Do I Have A Crush On Him? Quiz

This quiz is for all you girls out there who aren't sure if you really like this guy. Yes, it's entirely possible to not know, because your heart might say one thing and your brain another. Anyway, if for whatever reason you're wondering, "Could it be? Do I actually have a crush on this person?" find out right now!

  • 1
    How do you feel when he looks at you or talks to you?
    How do you feel when he looks at you or talks to you?
  • 2
    Do you do certain things/go certain places just to see him or to be with him?
  • 3
    Is he attractive?

  • 4
    If a friend said something bad about him, how would you feel/what would you say?
  • 5
    How well do you know him?
  • 6
    If someone else asked you out (besides your potential crush) what would you do?

  • 7
    How would you feel if you saw him on a date with another girl?
  • 8
    If one of your friends liked him, what would you do?
  • 9
    If the opportunity were to present itself, would you tell him how you feel?
  • 10
    How many people did you have in mind while taking this?

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52 days ago
I have a class with this boy and at first I didn't really notice him but he is like super funny. One day he was messing with me when I was writing notes down in my notebook and my teacher said that he was flirting with me!!! Then it spread around my school and I started to think if I did have a crush on him bc I reacted in a defensive way towards what everyone else was hearing and if I didn't like him I would have just brushed it off. I don't know tho... I might be crushing on him. It's also confusing bc I'm bisexual but I haven't had a crush on guy in years!!! Girls are just different I don't know how to explain it. I'm confused 😵
186 days ago
Ok so this is gonna be weird but I met this guy online just a few weeks ago and so far he has a really nice personality, we've video called before and oh my god is he hot and he's also just idl super cool and likeable yk? half of me is saying that I like this guy and the other half is like "omg no u don't, u don't even know the guy that well" and its super confusing and frustrating. He's been "flirting" with me alot these past days and idk it's driving me insane honestly
189 days ago
i've got a crush on this guy
193 days ago
I think i have a crush on 2 guys at my school one is your average popular guy whom i notice staring at me every once in a while and is super cute!, and the other is well not as popular more your average nerd type but in a cute way, not the most handsome guy in the world but whatever he might lack in looks he makes up for in personality, idk which one i like more tho or how to tell one or the other help?!
244 days ago
This is kinda ackward cause I'm a dude to, and I think I like one of my best friends. I try to hang out with him more and I feel happier when I'm with him and we always have a lot of fun together. I think he acts a bit different around me, but I'm not sure, and hes kissed my cheek (But as a friend I think) and we tend to cuddle in class (Which the teacher does not like). I really feel more like myself around him and we always have fun together. Hes also good looking and funny and recently I think I've started liking him more and more. I'm not sure what to do because I don't want to ruin our friendship but I really think I like this guy
246 days ago
Hiii , so I'm Cynnamon.
I go to this online school and recently I've been talking to this one guy. He is dorkish, soft and a little stupid even if he is older than me but I think I'm starting to like him which is creeping me out...

I've never seen his face, ever and we normally call just for school stuff but I really thinking I'm slowly falling >_< .Like , I tend to think about him more often in a dating manner like " I wonder if we ever meet.. " or " could we possibly be... " stuff.

I told my closest friends about him and they were like " Nope ! " and that's where the problem is , cause I strongly feel like defending him but WHY AM I DEFENDING HIM FOR ?

Anyways, if anyone has advice pls help me🥴😣 WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MEE???
294 days ago
It messed my whole comment up! Plz help me!! I don’t know what I should do!!
294 days ago
Plz help!!
294 days ago
There is this boy and we both like baseball and he super nice and whenever we talk everyone is like are y’all dating or something and he asked me to be his gf and I said idk and he hated me the rest of the day and it was the last day of school and I told my friends to tell him next year and they didn’t so I was wondering if on the first day of school I should ask and we are both in the alpha program so I will see him a bunch idk what I should do
323 days ago
hes so perfect like i just wanna be with him, but the thing is im pretty sure hes straight (im male) and i reeaaly do not wanna go through rejection from a straight guy again. me and this boy used to be pretty close but my mental heath took a toll on me and i stopped talking to everyone and we havent spoke since. i'll prob talk to him again during summer since i dont have to see him in school lol. i do really wanna speak with him this weekend and maybe he'll open up about his sexuality. anyway more about him; hes so kind n pretty, prob has the nicest hands in all of the class, his friends are your usual homophobic teenage boys but when i came out to him he supported, he isnt violent in the hallways unlike his friends and he has the most beutiful eyes youll ever see, his hair looks so soft and he has the cutest freckles ever!!! goddd i love him.
331 days ago
omg theres this guy and idk his name but HES SO CUTE. OH MY GOD hes exactly my type and he always looks over at me and tries to initiate eye contact and i have never EVER wanted a man to do anything to me in my 19 years of existence but wow…. mans got me feeling all kinds of ways. anyways he’s all i could think about today waaaa i rlly want to get to know him better! wish me luck guys i know this time things will work out!!
340 days ago
So there’s this boy he kinda excepts me as a friend but everyone keeps telling me that he likes me so I took this quiz to see if I like him. He is also in the alpha program(were you take classes one grade up) like me so I see him a lot and he sits at my table so yah. I still feel like I kinda don’t like him!!
341 days ago
There is a boy in my class. He is one of the "cool" guys, but he's the best at english, and one of the best at math.I am also in the same math and english group as him. But i'm not ''cool''. I know a have a crush on him, but my question is- does he like me? He always avoids my eye ( or is it just me?) and he teases me , sometimes being very mean. I don't know. Like you, Sophia, I have had the c on him all year. Sorry if this doesn't make
344 days ago
I met this guy a few months ago, and at first I didnt think he was cute. We chatted alot. About a week ago, I found myself blushing hard when he called me cool! I quickly said you too, but rushed into class. Now I find myself thinking about him more... and he is pretty cute! Now I'm in denial... because I've had bad experiences with boys... but I think I like him.....!
344 days ago
I like this guy in my class. But half of me says NO. And the other says YES. That's why I took this quiz. But he is SO smart, sweet, caring and kind and...good looking. And I've tried to get him to like me ALL YEAR. But I guess it was a WASTE of MY time. I tried playing a game he liked to get a common interest with him...NOPE! THAT didn't work at ALL. He's more interested in his friends than GIRLS. Wow. Never thought a guy would be like that. Sometimes I want to yell at him in his face and yell: "WHAT DOES IT TAKE FOR YOU TO NOTICE ME!?!?!?! I TRY PLAYING MANHUNT AT RECESS AND THAT MADE ME LOSE ONE OF MY BFFS AND SO I TRY TO DRESS BEAUTIFUL EVERYDAY!!!! BUT NO!!!!!!! I TRY TO BE EXTRA KIND EVERYDAY!!!! I TRIED TO IMPRESS YOU WITH MY REALLY FAST RUNNING SKILLS AT TRACK AND FIELD!!!!!! AND I GOT FIRST PLACE!!?!? IS ANY GIRL GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I JUST WANT YOU TO LIKE ME!!!! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK!?!?!?!?!?" Yeah so...I dunno. I hate him and like him AT THE SAME TIME! Please give me advice. I NEED advice. PLEASE! I hopr y'all have better crushes than ME.
382 days ago
We’re already dating
394 days ago
um SO ROMANTIC, maybe don't share both of your names? you see kinda weird ngl
396 days ago
Creepy. Ur cousin?! I would never like my cousin 🤢
402 days ago
I was in desperate need of this quiz. I am dating someone but always think of this other person. It told me that I do have a crush on him. The only problem is he is 5 years older then me and… he’s my cousin 😭
479 days ago
This quiz really kind of... highlighted my situation? Like the question about your friend liking the guy you like. That's definitely true. I think I might have feelings for this guy, but I also know that my friend has feelings for him too, and I find myself rooting for them, but I also feel a little sad, because I feel like I kind of... like him too. This is a pretty weird and complicated situation.