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So you think that you're in love! But wait - are you completely and utterly in love with him? Or is it just a schoolgirl crush? It can be hard to know what you're really feeling about a boy sometimes, especially if you really want a boyfriend. Your mind can play tricks on you. Take the quiz and then decide!

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    First of all, how long have you known him?
    First of all, how long have you known him?

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11 days ago
ya. so apparently i’m in love with her. and before some of u homophobes come here saying “why’d u take this quiz, it says girls only, take one for a boy” i AM a girl. who is in love with another girl. bye bye, haters
34 days ago
Oooh I really wanna find a hot boy 🔥
37 days ago
Whoever has fortnite add me cause i need someone to talk too.
Btw im a girl

Fortnite user: Mia082009

NO spaces
44 days ago
It said that I'm in super love! Well there right about that.

We have know each other since kindergarten (I think, and I hope so!). We laugh a lot together. He's nice, funny, and CUTE! His friend, Jackson, (and I guess sort of my friend, oh and don't get mad at me for being friends with a boy, he is nice), also (apparently) liked me too. At recess, they used to fight for my love. Like, bruh! John (my boyfriend, my cute one too!) is lucky. We have been dating for almost 2.5 years now, and we've only gotten into 4 fights (st the most)! Wow. All you need to know that he super cute and I'm lucky to have him. But i haven't seen him in a while since this whole coronavirus pandemic showed up. I miss him, and I hope he misses me. :)

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44 days ago
Yeah I'm never gonna ask him out
49 days ago
I predict this website would soon be hot and people would like it :P
63 days ago
it said i am in love but i do not wanna love him he likes another girl even though she left like ages ago and he was so mean to me when before corona and now he is so nice we even walk home together in a way that he walks me to my bus stop and then goes home but still
87 days ago
I didn't know if I did LOVE my boyfriend. I took this and knew that I do LOVE him so much.
88 days ago
Good but one thing- It's not a guy I'm lesbian
101 days ago
I am so in love with him
thank you so much
104 days ago
Yeet! Ladies make way for the LoVaThoN mAcHiNe!! :D
106 days ago
108 days ago
I love him !!!!!
i wish the stupid coronavirus ended now!!!!
121 days ago
I like this boy a lot, but almost all the girls do to and there are some girls I'm not sure I can compete with. It says in the quiz I like him quite a bit and I just don't want to do-
154 days ago
Good luck to all if u do get him in your life
154 days ago
I don’t have his number But he is one of my good friends . Bc he is my bffs friend to not just mine
225 days ago
We did talk all the time we still text as well but his friend likes me too what should I do HELP ME PLS
230 days ago
i keep having to change the "he" in these quizzes to "she" cus I'm a gay pringle
239 days ago
Back when chroniavirus was not around then was this boy who i really liked(and still do) we would talk and flirt and i miss him and i think about him.🐐🐐😍😍😘
249 days ago
Too Much- It could be both ,When you see him again ask him maybe if he likes you and just carry on being friends and see where it goes.