Do I Really Like Him? Quiz For Girls

Do you really, truly like him? Or are you just attracted to him? Or are you not sure? *Sighs.* Love, even like, can be so COMPLICATED! No worries, this quiz can help you figure everything out. Just take it now, answering every question 100 percent honestly, and I will help you sort it all out!

  • 1
    How much do you think about him (besides when you're talking/texting, etc.)?
  • 2
    When you pass him in the hallways at school (or see him anywhere), what do you do?
  • 3
    What do you like the most about him?
    What do you like the most about him?

  • 4
    What are your relationship goals?
  • 5
    If he asked you on a date, but you really, really wanted to just stay home and chill for the first time in six months, what would you do?
  • 6
    Let's pretend you have your least favorite class with him on Monday and that's the only class you have with him. How do you feel?

  • 7
    If he texts you first (or if you don't have each other's numbers, starts a conversation), how do you feel?
  • 8
    Almost done, hang in there! How much do you tease him?
  • 9
    How many people have you told that you like him/think you like him?
  • 10
    Last question! Do YOU think you like him?

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41 days ago
I really like this guy... but, I'm only in eight grade, and I'm not really sure if I should be dating at this time. The guy that I like isn't necessarily hot, or cute. He's just kind of an awkward mess. Although, I think he also likes me cause I passed by him in the hallway and his friend shouted "LOOK! (Name's) GIRLFRIEND!" Then they both ran into the boys bathroom after he punched him in the arm and yelled at him. I think we both like each other, but all my other relationships have ended badly...
So, last year, I liked this boy, and then he I think kind of liked me, but then stated dating one of my best friends best friend. So, they talked about her a lot, and also shipped the guy and I. That didn't rlly end well.
3rd grade. A boy asked me out, I didn't know what it was, so obviously I said yes! Then he asked out my twin sister, and she also said yes, and broke up with him the next day. Over the span of three years, we were still 'together' and friends, and he probably dated every pretty girl in his grade or one higher.

So, if you think that your relationships are messed up, I have a lot more where that came from.
52 days ago
oh my other crush

Ready for your result? I really hate to say it, but you don't really, truly like him "like that." You probably think he's cute and attractive, but you don't have true feelings for him that could evolve into lasting love. It's good you checked, though. Now, don't waste either of your time and move on to the next guy. Ciao for now!:)
52 days ago
Ready for your result? Methinks you like him. A whole heck of a lot, in fact. Your feelings seem to be quite real, so I really hope he likes you back! Go and let him know how you feel! I'm praying for your relationship to happen! Good luck! Take care and toodle-oo!:)
196 days ago
really..i dn't like this guy?
buh i think i do
ahm just so confused..lolzz
246 days ago
Well, does it makes sense that I'm taking this quiz over someone I'm already dating? I think I'm trying to see if I am really really in love with him...but now when I think about it... I think my old best friend is still in love with me. Yes, where did it go from my boyfriend to an old love and romance? I'm not even sure myself.
A long time ago, back in Middle School, I had a boyfriend. Of course, I loved him and thought he was the best person in the world, we were together for a year already and I was happy. Until, I met another boy in Math class who sat right across from me, and something told me this boy would play such a role in my life. I was right, he had become my friend instantly, and soon best friends. Of course, my boyfriend at the time and him had clashed heads a lot, both being jealous of one another. I was in the middle, it seemed as if I had to choose one, because, well, I started falling in love with my best friend and he was starting to fall in love with me.
It grew gradually day by day, and I couldn't control it and I knew he couldn't either. At the time I would always choose my boyfriend, but I couldn't seem to shake my friend off of my mind.
Until then I had moved away at the beginning of my high school career. I broke up with my boyfriend, and my feelings for my friend were full waves, but...he had a girlfriend and he was dating her for a year. To this day he still is.
What about that, best friends that were caught in a circle.
I knew it was wrong to like him when he had a girlfriend but I couldn't help it, my heart was guiding my feet.
Until one day he had let me go, he had severed his ties with me as a best friend. It broke me, I didn't think I could live in a world without him. But yet, I did.
It took me a long time to accept the fact that I would never speak or see him ever again, I even grew to hate him for what he had done to me.
A year has passed after he had let me go. Only two weeks ago I was scrolling through people's stories on Instagram, tired out of my mind, but I had come across his, my old best friends. He was explaining in long paragraphs what had happened between him and a very close friend of his. Describing the situation and wishing he knew where they were and if they were ok. I knew immediately it was me, due to using "Lfriend" (L-is the beginning of my name), and was shocked to even see he still remembered and cared for me. I immediately showed my girl best friend, explaining what I thought. She told me to text him, a fixed friendship is better than a broken one. But even so, I was reluctant and skeptical to do so, what would happen if I did? Will anything ever be the same?
I ended up following her advice and texted him. We had begun talking about what had truly happened. He had explained that he did it to keep me from hurting anymore and that it had hurt him too, more than anything he had bared.
It took a few mental slaps to realize what was happening to me at that moment, talking to my old best friend, and my first love.
Two weeks later, we had become great friends again, talking constantly about our daily lives, also each of us explaining our relationship status. I told him I was with a guy, who I had met right after the incident that had happened between us, and he told me he was with the same girl from eighth grade. Three years, they had been together. Beautiful isn't it?
Now, as time passes, and I start catching up on bits and pieces of his words. His words always seem to have a secret meaning behind them and with a scary, possible conclusion that he may still be in love with me, whereas I have moved on. But, apart from me is scared that I will fall in love again, stuck in the same repetitive cycle I was in only a year ago.
But now, all I can help but do is wonder. Was bringing him back in my life a drastic mistake, or a life-altering benefit?
247 days ago
I like my best friend brother and she says she supports me and all but it just weird. I think he might like me back but ya.
260 days ago
Actually he's my best friend but online.. I liked him for almost 7 monthd now and watched him with a couple of girlfriends in that period of time and I was hurt but never told him that... then I got mad cuz he never notices how much I like him and keeps encouraging me to get a boyfriend so I told him out of madness that I like him and he was so awkward about it and same for me but he kept saying things which left me confused about his feelings but the weird thing is he said "I like u too" and the said "If u wanna date why not it's up to u" which left me all broken and sad bc it felt likr he wants to use me or just pitting me so I told him let's forget about it and keep things the way they are used to be and he was like "u make it hard as u rejected me but if that's what u want then fine by me" and now Idk what r we... even tho we live in different continents but I can tell I like him alot like maybe I love him... my friends realized I talk about him alot all the time and always ask how he is doing and all and I always freak out when he is hurt... we know everything about each other even our bedrooms!!! I also talk to him when I feel pain because of my period... He is always there for me and keeps telling me that I'm his fav person and things like that but Idk anymore... we were normally chatting once and I was like I like but he said "I used to like you but not anymore as you rejected me" so I felt pain and told him it was a joke to make sure if he's got over it but I like him and I'm scared... I have never dated before and we r online best friends so it's all hard to settle down... and I feel like I messed up my chance can anyone please help me?
266 days ago
I have a crush on my best friend. This is during the out pandemic. I told him that I liked him and he didn't tell me if he liked me or what. My friends and his friends used to say that we like each other. He cared a lot for me. And he was only nice to me for some reason, he used to be really sarcastic with everyone else. I told him that I liked him through chat and my firends kept saying that you will get your first boyfriend. But Idk what his feeling about me is, so I very confused....
266 days ago
@Eilyn who commented more than a year ago. Same situation here. He won't be with me cuz he sees me as a rly close friend
290 days ago
Ment idk if I like him
290 days ago
if I like him ik he likes me though he told me to my face and I all ready told him no but latly I been considering but also he is my frans x he is kinda rude but now Ik that’s how he shows he like u he that type of guy
311 days ago
I'm afraid to tell my friends because they'll laugh at me. What should I do?
311 days ago
Ok lately I've been having a really tough time because I have been going through puberty 😪 and also I have a crush on a girl 👧 even though I'm a girl so I think I'm gay. She is kind and funny and we talk all the time. Also I'm constantly thinking about her like every moment of the day and I think she is beautiful. Do I like her and am I gay? Answer soon pls!
320 days ago
Idk if I like him, or just the attention, but we talk every single day, and we flirt and stuff, and I get nervous around him, and we will literally stare into each others eyes from across the class room lol, I think I like him but I’m not positive, my heart beats so fast when we look into each others eyes omg
329 days ago
Do You Really Like Him? (GIRLS ONLY)

Ready for your result? Methinks you like him. A whole heck of a lot, in fact. Your feelings seem to be quite real, so I really hope he likes you back! Go and let him know how you feel! I'm praying for your relationship to happen! Good luck! Take care and toodle-oo!:)
Although we do sorta talk a lot and that one time at the carnival he payed for my fairy floss and my ferris wheel ride. (THAT CARNIVAL PART IS FAKE THAT WAS ONE OF MY DREAMS!)
We talk a lot and I’ve given him a note in his bag but he probably chucked it out without even looking at it. That’s Leo Bingham. I just hope that he is looking at the comments and sees mine! Pls! God that would be so much easier than saying it 2 him! ;) wish me luck!

PS both of our fav colours are blue!
355 days ago
I think I have a crush on my male teacher. I always knew I kinda liked men, but I’ve never really had a crush on another dude. Gosh. This is so confusing.
358 days ago
ha tell him i like him? hes dating someone already it would be weird
360 days ago
Thanks I really think that if my mom & dad met him they will love him. He's my King and I'm his Queen. I told him I like him he told me he likes me. What do I do. I've asked my mom if I could have a bf because I'm going through puberty and need someone on my side also I want someone who I can spend time with and have a serious convorsation with. Ya know? So thanks. .also I feel like he's the one because I've had a lot of crushes in my past but him he makes me feel the way no boy has ever made me.feel so idk. I really want and need him by my side but he's 11 I'm 12 so Does that matter no right? Idk. Enywhoom I just need someone. Also if you ask my friend on a scale how much I like or talk about him they would say"she's so upsest with him" I have had dreams about him being my bf and I talk about him ALL THE TIME. 24/7
365 days ago
So i like this guy who already has a boyfriend but they broke up and he asked me out i said yes but started to realise that my best friend jake like me and i and my crush was just not me anymore i could only think about jake so i asked him out and he got all exited and was lik"of course dan"
We are still dating but he has had his eye on his ex what will i do. So i decided to ask him and he said it was a joke but later saw him kissing his ex i was crying alot but my crush came and we got together
368 days ago
the results say i like him and that my feelings are real but im not sure what to do. ive like him some many times but time and time again i had to stop my feelings for him for may reasons. now im not sure if it okay to like him i don't want to be hurt by others comments and i also don't want to put him in a difficult position. i think that we might workout if we give it a try cuz we have many similar interest and he is really sweet and just looking for someone who he can trust. but again i don't want to put him in a difficult position. he is also my best friends ex but that was years ago but he told me last year that's he is sill in love with her, not sure how he feels now but idk igz i just want to give him the love he deserves.