Am I In Love?

Most everyone WANTS to be in love, but how do you know if you really are? Well, you could just take this quiz! The higher your score, the more in love you are. But don't worry if you're not - there's always time for something this wonderful.

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    How do you see him/her right now?

    How do you see him/her right now?

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24 days ago
we're super close friends, we met by mutuals and I really like him, like a lot. He seems so perfect and Im not sure but i think he likes me too. I want to be with him my whole life. we've been texting everyday and I never felt something like this before. Honestly I ve been broken so many times.. that its hard for me to actually admit that I like him, im afraid ill be hurt again. Thats why if it doesnt work out this time. I wont try again. llol
( I dont want to get into a relationship yet)
89 days ago
This was the best test
92 days ago
We just had our first kiss.
102 days ago
Stole your idea @Brocky

Yup I’m in love. Ugh this guy is so confusing and mysterious but he’s just so amazing. I think he likes me? Maybe??? I should ask him out. Hahahajkajaha yeah as if I ever will. Idk. Ima continue staring at him from afar and dreaming abt a first kiss that’ll never happen :)
117 days ago
I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!.and about my user's name that our combined names #BECKY&ROCKY
137 days ago
(()Ready for your result? This is more than just "like." Good for you! Spend as much time as you can together (without ignoring responsibilities like chores and homework) and see if you have what it takes to be a real couple! Wishing you both the very best of luck in this's so exciting when this happens!))
137 days ago
OMG, I'm in love. this boy literally HATES me.
166 days ago
ahhhhh im in love! she makes me feel cute and giddy and happy which has never happened with any of my other crushes
211 days ago
oh my god I'm so in love
231 days ago
im in love with him its everything abt him.
273 days ago
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
283 days ago
I think I fell out of love
305 days ago
I'm in love with someone from tiktok and I don't even know her name lmao
349 days ago
im in love with ElIzabeTh
349 days ago
I think i love this girl but she seems to see me as a friend. She's unique and like no one i ever met, lol she's so oblivious and doesn't know im bi.
359 days ago
Hi, I REALLY need help please, there's a girl at school I really like and I would really like to ask her out. PLEASE do yu have any advice??? Please help THANK YOU!!!!😙😁
369 days ago
P.S It's a girl that I more than like.
369 days ago
I'm more than just like!! Cool!! I sent the result to the one I apparently more than like.
392 days ago
Ready for your result? There is no doubt you are in love with him/her, and frankly, we're a bit envious! Just kidding! We really hope this person sees your incredible worth and feels the same way about you. And hey -- when you're celebrating your 50th anniversary together with all your kids, grandkids and great-grandkids, we at want props for making you see how you really felt!

.... i still dont know if he likes me though ... i know he did but he doesnt anymore ... lockdowns brung us apart ..
455 days ago
A person :P (25483) you can ask one of her friends, another thing you can do is to just go for it and ask her out, ask yourself what do you have to lose?, it may seem impossible but it isnt.