 'I will be there after practice (he knows you are a sporty girl and doesn't care).

Question 6:It's your birthday and something came up with one of your boyfriend's friends. He says he will be a little late because he has to go help his friend because his car broke down. You know that his friends car is in good shape and get a little curious. You...
think OMG maybe he is planning a surprise (he knows how much you love surprises and he's done it before).
think OMG he is cheating on me.
wonder if the car actually is broken down because things happen and you know he will eventually get there so everything is peachy.

Question 7:You tell your boyfriend about some things that happened in the past and about your past relationships and then things you have done that were stupid whether it be regarding drugs or just little stupid teenage things. He..
listens and lets you know that he isn't perfect either and that it doesn't matter about your past just the fact that you are with him now matters.
says OMG how could you have done that and he leaves you.
thanks you for being honest and tells you that he may have some trouble trusting you because of your past and that things will take time.

Question 8:You and your boyfriend go out on a date. You see some of your friends and they ask you to sit with them. You want to but you know it's a date and you don't want to upset him. You ask and he says...
... do you mind if we sit together I really just want to spend time with you (he doesn't mind your friends but wishes he could have more time with just you).
... sure that's fine as long as we can have some time to ourselves later (he loves your friends but still wants to be with you).
... no I don't want to I thought this was supposed to be a date (you know he doesn't like your friends).

Question 9:You talk to your boyfriend every night before you go to bed and he is usually the last voice you hear and the first person that you think of when you wake up. After you get off the phone one night you get a call from someone you really don't like or want to talk to. You really want to hear his voice before going to bed so you call him. He...
... listens and is upset that you called because he was sleeping and he didn't want to be woken up.
... listens to why you called and tries to understand but still doesn't get why you called.
... listens and understands that you need to hear his voice before going to sleep and he wishes you a good night and sweet-dreams and then you go to sleep.

Question 10:You tell your boyfriend you love him for the first time. He...
... says 'I love you back.'
... says I am not sure I am ready to say that yet (you know he loves you but he can't say it because he is afraid he will get hurt).
... ignores you and talks about something else.

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