Do I Have A Crush On Him?

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This quiz is for all you girls out there who aren't sure if you really like this guy. Yes, it's entirely possible to not know, because your heart might say one thing and your brain another. Anyway, if for whatever reason you're wondering, "Could it be? Do I actually have a crush on this person?" find out right now!

  • 1
    How do you feel when he looks at you or talks to you?
    How do you feel when he looks at you or talks to you?
  • 2
    Do you do certain things/go certain places just to see him or to be with him?
  • 3
    Is he attractive?

  • 4
    If a friend said something bad about him, how would you feel/what would you say?
  • 5
    How well do you know him?
  • 6
    If someone else asked you out (besides your potential crush) what would you do?

  • 7
    How would you feel if you saw him on a date with another girl?
  • 8
    If one of your friends liked him, what would you do?
  • 9
    If the opportunity were to present itself, would you tell him how you feel?
  • 10
    How many people did you have in mind while taking this?

Comments (314)


7 days ago
I like him but not to much. But he is a good friend tho🙃
10 days ago
Im not obsessed with him i have only a little crush
36 days ago
OKAY I AINT OBSESSED WITH HIM but we are just i guess "friends" but i do catch him staring at me but sometimes i wonder if he likes me too but he is my cousin yes i have a religion where i am allowed to like my cousin and marry or what ever but ya know i like him
49 days ago
i don't have a crush on a BOY but i have a crush on a girl who's straight and i wanna get over her and this quiz basically goes "you're obsessed, ask her out" LIKE WHAT LMAOXJDJ
49 days ago
I think i have a crush on this guy, but I have litteraly never had a crush on anyone be4. also i think he is straight, and maybe transphobic, so i have 0 chance.
50 days ago
Snap. I always Google how to get over someone when I develop a crush but this time I'll have to deal with it. What 🐬is that its impossible
52 days ago
lets not hate guys ;w;
56 days ago
Bts S U C K S
how gross!!!!!!
79 days ago
So I have a crush on 7 guys...ik crazy right
all 7 of them are super SUPER hot
all 7 of them are crackheads like me, and i especially love them for that
all 7 of them are excellent singers and they slay their perfomances...they are prodigiesssss
all 7 of them make me happy whenever i see them
all 7 of them cause my heart to jump and do splits and somersaults and whatnot whenever I see them

all 7 of them are my biases

yep thats right...i was talking about BTS!!!! all 7 of them are literal magic, and they have a place in my heart. i used to be a depressed mess but when i became an army, these 7 angels helped me out and now i'm much happier. #BangtanSonyeondan #Armyforevah
79 days ago
Uhhhmm..I used to have a crush on this guy in 7th grade. like, a real huge crush, i couldn't stop thinking about it. my school kinda forbids these student couple stuff, so nobody dares to confess love. and this you know made me feel better for some reason. at least im not the only one whos scared stiff of fessing up.
the thing is, i don't know whether i still like him. I'm in 8th grade now, and now that i think of it, i find my crush on him super cheesy. i feel ashamed of myself, man! so altogether im having these weird feelings for him..
82 days ago
I know this person. Who is basically my father's friend's son of my age. We r not blood related but he is my brother... he recently confessed me. Its little awkward but we r fine. I traveled with him 2 years ago . I feel like I had a crush on him 2 years back. Now. Idk how I feel about him.......
92 days ago
I'm so nervous around kyle we talk when we can we were partners in the science lab for two day i keep staring at him in math i don't know what to do ack...he loves video games doesn't have a favorite one tho it might be obvious that I like him help meh plz I never liked someone like this before he doesn't know too much about me and vise versa we are almost complete opposites but hey,opposites attracked right? I don't know what to do around him it feels like i'm learning how to walk again I told my bff but I am to dang nervous to tell my mum or father any tips???!
92 days ago
i gave me two different ones I just started 7th grade and I am very sure I like this boy his name is Kyle we were in our science lab and he put his on mine I get nervous and exited when I talk to him he's so nice he stood up for me once when I was getting bullied by his friends.
97 days ago
So i have this crush on a boy in high school, though we met in swimming classes before. We don't often talk we are just classmates, but recently I started to develop feelings for him. I don't really see us as a couple but he is really nice, chill and cute. Sometimes we have eye contact and it makes me happy that he notices me, but I think I just like the idea of him. But sometimes I can't stop thinking about him. What should I do?
102 days ago
OMG it said I’m obsessed. And honestly I think I am!
107 days ago
for as long as i could possibly remember, i never thought i could possibly have a crush on someone. i grew up surrounded by disney movies and the hope that one day, my cliché little prince would swoop in and i would have my happily ever after. those dreams have long died since i’ve entered high school, but there’s a small spark of hope for me. i met him back in middle school, we had no idea each other had existed before then, and we got along well in our classes to the point we considered ourselves friends. but this summer, this one, stupid little summer changed everything. i know that there’s no chance for me out there, but can’t a girl dream?
111 days ago
yooo so last year i liked this guy but then we became friends so i thought i had no chance with him but turns out he liked me back but i only found that out like a couple months ago oop- now this year we are sooo close like we are bestfriends and sometimes i do be mad simping for him tho... and i can’t help it. maybe it’s cause i liked him for an entire year and it’s just hard to forget or i still like him but i pretend i’m just a simp
115 days ago
Sooo I have a crush on this boy at school, he super nice and friendly and I really like his personality. My results said I should ask him out but we’re in a pandemic and I don’t even know his phone number. I’m really freaked out by the idea of asking for it. I know I have a crush on him because I think about him a lot and we were once partners in math and I was sooo nervous and could barely speak, but I still almost feel like I’m hiding it. Like, I wanna tell my friends but I’m too dang scared! Any tips for getting his number?
126 days ago
Oh my god, I have a crush on a boy I do not know!!!!!! He is sooooooo hot. Yesterday when I was at swimnming I had my mask on...I bumped into him and my heart dropped to my shoe it was crazy I mean that wouldn't have happened if I didn't have a crush on him!!!! So I actually have two crushes I cannot do anything about that. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
146 days ago
Don't date him if he's thinking dirty or if he's attracted to more than one person. Those who like multiple people are not ready to start a relationship with someone. When you commit, you commit to them as a person. That means with your mind, eyes, heart, and body (after marriage because total guarantee it wasn't wasted). If he thinks about having😍with you, he's not seeing your whole self, but he's thinking a little more about your body. Relationships without sexual activities out of wedlock are 1) more cute, 2) more real and devoted, 3) more likely to last than a relationship with even the slightest bit of "woah there, that's deep intimacy". A guy who wants to kiss you is fine, a guy who likes to kiss your cheek and wants to cuddle is better, but a guy who wants to *ahem* "bang". . . he's not really worth it. Maybe the relationship wouldn't be all about sex, but would it last forever and into marriage if you guys don't do what makes babies until the honeymoon? Also, pro-tip here: only date a guy you can see yourself marrying. It'll save you time and heartbreak. Still, I encourage you to tell him how you feel. Accepting your crush is tge first step to moving forward however way you want. If you two decide to date, just. . . talk to your parent(s) about dating him first. Tell them everything (and if you feel like there's something they feel morally wrong or your uncomfortable talking about, that's a beforehand warning sign/red flag that the relationship isn't the BEST idea ever) and ask about their honest opinion. Respect your parent(s) opinion and advice, because parents' are meant to properly guide us in life. In the case it turns out he doesn't like you, that's fine because no one can properly move on without rejection. When we aren't rejected, we think, "Maybe there's still a chance.", and therefore we tend to hold onto that crush. If you two really are best friends, then I'm sure your friendship would heal from this, so don't worry about it and just do something for yourself so you kniw what to do. It's like asking a person for directions, you'll have something to help you decide where to go. Hope you see this and hope it helps, as well as for any others in this delima. NOTE: EVERYTHING I SAID GOES FOR REVERSED ROLES AS WELL. Thank you and have a good life.