Am I In Love? Quiz for Teenage Girls Only

So you think that you're in love! But wait - are you completely and utterly in love with him? Or is it just a schoolgirl crush? It can be hard to know what you're really feeling about a boy sometimes, especially if you really want a boyfriend. Your mind can play tricks on you. Take the quiz and then decide!

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    First of all, how long have you known him?
    First of all, how long have you known him?

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24 days ago
Hi Lizzie, I think he doesn't really like you considering your 13 and he is 22 that would be illegal.
It is like handing a 13-year-old a toddler.
If the toddler wants to play with you, even if you don't want to, you will say yes, because otherwise you would feel like you were being mean to a kid who just wants to play with you.
Personally, I think his female "friend" who he said "love u" to on her birthday is actually his girlfriend. I assume you wouldn't know if he had a girl friend or not considering you only knew him for 3 days.
Also why are kids as young as 13 getting social media? Social media can be very dangerous especially to young teenagers who have little life experience. The brain doesn't fully develop until 25!
What has the world come to.
28 days ago
Ok so im 13 rn and a few months ago i had gone for a trip with my family and 2 other families. one of them i knew very well and they had a daughter of my age and we were good friends. the 3rd family was completely new for me and i had never met anyone in that family. they were my dad's friends so we decided to go for a trip together. my friend didnt know the 3rd family either. so when we reached our hotel, i saw the guy in the family. he was freakin hot and well i kinda felt attracted. ok no kinda, VERY attracted. but i didnt rlly show it much and we didnt talk in the beginning. he was 9 yrs older btw. so like um he was an actor- going towards the film world n stuff. i rlly wish i wasnt sharing this cuz i just hope hes not reading this. i'd die if he does. so like, later on we started talking n stuff. he knew a lot of games and we played them. me, my friend, my brother, my mom, his mom and ofc, he himself. so well, once, during that trip, my friend and my bro were literally begging him to play more games cuz they were pretty cool. he said he was tired and couldnt play. they all continued to beg and finally he said, "ok lets ask Lizzie if she wanna play." me, being a total introvert suddenly felt shy and awkward and just shrugged and said, "ok ig." and man, he IMMEDIATELY agreed!!!! he got up AT ONCE and we started playing. i was blushing SO HARD l istg. then this wasnt the first time this happened. like he used to deny when others used to ask him to do stuff but whenever I asked, he always agreed. and well he had guessed i was very shy and introverted and yk that type of a weirdo, shy, introverted girl who ends up embarrassing herself almost everywhere. (social anxiety). so he was supersoft and supersweet abt it and made me feel included and prioritized me. at the end of our trip, me and my friend asked for his autograph. he wasnt a big actor yet, but like we hoped he'd become a very popular one soon. so he just shrugged and said he didnt give autographs. we begged him and he agreed (after i requested ofc ;)). so he gave us separate autographs and for me he drew an extra heart. i melted when i noticed it. he didnt make anything for my friend, no offense but i was soo happy he made a heart for me. when the trip was over, he told us that he'd be shifting to another state for work n films. i was so sad and i even cried secretly. we've never met after that. i recently joined instagram and i remembered his id which he had told to my friend when she had asked him. i didnt have insta then. so i searched up and found him. he has a lot of followers. its a public acc and i followed him.i was secretly hoping he'd follow me back deep inside i knew he wouldnt- he doesnt follow back my friend either, and he has so many followers, gonna go for films n stuff..whys he actually gonna follow a lovesick 🕊ic kid like me..? so well ofc he didnt follow back but idc. to this day, i still wonder if i was actually in love or was it just strong attraction cuz hes so hot? i mean, most of my crushes are like this only. i find them hot, crush over them, later get bored and dont give a 🕊. i hate to say this but i saw his story in which it was one of his female friends' bday and he had written, "love u" for her. MAN I DIDNT FEEL A THING, ISTG I WAS LIKE, "OH OK NVM" AND DIDNT FEEL ANYTHING AND I STILL DONT. 🕊. but again, i think abt him all the time, during beautiful moments, i wish he was here with me. idk what all this means, maybe hes just another casual summer thing? (i knew him for only 3 days)
33 days ago
That’s kinda mean to the nerds… I actually don’t like my crush anymore and like the other guy. He actually is quite cute… I got in love on the quiz
51 days ago
@Freya, I think you should shoot your shot at your proper crush after all looks isn't the most important factor but gosh do you really want to be stuck dating an ugly guy? Plus, just like Pierre who is popular and really handsome, would always get creepy nerds away from me then flush their heads in the toilet. Although I am not sure if American boys do that for their girlfriends or if it is just a European thing.
51 days ago
@Caroline, I told him how much I love him, and he said that he loved me too. I was so happy, so I told him all about the plan I had made to run away. He said he would come with me, and I was so happy. He told his sister that he was going to run away with me, and she was really happy for us. Since she is my friend, she said she would be happy to lie to my mother and father about where I am and who I am with since Pierre's parents and my parents hate each other. Tomorrow night he is going to wait for me outside my window with his car so we can go to a small-town in Provence. Hopefully we will have a small cottage by the end of the year. School shouldn't be an issue as we are both in Première, I think England calls it grade twelve? Chloé disagrees with mine and Pierre's choice to run away but she has never been in love before so she wouldn't understand. And yesterday we went on a double date with some friends of us to say goodbye to them and as we were leaving, they gifted us a bouquet of 13 red carnations. In France bouquets of 13 flowers are reserved for funerals and red carnations represent bad will. So, we don't talk to them anymore. Wish me luck for the future guys!!
69 days ago
For my proper crush it says fully in love! I like the other guy too tho, but my proper crush is wayyyyyyyy cuter but that doesn’t matter too much
69 days ago
Okay so there’s this boy our mums are friends and we’re pretty good friends too. We have had sleepovers before and we stay up late taking about everything. . I liked him when I was eight (I’m 11 now) but I’m not sure if I still do. I actually told him I used to like him and he said he used to like me too. Idk if he still does. I have a proper crush who I love soooooo much though. But idk if i like this boy! He’s not cute, he has weird interests but he’s also really kind and nice and generous. Idk if I just like him as a friend tho! The quiz says there is a spark… should I go for it and ask if he likes me? And if he does, what should I do? I sort of like him, but I’m also in love with another guy who probs doesn’t like me back! What should I do😳? I’m 11 btw
92 days ago
I Think He Knows by Taylor Swift
92 days ago
why not take a leap and get to know him? says the quiz

he's a boy i met from a different state, says me
92 days ago
OMG! Um.....your kindof in a pickle Camille Francois! Um...I'll that night text him tell him that you and him are going/planing to sank out and that he had to stay outside your bedroom incause your mum and dad wake up!😁
149 days ago
Omg help me guys,
I am sooooooooooooo in love with this guy like so in love he is super cute and all I dream about
but I am scared to ask him out!
What should I do?
his name is Pierre and he like running and playing his base guitar he has dreamy sandy blonde hair and crystal blue eyes that I could just drown in, we are pretty good friends but I don't want to ruin the relationship by asking him out just incase he doesn't like me back.
I think he does cause he alwayssssssssss makes excuses to his friends so he can hang out with me. we often hang out or study together.
He does bully people sometimes but only the creepy nerds so that's ok. At the moment his fav thing to do to them is flush their head in the toilet, but that's fine cause the nerds are creeps.
He is soooo dreamy and hot I love his personality he is so kind to everyone, and his sister who I am friends with approves of us. Although there is one problem...
His parents hateee my parents and vice versa. They both might as well be at war. It think the only way we can be together is if we run away to a cute cottage in the country side together.
I think i should shoot my shot with him.
What do you think?
150 days ago
We finally admitted to liking each other! Shoot ur shot guys! We’re going on our first date on Monday 🤭
161 days ago
I am 17 but I never had my first kiss. Ew Ew Ew. Disgusting. Shouldn't have said that.
161 days ago
Well he does not know that I love him secretly
161 days ago
My crush is sooo hot oh maybe handsome and boyish
161 days ago
This quiz told me I like him a little bit but actually I love 😘 him.
202 days ago
it says i should ask him out or give hints but im pretty sure he has a girlfriend/crush who happens to be a friend of mine
228 days ago
I just love a handsome boy , who is fun and have a good heart. He soon become my bf and no one knows except me and my close friends.
260 days ago
hmm Im just secretly inlove with him
318 days ago
Sooo I like my guy best friend and I'm trying to decide whether to ask him out of not..