How Much Do I Like My Crush? Quiz

Put your like to the test! This quiz will reveal just how much you truly like your current crush. Think of all the valuable time you could save by taking it right now ... no more just sitting there, wondering, and turning all the info over and over in your mind! Good luck!

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    If your crush asked you out, what would you say?
    If your crush asked you out, what would you say?

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29 days ago
This better be right😅 bc I need help confessing which as I know I'm the shyest you'll ever see and this quiz helped my confidence
47 days ago
melanie u r so funny good luck pretty gals nice namez
49 days ago
oh.....! and his name is tim.......
49 days ago
ok it said that he likes me, but i told him today[well my friend did lol] and he said "ok" but i took a BUNCH of other tests and it said nah he dont like you, but i feel like he does bc before my friend told him i like him... he was always kinda stealing glances at me...... anyway...enough blabbing!!
i feel like he will come up to me soon and tell me he like me.....
pls tell me WHAT TO DO!!!!! anything helps.........! alr bye yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
61 days ago
I'm head over heals for him and in class I see him staring at me and sometimes I would stare at him to but since summer camp we have not talk and now he talks to me sometimes I feel like he likes me and sometimes not so idk what to do
62 days ago
I’m head over heals for him and I don’t think he liked me back. I love him so much tho
72 days ago
Whelp according to this im head over heels for someone in a different state
118 days ago
Guys help- my crush is my bsfs brother
119 days ago
Um, she is a girl...andddd she is in another country also so....but tho you were right I woul dbe the best girlfriend)
147 days ago
So I’m friends with this uh let’s say person at school and it’s been a few months and when they called me cute I don’t know I kinda freaked out and now I think about them not all the time but a lot it’s summer now and they’re going to a different school and I might not see them ever again. No I do not have their phone number yet because I don’t know if they have a phone. Their personality is booksmart, nice, will fight you, introverted and others.
148 days ago
So I know this guy at my school named Maxim, he’s one grade over me and we got talking bc our school does this project week and we were in the same project. So, I go to the room, I’m late as always, and the only seat left is the usual one between the girls and boys. So I sit between one of my classmates and him. We start talking and he always asks me about myself and he’s always really cute ❤️❤️❤️ The other day he asked me if I was single and I said yeah 💖 Later I heard him say to his friend that he’s looking for a girlfriend and he really likes … I couldn’t hear the name bc he was talking quietly. He always looks at me and smiles when we talk and did I mention he’s really cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I haven’t got his number bc I’m too shy to ask and even though I’m the only girl he talks to I don’t know if he likes me, The project only took a week and he was ill on one of them 😕 I can’t stop thinking about him and I dream every night about him 💖💖💖 I’ve got the real thing and it’s different than from all the other crushes I’ve had, The feeling is way stronger and I can see him in my future (y’know the whole thing like marriage and getting kids and stuff like that) and I don’t know if I should ask him for his number, I’m too scared incase I get rejected… Can someone pls help me? I love him so much it hurts when I’m not with him and everything. Even my grades are getting worse bc I keep thinking about him in class. So can some one tell me what the smartest thing is I could do bc I really want to be with him and I think it would be a good idea to tell him that indirectly over a text (so like a TikTok or a song) so can one of you guys help me pls? ❤️
156 days ago
He's kind cute, and he sits beside me, and he's also funny, and his glasses look so adorable on him, and he talks to me almost every day, and I kinda want to confess to him, but I can't so I emailed him, and I'm hoping he likes me, and I really like him!!!
182 days ago
Sorry I meant you all's crushes, not you Ali's crushes. Autocorrect lol
182 days ago
I have a pretty big crush on a guy in my class but I'm too scared to tell him:(

Also best of luck with you Ali's crushes!
276 days ago
so, two years ago i had a friend who started talking with a new in our school. He easily became part of our group. the new one one, his name was Léo. We were taler than everyone else, i think that's how we talked so fast (yes, dumb reason) Ans we spend (the three of us) all our days togheter. Our games was to hit each other. So we touched a lot.
Last year, we became even closer. he started calling me lulu (we NEVER EVERR caled each other by a surname it was like... forbiden.) so as u gessed, Leo's my crush but he moved somewhere else now :(((
Apparently, he had a crush on me too. But it's been a while since we didn't talk IRL so i don't know if i should confess or not.

+ someone told me last year he had a GF andd they was together since a really long time sooooo... yeah... i don't know if i should confess or not.
281 days ago
I'm too embarrassed to say their name, but it's a youtuber.

But they are homosexual and I'm the opposite gender of them :(
306 days ago
Since a bunch of people are saying who they like, ig I will too.

Juan C. (It's said like Won) I really, really like you. Ik you don't know who's writing rn cuz I'm not that obvious. (If you even see this)

Ik he probably won't see this but I don't want him to.
389 days ago
how old r u david?????? i l00ked u up and u r an old man. ;(
504 days ago
So I've had a crush on this boy for about 3 months now and finally decided to tell him. His reaction?

"I've know for 2 months cos u kept staring at me"

And no he doesn't like me. Good luck to anyone else with their crushes!
540 days ago
I mean in my mind i would be like omg yes but then irl i would just e like mhm yeah sure