Do I Have A Crush? Quiz For Girls

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Maybe you think you don't really "like" anybody. But how likely is that, really? There must be SOMEONE! You wouldn't have a beating heart if you didn't find someone out there intriguing in a romantic way sometimes. Take this quiz and find out if I am right! Good luck and have fun!

  • 1
    So you see a really cute guy walking down the hallway at school, but it's not your crush. What do you do?
    So you see a really cute guy walking down the hallway at school, but it's not your crush. What do you do?
  • 2
    Your friend asks you if you have a crush on another guy. You say:
  • 3
    A guy asks you out, but he isn't your crush. What do you tell him?

  • 4
    Your crush comes up to you and says hello. How do you respond?
  • 5
    How do you act when you're talking to your crush?
  • 6
    Your friend likes the same guy you do. What do you do?

  • 7
    Your crush gets plastic surgery and is now horribly ugly. You react by:
  • 8
    So let's just pretend your crush is dating somebody else. What do you do?
  • 9
    What would you do if your crush were kidnapped?
  • 10
    Your friend claims your crush likes you back. You reply by:

Comments (119)


1372 days ago
i have a boyfriend but I'm starting to like this other guy and I really don't want to like the other guy and I need to stop or else I'll go mad..... Hi
1379 days ago
The guy I have a crush on had a crush on me back when we went to the same school but for some reason I didn’t want to date someone or maybe I wanted to pretend to be wise or something so I told him I only liked him as a friend. He ended up dating someone else a few years later, and then we went to different schools. I heard they recently broke up, and now I feel really mad at myself for rejecting him
1442 days ago
i need a boyfriend
1473 days ago
So my crush is a really goood skater😍and he’s soo nice like he will help other people up if he doesn’t even know them and OMG!! He’s ssooo freaking cute but I prolly don’t have a chance w/ him cause he’s 2 years older than me but u know what idec!! I just wanna see him even though I’ve never really talked to him and my heart beats soo fast when I see him I think I’m gonna have a heart attack!!😫😍😭
1481 days ago
It tell i like him only as a friend or a little bit. But one day this world will understand our love. I don't like this test
1488 days ago
This was a good test but I wish it told us who we like 😘😘😘
1517 days ago
I can agree. It said that i ONLY like him as a friend or that i only like him a little bit and thats not even true. Cuz last time i checked we both said that we liked eachother but nothing special has even happened. I mean we've talked a lil bit but only about school...ugh but yeah.. I dont even know anymore. LOVE IS SO FRICKIN COMPLICATED!!!
1517 days ago
My crush is the cutest dang boy I've ever seen. He is tallish, has dark hair and dark eyes. He's nice too. He acts like he likes me and I'm so happy! I really hope he does like me.
1544 days ago
This was so helpful! I had been pondering over this for a while, even thought I’m only in elementary.
1577 days ago
I was excited to take this quiz but I’m bi lol
1584 days ago
“For girls” This is a good quiz, but I’m a girl here about a girl. Maybe change the pronouns from him to gender neutrel? It’s still a good quiz though!
1603 days ago
jnnnmjlkkkmmlkj hi
Khbhbv jgbn in h. Ghnnb jn
1640 days ago
it says i am 50 percent, no mushy feelings for me(:
1651 days ago
I’m lesbian..and I really like her(my crush)
1657 days ago
This is in accurate, I have a really big crush
1658 days ago
OK I was taking this test to see if I had a crush on camila cabello, wow this really helped because she is neither a boy or knows I exist! Thank!
1666 days ago
I am incredibly unimpressed.
I am Gay and it keeps saying he, GIVE ME A FRICKEN SHE
1674 days ago
No I hate him but I think he is so friken cute.
1689 days ago
i took this test hopings it was just so fake but its not its true i have a little crush on him i only started noticing him when he told my friend he thought i was sexy and hot. i do not now what to think of him now its so weird how it was my second day of high school and the boy that asked everyone out in his old school had a crush on ME. what do i do now do i take the advice and not ask him out as i am not sure or just play it cool and make him more keen.
1726 days ago
it says i like him as a friend and that is SO WRONG! i cant even look at him without getting butterflies in my stomach.