Do I Like Him? (For Girls Only)

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Not sure exactly what you're feeling when you see him? You know the one I mean! So let me help you figure it all out! Are you flooded with conflicting emotions whenever he's around? This test will tell you how much you actually like this guy! Try it now and you'll feel better, I promise. Good luck!

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    When you see him, how do you react?
    When you see him, how do you react?

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2 days ago
Ok so I have a guy friend whom I think I like. Problem is I've never liked or loved someone my entire life so Its hard to tell if I like him or its somthing else. Another problem is that he is so stupidity blind that If it turns out I do like him I would have to physically tell him which I honesty would like to avoid since I cant express my emotions correctly. Some other questions I have is , if you get jealous over your male friend talking to a girl he's never met on omegle just cause her shirt is missing and you decided to leave that area, and when he asks why you left you hit him and storm off, are you in the wrong or is your friends in the wrong. If I can get some answers this would help greatly thx
4 days ago
What if you're a shy and don't have the courage to look at him directly?
7 days ago
Jamie So I had that same problem like a few years ago but he started dating someone, and then we sorta drifted. I regret not telling him that I liked him too and I also regret that we drifted. I think that you should tell him how you feel before you regret it. But if you want to stop being jelly, you should just trust him or move on. Find a new guy, but don't try and make him jealous bc that wouldn't work out.
9 days ago
Ok sooo I have known this friend for 5-6 years and he is a boy. And anyway I found out like last year that he liked me for a good amount of time and I would tease him about it. But then shiz happened and I leader him on but I didn’t really know but yeh it’s my fault anywayyyy now he may like this girl and I was ok with it but then we talked about it and now I feel jelly but I think it’s cause I liked the attention but now it’s off me. Idkk but if anyone has been in a similar situation can you please give me advice to stop being jelly
15 days ago
to hihmm well I think you should observe but like not in a creepy way (lol) like what type of person he is. But everyone could be lying and teasing. But I think you should shoot your shot and if he says no then he isn't worth it and there are plenty more fish in the sea
15 days ago
there is this kid i think i like i am not sure... and every body says he like my but i dont believe them what do i do
15 days ago
SAY YES TO HIM then live a happy life
16 days ago
So I met this guy awhile ago, and he is my friend's little brother (my friend is older than me, and her little brother is the same age as me) and he asked me out the first 5 minutes we were talking. I haven't said yes or no to him but we just flirt with each other. Idk if I actually like him like I talk about him a lot and want to talk or see him. I just need advice for this cocky boy- thanks :)
23 days ago
8 have this crush on this guy his name is adam and yea we’re In the same grade but because of stupid covid we’ve have only seen each other on Zoom but yea idk if he likes me but yea I neeed help my somebody responded and help meh pls
36 days ago
I have a crush on this really sweet guy. His name is Ricky and we've been on the swim team together for 3 years now. But all thanks to covid I don't get to see him anymore. Just the other day he asked me for my phone number. He's really understanding and kind and really really cute! I don't know if I should confess, he seems like he might have a crush on me but I don't know for sure because of Covid! Help.
42 days ago
Some of my answers are more in between some of these options any one else?
44 days ago
I can't even explain how great HE is! Bruh, he wins it all, bro, no one else.
45 days ago
Uhhhhh. My bff is his little sister. So um. Lol.
45 days ago
Someone give me advice
45 days ago
Thanks miss gurl but this is the thing part 4 when he is with his friends or with older kids he acts like a jerk and then he says stupid 👮
My best friend Samantha is okay with me liking him and he told her she was cute but she friend zoned him because she says since I like him basically girl code I like him a lot should I tell my bestie
46 days ago
What if he found out by my friends telling him and then they all chase me?
47 days ago
Question 7 was odd for me because my best friend is my crushes sister...
48 days ago
I've liked him for a little overn2 years now, and he moved a few months ago. i pretended i hated him the whole time we new each other, but now that he is gone i miss him soooooo much, i wish he could come back. but because i never got close with him, i never got his phone number so we don't talk. and he probably would never want to talk to me because i made fun of him a lot.
50 days ago
hey Ana!
I wanted to help you bcz I understand the situation.The bad thing is that u must wait until he break up with estella bcz if u get mixed in their relationship then u will ruin your good friendship u have with him.Im sure this relationship with Justin and estella won't last so be patient and I hope you and Justin get married!
I hope I helped u
53 days ago
got good results😘