Am I really in love? Put it to the test now!

Most everyone WANTS to be in love, but how do you know if you really are? Well, you could just take this quiz! The higher your score, the more in love you are. But don't worry if you're not - there's always time for something this wonderful.

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    How do you see him/her right now?

    How do you see him/her right now?

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791 days ago
I'm more than just like!! Cool!! I sent the result to the one I apparently more than like.
814 days ago
Ready for your result? There is no doubt you are in love with him/her, and frankly, we're a bit envious! Just kidding! We really hope this person sees your incredible worth and feels the same way about you. And hey -- when you're celebrating your 50th anniversary together with all your kids, grandkids and great-grandkids, we at want props for making you see how you really felt!

.... i still dont know if he likes me though ... i know he did but he doesnt anymore ... lockdowns brung us apart ..
877 days ago
A person :P (25483) you can ask one of her friends, another thing you can do is to just go for it and ask her out, ask yourself what do you have to lose?, it may seem impossible but it isnt.
885 days ago
(()Ready for your result? This is more than just "like." Good for you! Spend as much time as you can together (without ignoring responsibilities like chores and homework) and see if you have what it takes to be a real couple! Wishing you both the very best of luck in this's so exciting when this happens!))
886 days ago
I am soooo in love with Poua. I love gazing into her beautiful asian eyes as the beating of my heart flutters and slowly melts like the soft flame does to a candle.
934 days ago
Yes, I do adore someone. It's that, I find him really unique. There is something about him that stands out. I have never ever spoken to a guy in my life, except maybe 3 or four who are relatives. Otherwise never. There was something that totally struck me. We have never spoken. But, he just sometimes looks at me, and sometimes I do, and we have spoken only once....
I really hope we could be friends at least...
943 days ago
Yeah...I'm in love. I really like this person but I dont know if she likes me back, I would ask her but I dont know if so I gotta find that out first..oof..does anyone have any advice, I'm seriously stuck in love...
948 days ago
I am in love.When i see him,becoming a butterfly this heart is flying far away.
975 days ago
I like this boy so much I’m scared he doesn’t like me back and I don’t want to be rejected
984 days ago
In love with DaNiEl
1002 days ago
Results said that im in love and ill live a long life with this person and the sad thing is shes my best friend and i could never tell her how i really felt:')
1002 days ago
Oof I love him lol that's strange
1012 days ago
Okey , so in this test said that I am in love the sad thing is that in other test that I did about if she like me, said that I am lower that the friend zone.

1025 days ago
I got in love...I’ve liked her for over a year but she’s a good friend, which kinda really scares me. She’s expressed multiple times she has no romantic feelings for me, and while it slightly hurts, I’d do anything to see her happy :(❤️
1050 days ago
I'm in love with my best friends cousin (also he is my other BFF)
He is so sweet and is alwayse doing stuff for me (sharpening my pencil ex.) he also told me he likes one of my other friends (she's all we talk about mostly)

1059 days ago
Being completely honest, looking at the cheesy comments made me laugh, but then I remembered that I, too, took this quiz and got "in love". I'm not sure, the whole thing is new to me, and, while I like the feeling, it's weird. It feels...cheesy? Stupid? But nice, too. I'm not sure what to think... But I am in love since I got that on every quiz I've taken.
1098 days ago
I'm in love 😙😍
1101 days ago
I don wanna be in love
Test results r: im in love
1131 days ago
Also my friends don’t know that I like him
1131 days ago
OOF I just didn’t stop did I!