How Much Do I Like Him? Quiz

So, there's this one certain guy. You think he's really attractive, and you find yourself looking for him when there's a chance you two might see each other. But is he friend, boyfriend or husband material? How much do you REALLY like him? Find out here.

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    How long have you known him?

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1627 days ago
I don't want him to know i like him but.......
1632 days ago
How much do you like him:

hmmm yeah makes sense. I have done three tests using this site and each ending has given me the exact same response even though they were different quizzes
1634 days ago
😍Yes I knew I loved I don't like him OMGs I can't tell my crush how much I love him 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨
1638 days ago
I like a boy in my class named myles he acts werid around me anytime look at him he catches me and emma my best friend set me up with him don't trust her with truth or dare yikes
1640 days ago
I really liked this test but I'm not sure If it's acurrite u know
1645 days ago
someone told him already
1646 days ago
I have a crush on this boy named Ryder and boy do I like him even the test can prove it!((efuchsia))
1647 days ago
I really like this guy, than my friends found out. They tease me about once a day about it and we both really like each other. We just aren't ready to date.
1648 days ago
I cant study because I cant stop thinking of him and I only realized I really liked him yesterday
1649 days ago
Goodness Ridge can't stop being cute and funny and sweet 💗it I am falling for him!!♡🤤🤤
1655 days ago
I got I'm really starting to like this guy, but I'm so confused.... UGH!
1658 days ago
Goodness, this boy Alexander.... I wish it would stop.
1666 days ago
I like the boy I hate but hes so pretty!!!!!!!!!
1688 days ago
I really like my crush but he’s one of my closest friends in a group that consists of 6 guys including him, and 3 girls including me. He talks to me everyday and I think about him constantly. He ignores me outside of school but I do catch him staring at me which is exciting. I can’t tell if I want him to like me or not, because 1, it would make me feel relieved and flattered but anxious, 2, I wouldn’t want to date anyone till I’m older and 3, I don’t want to ruin our friendship with awkwardness draped between us. We’re really good friends and I like him so so much. I think someone told him that I liked him although I’m not sure, but it’s ok because he shrugged it off. *sigh*
1739 days ago
i got i really really like him...but do i ?! idk!!!!! ugh
1765 days ago
I would tell him if he wasn't my bff,my soulmate...pretty much my everythink :((( I would rather him not knowing I exist cuz when ur his bff he share with you personal things(that make me like him even more cuz he perfect) but for sorry...he shares with you about girls
:((( If i tell him i will just ruin our my girl bff likes him too...pretty much everyone in school has a crush on him
1771 days ago
You have true feelings for this guy! he's all you ever think about! Tell him how you feel before it's too late!" I already did but now he is just not talking to me anymore. I once saw him staring at me in the corner of my eye. When i looked back at him, he just turned away. Does he like me?
1835 days ago
well it basically comfirmed what i already know but i dont think i could possibly tell him he told me like half a year ago who he liked its possible that he doesnt like her any more but im not taking any chances i just hope that when we get older we will maybe be together
1838 days ago
This. Test really helped me a lot I’m going to talk to him you know without having a major RCS attack on the spot and blushing uncontrollably
1854 days ago
Me and my crush we cool I ain't that obsessed. We just chill.