Am I In Love With Him, Or Do I Just Like Him? Quiz

Only for girls! Are you in LOOOOOVE with him? Or do you just like him? Or do you feel nothing for this guy at all, tbh? If you're looking for love and there's only one or two guys currently in your orbit, it can be easy to get confused about your true feelings. This test will help you know which ones are real!

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    First of you think you're in love with him?
    First of you think you're in love with him?

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91 days ago
The person i think about is my friend since 2 years now (we're 11 y.o)
I'm really happy one of my friends talked with him 'cause i REALLY thought he was nice and wanted to be his friend.
Do you know Najimi osana in Komi can't comunicate? he's as social as she/he is...
at the end of last scolars year end, he told everyone he had a risk to change school. ANdddd we started spending ALL of our time only the TWO OF US!
He strated using a surname for me (and, since we're form the opposite gender it was like FORBBIDEN) i couldn't stop smiling when he first did.
The last day, he celebrated his bday at school (and he never did 'cause he's born in the middl of the smmer vacation) and he said he wanted to invite me to his bday!!! and he choose ME to give candies to the teachs, and not my ex BFF and tey were like talkig 4 hours on discord and he took MEEE MEEEEEEEE sorry i just can't believe he choose me... So now i have his discord, thanks to his youtube channel and i'ma recognize i did stalk him to know if he had a GF, his discord, his tastes, i just wanted to know him more, knnow things i couldn't ask.

So he moved and it's been 7 months since he did and i liked him for 9 months.

i think i'ma confess rn if he's online byye~
191 days ago
Well I think that he sounds great and so do u! The boy I like is 12 and really cute and he’s very skinny 😂. He literally weighs 70lbs and he is 5’8”. I think he might be slightly annoyed at how easily I can pick him up 😆
194 days ago
OK so, there is this REALLY cute guy who is in 3 of my classes. He is very tall and smart. He is also funny and nice. But he is literally the definition of a nerd. My friends say he is sooo ugly, but I think he is cute. He really cares about other people (unlike my ex boyfriend who was a complete🚔to everyone around him) He is so generous. But he completely rejected me at the beginning of the school year. Since then, whenever I ask him, he said he still doesn't like me. But he flirts with me SOOOOOOO 🚔 much. He also always finds ways to talk to me or be with me. It's kinda cute. It's not like a friendly flirt, it's like a "hey I like you" flirt. He has never had a gf before, because he's not allowed to until he's 16. He will be in 1 month. But I really just want to know if he likes me or not!!?!? Any advice?
348 days ago
I can't believe I can like someone so fast, its only been 3 months. I'm not sure if I am in love or what that even feels like but I can say I've never felt this way about a person before. I think love is a feeling of being uneasy, feeling scared, worried about your future but it's also caring about them sooo much and feeling overyjoyed, getting butterflies everytime you see them, missing them when they're gone and wanting to spend time with them 24/7 if so, I guess I am in love lol.
394 days ago
I mean I like him? I didn't think I did but all the quizzes I'm taking are saying I am in love with him.
394 days ago
of course, it has to say I like him. darn.
438 days ago
so i like this one guy but i dont know if he still likes me. my school shut down so i moved to his. as soon as he met me it was clear he liked me but i didnt think much of it. later my friends started teasing me about him, and i realized i actually do like him. ALOT. it is serious. im always thinking about him, and whenever he's near me my heart races and im cheking to see if i look good. but im too shy to tell him. :B
439 days ago
I got 80% !! I love him I can say it now!
511 days ago
hey guys i got 100% in looooooove! this guy called noah total cutie
511 days ago
good quiz bros i got i am in love
588 days ago
So I took this test twice. There’s two guys. I’m not sure abt one of them and 100% sure abt the other. The first one I took said that I just like him and the second said that I love him. Only problem is the one I don’t love lives near me and the one I’m head over heels for love in a different state. So yeah🥲
603 days ago
I like this one guy named christian and he never talks to me or looks at me but he's really hot
I'm only in 8th grade so I feel like that I'm to young and my friend always teases me saying I like him
630 days ago
AGHHH YAY, So how do you really feel about this guy? I am so happy to be telling you this...I do think YOU'RE TRULY IN LOVE! You believe he's the right one for you, and that he's pretty much perfect! Now, it's time to take action on those feelings! Let him know how you feel! You could tell him straight out, give him strong nonverbal signals (like meaningful looks and lots of smiling), or try a mixture of both. Good luck!
634 days ago
I like levi hehehe so I wonder what results I get eeeek
765 days ago
So I don't give a 🚔 abt this guy-
Yep, TRUE! Everytime I think abt him, i feel- ehhh- ✨uncomfy ✨
829 days ago
I'm really in love with him! Whenever I see his photo in my phone I become so happy! I love him a lot. I love u my love.💖💖💖💖💖
839 days ago
For 70% you are: So how do you really feel about this guy? I am so happy to be telling you this...I do think YOU'RE TRULY IN LOVE!
896 days ago
I'm in seventh grade I refuse to believe I'm in love. honestly. but there is this guy idk how I feel about him. I've been infatuated with him since he walked through the door in fifth grade. but I messed it up all because I was hormonal mess. and he hates me now. but for some reason a part of me always will care what he thinks, if he sees me as pretty, if he's over the bull💋 of us "hating" eachother. every guy recently that I've liked and they like me back, I lose feelings. and I know I'm in seventh grade and it doesn't matter. but this happened recently and my friend asked me do you think he effects this. I thought about it and now he's popping up everywhere, I see him at school more at lot of awkward eye contact, I'm friends with one of his best turned because he has four classes with me. his number popped up in my phone when I was looking for someone. he blocked me in fifth grade when I was said horm💋mess. if anything I want to fix things and be civilized it's difficult because everytime I see him he's a little taller and cuter. he is exactly what you would want in a guy. he's attractive, tall, kinda funny, super sweet, smart, athletic. the only problem is that we both messed up when we liked each other. I haven't talked to him in over a year. yet I still find myself day dreaming over him. he's the one guy I can't get over it feels like. advice would be great.
902 days ago
Guys I'm not saying this is a fact but- if you have to take a quiz, you likely aren't in love with them. Not saying this is a fact- just my opinion. Have a great day!!!!! :)
917 days ago
so since we in lockdown some of these don’t work