Do I Really Love Him? (Girls ONLY!)

I know you LIKE that special someone, and that you can't stop thinking about him...but are you actually in LOVE with this guy? Is he *gasps* your SOULMATE? Or is he just another dead end? Find out now by taking this quiz made especially for the desperate-to-know!

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    How long have you liked him?

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15 days ago
Research more about the details please. You sound like a high school girl yourself.
22 days ago
I am actually already dating with him, ok? I am just not sure if I love him or not, and what now.....boy, this is not helping.
28 days ago
This thing is for teenagers, all the cringe-worthy questions. I took this quiz years ago in highschool, I took it again while I'm having a dilemma with my then-crush but now my boyfriend. I don't know if I still love him after 3 years, and this quiz is no help.
38 days ago
Hm... Depressed over him? I don't know honestly.... I mean i dont feel like I am totally Inlove.... This has been going one me since when I was in middle school.. I was kept getting rejected and those but one of my best friends suddenly said he liked me idk if it's lust or love.... It's just hard cause I feel like I do love him a bit but also I don't which makes me confused..
42 days ago
It proved that I really love him❤️
43 days ago
I thought I loved him but I guess this quiz says otherwise
43 days ago
I took this to see if I really love my boyfriend and I legit almost cried when the results said it was just a crush
47 days ago
I took this to see which of my BFF's I like (both boys), so yeah... I have a crush on one, but I think both might have a crush on me... This could be the most epic love triangle to ever exist. I guess I could try to solve using c= √a^2+b^2 (I warned you I was the nerd)
64 days ago
So I need some advice about the guy I'm dating, here's a little background.

So when we first started talking we instantly just " clicked " even he said so, we'd talk for hours at a time even if it was about nothing. After a few weeks he told me he might like a girl but doesn't want to ask her out yet and he asked me what I liked in a guy so I told him. We continued to talk for a few weeks and after a while I could tell he was catching feelings for me. We jokingly flirted with each other and told each other pickup lines and I started liking him. He he asked me out on valentines day and things were perfect .After that he admitted he likes me and asked me to be him girlfriend, I was unsure so he said he'll give me as much time as I need. After a while we started dating

Things are great. He has said he's in love with me, he loves me, I'm him world, I won his heart and if he told me he would have lost everything. I know we both really love each other but the only thing is he ignores me sometimes. So last week he ignored me then text me a few days ago apologized saying he's just been really stressed with schools and other things. He said he felt bad and that he loves me. When he text me I was pretty busy so I text him back but it was kinda bland and I later felt bad about it so I text him. He responded instantly and we talked for s few hours. Then I sent him a video saying I wanted to recreate these pictures ( knowing we couldn't bc or covid) he said he doesn't think it will happen bc we live far from each other and covid, I said I know but I still want to. He then said well we can't, maybe you should find someone better in you're area. I said no I don't want anyone else because I want him, he said well still. Then he said we habe to think logicaly and I said I was then he just stopped responding. I text him the day after and he didn't respond, the yesterday I didnt say anything to him, then today I called him, text him and asked if he was mad at me then I text him a few hours later saying when he's ready to talk I'll be there because I love and care about him

I kinda have a feeling that him ignoring me has nothing to do with me and it's just that he's stressed. I'm trying my best to be there for him because he's always there for me. But he never really tells me want he's stressed about, I think I kind of have an idea because of the things he's told me before but still. I really love him and I don't want to lose him even though he's told me in the past I won't. I guess I'm just worried about him because he's so stressed and I just want to make him feel better, but idk how. He has already said I make him happy when he's angry, he feels like if anything happens he could tell me and that I put him at ease. But idk how to help since he's ignoring me. ANY ADVICE?
67 days ago
@magnus v lover well if he's the hottest boy in school ,he might have some attitude so be careful . start by flirting with him or talking with him about general stuff! try to make him comfortable> If you're flirting and he is blushing or he shows a good response the dont worry and ask him out!

If you don't have the guts to ask him out ,then just write about it on a note and put it somewhere like his locker ,bag etc!

Btw, I have tried writing i love you in a note ! I just popped it in his tray and he just did the same to me (but he was not the hottest boy in school)!!!!!

hope that that helped you girl!
69 days ago
but now i want him to come to my secondary school as he's in a grammar school!

Please pray for me girls!

By the way ,if you did pray , may god bless you with all the amazing things, experiences in life! May god also give you the boy you love!!!!

Even if you didn't pray, may god give you a happy cheerful life!
69 days ago
i am quite happy after seeing this results !ppl always tell romantic stuff about us ! I did blush at that time but I suddenly didn't feel excited like I used to when `i thought about him.
82 days ago
@magnus v lover,I have tried a lot of times and I am experienced,so the advice is simple:
Either gather up all you strength and ask him out to have lunch with you at school and slowly progress
Or if you really can't do it then...........'fuhgedabaadit'
PS:I a trying to say forget about it (if you haven't watched alexa and Katie)
84 days ago
can you stop making them so specific and adding "(Me: blah blah blah)" its just annoying.
104 days ago
any advise below help pls
104 days ago
any advise on asking a boy out when u r 13 and he is the hottest boy in the school
104 days ago
@pizza if he likes bowling then wait till covids done and he will still go
ps magnus varns
104 days ago
@ pizza you need to get him find his email or phone i dont know do somthing if it is true love go getvthat boy enless it is my magnus then back off girl
105 days ago
It is True love I really like him but I’m way too shy to go up to him I look at him when he’s not looking at me even though he doesn’t look at me I met him in a bowling class and since Covid started he never came back and I’m sad
110 days ago
Dang I can’t spell