Do I Really Love Him? (Girls ONLY!)🟥

I know you LIKE that special someone, and that you can't stop thinking about him ... but are you actually in LOVE with this guy? Is he *gasps* your SOULMATE? Or is he just another dead end? Find out now by taking this 'Do I love him test' made especially for the desperate-to-know!

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    How long have you liked him?
    How long have you liked him?

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5 days ago
I WANNA **** *** *** **** *** *** *******
9 days ago
😭 why do i furking do these on a boy in a different state?! Its not realistic thinking that hes gonna move here even though thats what i want more that anything
61 days ago
Where can I find a really chill quiz that would focus on my deluluship after the luvey duvey stuff had passed over? Like it feels like I care for this guy a lot and since Its not a raw crush anymore I cant tell if hes a friend I care deeply for or if I see him like a long term husband ???
102 days ago
Also our friends joke abt us flirting w each other but that was before I started having a crush on him n we're abt to go to highschool so idk how it's gonna go entirely this is so confusing for me but I'm jus tryna not rush or anything n maybe he can jus ask me out or smthn
102 days ago
Ok so I met him through a friend n I totally never thought I'd have a crush on him like ever. But now that I actually know him he's so amazing n we like practically all the same things n he's so kind to me. I kinda wanna deny it but I mean I've never wanted to throw up because of how much I like a person. We flirt kinda but it's not special to me since I can flirt easy, but he actually seems to care n omg. Idk if it's my daddy issues acting up or sum shi but omgg I love when he comforts me after a bad dream or listens to me talk abt stuff. We only jus started getting close n idk. We're very similar. He lets me act like a kid without being weird n stuff abt it like my ex was because my ex would make it sxual which I hated. Idk I tell him how much I love him n stuff n he said he would date me but I'm not sure if he actually means it n if he does omgg what am I gonna do?? I like him but I actually like like him n I'm actually able to get to know him before dating unlike my last ex but I mean idk it's so confusingg
102 days ago
I can't tell you how much I love this guy
182 days ago
Love (pun intended) this quiz. It's not depressing, it's funny and hopeful! Thank you, Younge Ppl!
183 days ago
Hello young ppl 🥰
To all the young ppl with crushes please remember to CALM DOWN and take things one step at a time. The right one will come to you when you least expect it. So don’t force it and let it come naturally… I am 21 years old and I remember in middle school all the crushes I had felt like my whole world was going crazy🤯 but now I chilled out and met the love of my life ❤️. Be patient and DONT OVER THINK IT!!! just focus on being happy doing what you love and looking cute every day and eventually your crush will come to you!!!!!! It works every time!! Love big sis P 🌺undefined
184 days ago
im dating him
and he is amazing with little kids so thats a +
229 days ago
quiz- do you think you ove him?
me- dunno- probally almost said it once-
229 days ago
quiz- do you think you ove him?
me- dunno- probally alomost said it once-
292 days ago
quiz: is he nice to you?
me: uhm he doesnt even know i exist-
356 days ago
this is a good test
428 days ago
434 days ago
hi. i am in the fourth grade and have a bf called ~*cnsored* and my zo called bestie says that he has been flirting with her. aywayz... i really like him and i want to kiss him but i told my friend i was planning to and she told the ffickin teacber! sorry for bad grammor btw, but ive had a dream of us trying to kiss and lay on each other in my house. i love him and want to kiss him, anyone have any advice?
455 days ago
i love my cousin. and i dont know what to do(((
505 days ago
yes im talking about boys here
505 days ago
dunno what his friends will think if we end up dating.....those annoying gossipy a**holes
505 days ago
cant stop now as he probably likes me
505 days ago
i need to stop liking him because people my age dont get much luck as im in 6th grade. cant tho. nolan is just too perfect. hes really cute with long dark hair amber skin and deep brown eyes. other than that he is kind funny smart a good artist and a gamer. hes 7 months younger than me but were in the same grade and the same class. zodiac signs match up aries+scorpio the love calculator was 100 percent and he has stared at me flirted with me touched me....
it was dpa (basically extra recess) and we were playing capture the flag. he had been on my team the round before but was now on the opposing team. we were kinda following each other around and then he tagged me. i asked where the prison was (if you get tagged you go to jail) and HE LIGHTLY PUT HIS HAND ON MY BACK AND LED ME HALFWAY!