Do I Truly Love My Boyfriend?

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So there's this guy in your life that you call your boyfriend. He's not always perfect, so maybe you've been wondering, "Do I truly love my boyfriend?" It's OK - we all have these doubts from time to time. Take this test to find out how you really feel (this is for girls only - sorry, guys.)

  • 1
    How long have you been dating?
  • 2
    When you two are around each other, how do you feel?
  • 3
    When you two are together, what do you do?
    When you two are together, what do you do?

  • 4
    Do you like his family/friends?
  • 5
    How much do you think about him?
  • 6
    When he sends you a cute text message, how do you react?

  • 7
    What's his personality like?
  • 8
    Do you think you love him?
  • 9
    Does he love you back?
  • 10
    Thank you for taking this quiz. How did you like it?

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9 days ago
It said I don’t know 👁👄👁
17 days ago
I'm truly in love with my man as it turns out. Was already aware. We've been together for a year. Even though there are ups and downs here and there, we don't let them disturb us. I want to tell you guys that if you're truly in love, distance means nothing because your hearts are connected in an amazing way. After all we've been through, if we're still in love with each other, then I don't know what can creep in between us and break us apart. Words are not enough to tell it all so summing everything up, we've got something a lot of people are searching for
41 days ago
42 days ago
Ohh yeah I do love him even the quiz confirmed that ncooh 😍😊
47 days ago
Here it is: Ta da!!! We like-wait what did I just say? I mean we love each other, bro! He's the only one . . .no one else!
64 days ago
I know he loves me, some days it even "smells like obsession" from his side. But what about me? I don't like when he calls me cute names or tells me how much he loves me, it just makes me uncomfortable.
Well, I just answered my question better than this quiz. I don't love him anymore.
75 days ago
I'd have to say, it kinda scared me with the questions... I love my manz, but the fact that it asked do you think he likes you back made me a little nervous at first.. I really hope he does though, becahse he totally acts like it ♥
77 days ago
I am so confused! like I know I love him but idk if he loves me cause like I had just gotten out of a relationship with my bsf (at the time I thought I was bi now im just not all that sure) and before her I was dating this really toxic homophobic guy who dumped me when I came out to him, so in my eyes my boyfriend was kinda like my knight in shining armor, but my birthday is in 21 days and he hasn't called me since July and when I called him he said he would call me back but it's been two weeks and he moved to a new school so I never get to see him at all so I get nervous and wonder if he's cheating on me, sorry I just had to vent and get that off my chest before I explode, thanks for listening to this whole things it's really sweet :D
84 days ago
Wow ok so... I don't know like- I'm dating my boyfriend yes- I- I'm not a girl... or a boy.. I'm non-binary but- is it normal to feel awkward around him. But like safe and comfortable at the same time? He's my first healthy relationship and idk- We were best friends and were really close then he asked me out of course I said yes because I realized few months before he asked me out that I like him. But is it normal to feel... like.... a tad bit awkward?
227 days ago
I did this test to see if it would pick up on the fact that I don’t like guys and was laughing all the way through it, turns out it didn’t know. 😂😴
232 days ago
A great friend of mine sent me this test a day after I told my bf I love him! I felt like I already knew and this test just further confirmed it
232 days ago
I have been dating my BF for 8 months almost and he's gonna move into my place. I did this quiz before giving the keys to be sure I love him. turns out I do but I'm waiting on his test results. Wish me luck!
246 days ago
I love u very much i can't tell u how much.
261 days ago
Im in love with my boyfriend, he is the best...i would die for him !!😊☺
284 days ago
I chose this color cuz it’s close to our favorite colors matched up(idk why I had to say that). This time is difficult for me because my best friend who is a girl is in love with me, and I’m someone who is scared to admit my real emotions. I just want to know that I’m able to be in love with him. He’s great and I think he’s so perfect I always thought he was I changed everything about myself and it ruined me in so many ways so sometimes I’m scared that I’m just scared to throw all the effort I put in away. Because I have him now and that’s what I wanted for so long. But I also wondered if I’m into girls as well (like my best friend)?! What if I can’t admit that I’m really into girls, what if I’m in denial?! So I’m just using my real relationship problems to mask the fact that I’m gay.... idk I’m high I’m sorry✨🧚‍♂️🐛👹
309 days ago
Took this quiz, told him my results, he broke up with me. I think it's safe to say no matter how much I love him, it's not reciprocated :(
317 days ago
wow some very different quizzes that have nowadays to see if your a PERFECT MATCH
336 days ago
Also, to those girls in the comments: 3 days isn't a big deal, honestly. Because (I'm sorry) but I feel pissed at those who use the word love everywhere because love is not to be lightly said.
336 days ago
I've been in a relationship for around 4 years, but I feel like we fell out of love and into the brozone
375 days ago
Well I have taken about 100 tests and they all say I don't love my boyfriend because I don't so we started dating about a week ago and I wasn't really into him so I'm breaking up with him