Do I Like This Guy? Quiz For Girls Only

Not sure exactly what you're feeling when you see him? You know the one I mean! So let me help you figure it all out! Are you flooded with conflicting emotions whenever he's around? This test will tell you how much you actually like this guy! Try it now and you'll feel better, I promise. Good luck!

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    When you see him, how do you react?
    When you see him, how do you react?

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92 days ago
It so right I do have a crush on him
318 days ago
he's ok its just this one time we had social dance for pe and we all of the outside people had to dance with that one person infront of them and move along, i ended catching him staring at me dancing with his friends. Then he was next so he put his hands out but as soon as i reach out to his hands he drops them and said " NOPE NEVEr MIND" and he smiled and me but i refused as i looked down do i like him?..
366 days ago
I did this for my bf and it says there might be love somewhere. I know im not good enough for him, but he still likes me I guess.
397 days ago
Ok someone please help me...there's this guy who's not good looking, but he's got a GGGRRREEEAAATT personality. My friends think I like him, but truth is im not sure myself!!! I love his personality, but im not sure ab his looks. Can someone please help me ab this?
400 days ago
Ready for your result? Hmm. Methinks he's piqued your interest, but you're not totally, completely sure about him yet. Maybe you've got something heating up on another burner right now? In any case, like is good, very good. Maybe someday it will grow into love! One can hope.:) Wishing you the best!

guys help i need a defenite answer im so confused!
413 days ago
Im going into middle schoole and theres this cute handsome boy boy that i relly realy like!!!! but im so ssa d ;-;;;;; 언니들~ 헬프 미~~~~ i dont think he lik me back sooooo wot can I do?!?!? 연애 고수들이오 ... 도와주세요호후!!!
431 days ago
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Do I Like Him? (For Girls Only)
Ready for your result? Well, now. You're not really hiding it, are you? You LOOOOVE this guy! I can tell because you're just so...gushy in all your answers.:) That's awesome! Hope he loves you back. How could he NOT? You're wonderful, mate! So good luck with everything, OK?
431 days ago
His name is Jhonn real name i think jonathan but when I saw him my heart started beating really fast and im only ten bout to be 11 and in middle school and thats when you start dating people I dont really know him I had just met him
431 days ago
I took this test turns out he just might be my true love but he's my cousins girlfreind brother
436 days ago
Guys it says like but I dont know what do help me
436 days ago
Ithinkiminlove I think you should tell them that you like them
436 days ago
So, i like my BEST FRIEND!! Ik he likes me back but i told him i didnt like him before he told me #sadtimes #ineedhelp
440 days ago
He is SOOOO Hot You would think the same thing if you saw him
440 days ago
I love him so much but sometimes I doubt it I'm really nervous around him I've never loved anyone (how I love him) He asked me to be his Girlfriend but I'm still thinking about it I'm about it I'm kinda young I'm almost 13 I've knowed him since kinder anyways I LOVE HIM I kiss him over zoom too Oh and i feel real hurt if someone flirted with him
476 days ago
i like this guys personality not his looks but i feel like i am to young to like somone even thow we knew eachoter forme kinder garten i just dont know wat to do even thow i relly like him (sorry for horibal spelling)
481 days ago
usually a name like LUIS sounds like a ugly name right(no affence Luis) But him He's just different he makes Luis a pretty name and on zoom i put him on the thumbtack and i kiss him it feels so good🥰 .I love him so much no matter what.And if i see another girl that's flirting with him im beating somebody up
484 days ago
i could never slap him i have a crush on him
488 days ago
Ooooo... Where am I gonna start from theres this cute boy I know for two years now and I feel strange around him and the worst of all is that he is 💗 handsome and cute but am not sure if I really love him or it's just a feeling I get when I think about him and the worst of worst is that I can't get him off my mind I just can't no matter how hard I try... 😭😭😭
488 days ago
OMG luis is so HOT to me.When i look at him i feel like im'a faint.
492 days ago
DHEHDH my situation wouldn’t be bAD if my teacher just didn’t change our seats in class😭😭now I sit behind him and I’m very much ✨confused✨idrk if I like him?and the test said the same thing-ugh feelings why do they even exist????