How Much Do I Like Him? Quiz

So, there's this one certain guy. You think he's really attractive, and you find yourself looking for him when there's a chance you two might see each other. But is he friend, boyfriend or husband material? How much do you REALLY like him? Find out here.

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    How long have you known him?

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10 days ago
He's too dumb to notice, he just suspect and think I don't like him in the end!
63 days ago
I’d hope I like him he’s my boyfriend
147 days ago
There's already someone who beat me to it. Oh my gosh - I'm gonna die from emotions.
164 days ago
Prepare yourself for a long story cause I have one coming your way :)
So I started liking this one guy all the way back in September. He's a grade older than me, but technically only by 6 months. Either way, I've liked him since September of 2021 and I told him in November of 2021, where he rejected me because he had liked/just started dating someone that very day. Of course this broke my heart, and it took me a month to "get over him". Then again in January of 2022, I started slowly liking him again. Until May of 2022 where we actually met again after half a year (for his birthday) and then I started crushing on him so much. It is now almost September of 2022 and I like him A LOT. We started texting and ft a lot, but I'm not sure if he likes me. He says he doesn't wanna date anyone younger than him, and there's a 60% chance he doesn't like me, so I don't know what to think. He lives 45 mins away. Advicee!
218 days ago
I’ve known this guy for 6-7 years. We grew up together. Obviously I’ve liked him for some time, but he was always in the back of my mind. I’ve had other crushes but always was thinking of him. This guy is two years older than me but you really can’t tell. We have similar tastes in books and games. And I like him. I told my mother that I like him less than a week ago even though it’s been a long time. I’ve never been that nervous about telling my mother about a crush. There’s no reason I’m writing all of this. No advice is needed. I think because I’ve never told an actual human being about all of this it’s my way of talking about my crush. Okay I’m done 😂
252 days ago
I started having a crush on this guy about 6 months ago. Everyone thinks he's really annoying, but for some reason I like him. I told him in Dec, and he kinda rejected me. He's younger and shorter than me, lol, but I can't see to figure out why I have feelings for him. Ever since then we've been ignoring each other, and I thought I got over him, but it's now May, and I still like him. I got his discord, and we've been talking for about a week now, and schools about to end. I'm thinking of telling him, but I don't wanna rush things. Give me advice, pls!!
271 days ago
There is this guy in my school who i been crushing for years and i really like him i just don't think he likes me back, sometimes i try to get his attention, he looks at me sometimes but ignors me, i started liking him in 3rth grade and now i'm in 8th and still liking him.sometimes i think i will never make him mine hopefully all those dream that i have had come true.some friends ship me with another guy who i don't like.
287 days ago
There's a guy in my class who i think i really like, but everyone thinks i like this other guy. I don't know if i do of not, but that's what everyone thinks. Everyone is always teasing me about if. No one knows about the guy I like. I heard from a friend that he stares at me a lot. I think he likes me. AA!!!
303 days ago
So there's this guy at school I've been in love with for over a year. I swear I never believed in love at first sight until I saw him. His name is Nick. All my friends know I like him. I keep catching him looking at me but everyone says he hates me, so I don't know what to think. I don't know why I'm taking this quiz, I know I love him.
316 days ago
The guy is in my school , same class
I never thought that I will develop a crush about him , but it just happened ,
BTW, I am 12 yrs old and in class 7, india .
I always have butterflys when I think about him .lol 😍
320 days ago
So there is this guy i have known for a little now and i really like i showed signs to him that i like him i even went out of my way to make a little candy basket and drop it off at his house...I dont really know if he has a girlfriend but i dont wanna take a chance and this guy is popular he hangs out with all these 7th grade girls and it is almost the end of the school year before he goes to high and i am in 7th grade but the good thing is he lives near me so i would prob see him...Should i ask him if he has a gf or something like that?Should i risk it????Please give me some advice.
357 days ago
I know I like him. I've liked him for a long time. But now whenever I think about him, I just burst straight into tears. It hurts, knowing he likes someone else. I think about him constantly... I'd give my heart to him. Nobody else likes him (not that I'm sure of), but I've had questions about his crush. My heart is literally shattered in two. I don't know if I'll get over him anytime soon.
369 days ago
So, theres this girl... and im kinda trying to convince myself that i don't like them. anyway, this quiz was wholy unhelpful. I'm not sure if they even like me that way at all. but also, they are always super overly nice to me
410 days ago
@what do i do
just see how it goes, give off subtle hints cause it seems like he likes you too :)
464 days ago
Okay, so unknown girl, I am the exact same!!!! He is rly nice, kind of cute. We don't have any classes together anymore, but we still talk. I don't know what to do!! He's kind of rly awkward bc we're in middle school... so yeah.

He's sporty, funny, will linger after lunch by the stairs cuz he knows that I go there to get to Algebra. (I'm advanced)

I don't know if I tell him or not. He broke up with his girlfriend, but he doesn't seem very affected by it. In fact, he seems more happy. WHAT DO I DO!!???
633 days ago
I never thought I'd say this but, I'm not sure what to think. When I think of him I get these weird pimples on my legs and arms and I get super sweaty. Anyone else have this issue? If so, please Email me at
654 days ago
I know him for a while now and he's really really nice to me, I think I like hom, in a healthy way tho ! is that good? feelings hurt
654 days ago
I got 100% that’s so wierd I’m crushing so much he’s so cuteeeeeee
674 days ago
ok i like him by his personality and his looks sorta

hes funny goofy crazy pretty skilled/talented sometimes helpful in a funny way and ect
674 days ago
I am friends w his sister and she told me they way he acts twards his crush, should i describe him?