How Much Do I Like Him? Quiz

So there's this one certain guy. You think he's really attractive, and you find yourself looking for him when there's a chance you two might see each other. But is he friend, boyfriend or husband material? How much do you REALLY like him? Find out here.

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    How long have you known him?

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34 days ago
Okay, so unknown girl, I am the exact same!!!! He is rly nice, kind of cute. We don't have any classes together anymore, but we still talk. I don't know what to do!! He's kind of rly awkward bc we're in middle school... so yeah.

He's sporty, funny, will linger after lunch by the stairs cuz he knows that I go there to get to Algebra. (I'm advanced)

I don't know if I tell him or not. He broke up with his girlfriend, but he doesn't seem very affected by it. In fact, he seems more happy. WHAT DO I DO!!???
203 days ago
I never thought I'd say this but, I'm not sure what to think. When I think of him I get these weird pimples on my legs and arms and I get super sweaty. Anyone else have this issue? If so, please Email me at
224 days ago
I know him for a while now and he's really really nice to me, I think I like hom, in a healthy way tho ! is that good? feelings hurt
224 days ago
I got 100% that’s so wierd I’m crushing so much he’s so cuteeeeeee
244 days ago
ok i like him by his personality and his looks sorta

hes funny goofy crazy pretty skilled/talented sometimes helpful in a funny way and ect
244 days ago
I am friends w his sister and she told me they way he acts twards his crush, should i describe him?
244 days ago
I really like him, for a few weeks we caught gaze a lot but then he stopped im sad now...
278 days ago
@gothic_giirl I think you should really think again whether you still like him as you used to. The age doesn't matter much as long as you truly love him. Can you imagine a future with the two of you in there? Is he nice to you? Do you blush or have butterflies when he looks at you or you're around him?
302 days ago
Hiii. I need advice bc I seriously don't have a clue of what to do. I've liked this boy for 16 months and he was my guy bestie before. I realized he liked me back and even tried saying "I like you" in class, but I messed it up by screaming, "WHAT?!". Anyway, everything changed when I told my friends about me liking him. My friends usually only focus on the looks, unlike me who only focuses on the ✨personality✨. The problem here is that, my friend recently exposed him bc he LIED to me about his age, when he's legit YOUNGER than me since the government in my country decided to accept ppl younger than us (idk why tho). IDK WHAT TO DO! What do you guys think I should do?? HELP!!!
330 days ago
im more on the tsundere side for all of this 😭😾
391 days ago
I met this amazing guy recently and we snap pretty much every day. I really like him but it kills me that he lives on the other side of the country. I know he really likes me and I would totally date him in real life but long distance is so different. The more I talk to him though, the more feelings I'm developing towards him and idk what I'm gonna do. I told him that I'm not looking for a relationship online and he understands but we still both admitted to really liking each other. I've been in distance relationships before and they haven't worked out so I'm scared to get into any kind of relationship with him. I don't wanna get hurt but at the same time it's like I reallyyy like him.
395 days ago
Don’t text him too much, it might become too obvious.. but you can ask him questions..for example: my crush once asked me “what type of music do you like to hear?” that was an interesting conversation. The good thing about that is that, when he listens to the artist or band you mentioned, it’ll remind him of you!
401 days ago
There’s this guy I like that likes a girl but she likes a different guy and the guy likes her too.

So, I started talking to him more and we seem to have a lot in common. It’s been a year since we met, but not a ton of progress, we’re like... kinda friends. We see eachother on zoom like twice a week cause we have the same friends but we don’t really talk to each other on zoom. I started texting him cause we can’t talk in person, it went well but, it’s like wth now! If I keep texting him I seem too desperate. Any suggestions?
452 days ago
maybe, maybe not... I really don't know! He loves me a lot and we've been on dates before, but we're both a bit shy. Now it's just kinda weird between us. We've kissed before and I've napped on his lap before. But I really don't know if I love him the same as he does. I want him to be happy and have a good relation with someone, but I don't know if that should be with me!
494 days ago
how about you ask her spot on for her number> if you guys are fruends then she'll happilu give toy it
514 days ago
I know a guy for 3 years and i love him!! I know it sounds crazy but I'm feel like I'm truly in love!!!❤ Im a very shy person but i take the courage and i tell him how i feel!! The boy reject me 💔whit the most beautiful and polite way! (I even kiss him on the cheek!😙) A year past sins then and I'm still in love whit him!! I truly don't care if he find a girlfriend! Because every time when I'm with him its magical he make me laugh he understands me and i can be myself around him! We text and tall to the phone! And I don't want to lose him! If someone hurts him i will protect him!! I take this quiz because I want to try to see him more like a friend! But this is inposiebel! I lie to myself! The ture is that i can't deny that i love him! And i don't care! I will keep my feelings and i will respect him! The only thing that i wand is to be happy!
530 days ago
Hahahaha omgggg
I realized I liked him when hr told me he had a crush omggg I can't lmao
534 days ago
but what if he showing signs but still say he dont like me?
547 days ago
So theres this guy i've known since kindergarten, and last year he sat in front of me, and he would constantly trun around to bug me. One time i was going for some tape, and he went for it too, and we were holding hands!!! (just slightly, but still) and this year, he was looking at me and i swear he likes me, but the coronavirus so.... i cant see him. :c
552 days ago
here is the thing: i love her a lot, but my friend refuses to give me her number. help me please. i need persuading help. please