How Can I Tell If I Like Someone?

Some people will answer, "You just know!" to this question - which isn't helpful when you really need to know the deal and get un-confused about your relationship. Wondering about these things takes a lot of valuable energy you could be spending on other stuff - wouldn't it be nice to know where things stand once and for all? Yes? Then take this quiz, it should help!

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    You think about him or her at least some of the time.
    You think about him or her at least some of the time.

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124 days ago
"well 🍦" LMAO
what is this censor system
i meant cr4p
124 days ago
i wouldn't really be annoyed of she doesn't or if she's taken i'd just be like "well 🐤" and keep going with my life
also i dont dream about her because i started thinking of liking her just yesterday, (i do daydream now tho) now we are going to be a week with her and my family in a camping site
also i don't dream a lot so yea
124 days ago
what the name says
153 days ago
I like her , she is my best friend, but she is straight And i am not. 😢
508 days ago
I got I love him but... I don't want to tell him, I'm too scared that he won't like me back, even though I love him doesn't mean he'll love me back. I need help.
623 days ago
So today I told him I like him and he likes me back, but then i started doubting myself if i really like him so i took this quiz and it says I'm in love with him
646 days ago
i am 13. he is the same age ... i was on his 11:11, he posts me a lot and put a heart. he texts me good morning . i feel like i really like him. he asked me out on a date and we’re going next weekend. i’m excited.
722 days ago
I am really glad I don't I just took it because I started doubting myself because of what other people say
757 days ago
I am not fully sure if i like this person i do get nervous, but the thing is i dont want to like him cause he doesnt have the brightest personality or the nicest he can have his pros to so when he is close i try and go the opposite way or when we are assigned to sit next to each other i scoot away alittle or when our leg or arm touch i try to move away so it doesnt seem rude
This test doesn't really tell me what i want to know its hard to talk to him since he is "popular" and im known but can be aggressive with some of my classmates most likely boys cause thay can "try" and annoy me
Soooooooo.... I dont know
794 days ago
Test is true, I like her really well!
798 days ago
im still not convinced i like em. like, out of nowhere i caught his eye nd then i felt kinda weird nd like now i find myself paying more attention to him and stuff. along with that, i feel like hes paying attention to me more too. i also kinda think about him but not like "golly gee hes so cute."
just like how a normal person would think about someone. im not convinced i like him, nd he has a gf which kind of makes me jealous but at the same time idc? like, it depends on the day lmfao. n e ways, tell me wtd
810 days ago
So there is this one fine guy. He goes bowling sometimes and i think i like him and the last time he was at bowling he loomed at me ALOt and watched me bowl. He wears beanies and his smile is the cutest. But id wanna get hopes up cause we live an hour away from each other. And we never talked so he could have a gf. But he stares at me and smiles😊
816 days ago
P.S., how can you have correct answers in this?
816 days ago
I have this cute girl in my class who I think she likes me and idk if I like her. Help me!!!
817 days ago
I like them... but they have told me their straight. :( :( :( !WHY! ): ): ):
845 days ago
okay so i think about this guy a lot and i think he’s hella cute n all. he looks at me a lot but he does the same to other girls, but i feel like he looks at me the most (i sit behind him) however i don’t feel butterflies or anything when i talk to him idk if i like him???
870 days ago
I took this test because I didn’t know if I liked this one friend that I always find myself talking to. I also hangout with them a lot and I try to be normal around them. But it’s not like that with anyone else. It’s says I like them, and I believe that is very accurate.
870 days ago
This guy likes me and a feel really bad rejecting him to I took this and it’s says I don’t like him. Now Idk what to do!
897 days ago
I took this because I don't know if I like her. She's my best friend, and I think she's mad at me, as well as likes someone else... if only dreams came true.
904 days ago
I only took this quiz, becuase I’m trying to not like my crush. But it says I still do. I liked him for three years (he liked me first so I started liking him) we used to talk a lot and we’re good freinds. Then we didn’t have the same classes, so we stopped talking. Three years later we were now in highschool. I told him I liked him and he says he hates Hispanics.. and I’m ugly and annoying. I’m one of those “non emotional” girls, which I think those types or girls, are actually the most emotional. Anyway yeah, I honestly didn’t care, but everyone was worring and stuff. So yeah. That’s why I took this quiz....