Are you in love or infatuated?

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Do you ever find yourself questioning whether your feelings are actually that deep and you love him or you're completely and deeply infatuated? Take this quiz and find out!

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    What attracts you to him?

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42 days ago
Okay, I'm a dude and I recently (like last week) began to actually talk to my crush. We'd played videogames before and exchanged a few words IRL, but not much, so my friend (who used to be his best friend and is his ex) made me grow a pair (hehe i'm trans jokes) and ask if he wanted to get some Monser Energy together. Now, daily (except for weekends), we get about 5-6 Monsters and share them.

Two days ago, my friend once again made me grow a pair and ask him out. He said yes!!! I may sound like an emotional teenage girl (which i guess i biologically am) but OH MY GOD!!! I can't sleep because we're going on a date tomorrow after school and we're getting Monster, a takeaway and watching Star Wars (we're both massive nerds) and I'm gonna show him my totally rad guitar collection while we headbang to MCR, Suicidal Tendencies and Black Flag!!!!!! Sorry for ranting but I'm literally an insicure emo with an ADORABLE METALHEAD BOYFRIEND!!!!!!
158 days ago
I have known him but we never talked ... he is a depressed goofy person. I know he likes another person but i just want to give him everything I can ... i really don't want to expect anything back but i still end up getting jealous and upset... this 🐬 brain knows they both like each other and she is more mature to handle him . I also know his heart is too fragile to be broken. I just want to make sure i love him unconditionally... but why do i end up wanting some feelings from him ??? I am really selfish ..... i can never care for his feelings!!! I will be glad if anyone can teach me how to truly love him
387 days ago
Yeah... Sure I am not quite in love with the one I have spend the last 6 years together... I don't think not flipping out because of some texts and everything else is quite normal. Love is more than just the bubbly feelings on the surface. It's about trusting each other, being honest and care for the other.
393 days ago
honestly i know it’s infatuation but i’m feeling something. even though it’s THOSE days 🩸. but 2 days ago, he actually talked to me. he said he bumped into me but i moved bc i saw someone coming to the locker. he said “i didnt mean to uhhh” but honestly kinda felt like i blacked out like usually im not good at eye contact but his green eyes were so pretty. my friend finished his sentence, idk why he couldnt but i could actually see his face
478 days ago
i can’t get this mf out of my head get out of my head now ugh and it pains me knowing he doesn’t think about me ever but i’m over here fantasising about our future together i wish someone would jus pull my head out my arse and slap some sense to me and i’m desperately trying to look at this logically like bro are u stupid he doesn’t care if u live or die BUT I AM IN LOVE ugh i hate it here
545 days ago
Why won't you put him/her ...some boys may be wanting to take the quiz too, Sometimes, we fall into deep holes of confusion when it comes to this.
562 days ago
I love him so much...
568 days ago
i lob!! and he says he does too
we have this mutual trust it's so aaaAAaaaAaAAAa
633 days ago
so i have been liking this boy for 2 years and he knows it ( my friends told him
) and now he is avoiding me , what should i do ? 🤔🤔
784 days ago
i started to tear up halfway during the quiz i cant imagine being without him T-T
881 days ago
Ok so I liked this guy one guy all throughout high school or well sophomore year we weren’t really good friends until this year and that’s all I thought it was me wanting a close friendship with him but when the feelings didn’t go away I knew u liked him i had planned on asking him to one of the dances this year but instead he asked out my friends who’s a lesbian and we’ll just say that wasn’t a fun situation I told him I liked him he friend zoned me I thought it was the end of my crush we still remained good friends with no awkwardness until this week i’ve Had him in my dreams ever single night and i’ve Barely talked to him since school got out I don't Know what’s going on I was so sure I was over him I guess not
944 days ago
Yea so the thing is I kinda like my classmate and friend Julius for who he is that is .l gave known him for almost two years .l feel beautiful around him though I ain't all pretty. He stares at me oftenly and we random listen to love songs. He is in a complicated relationship now and it breaks my heart that he doesn't seem to goina leave his gf soon. He also flirts with other girls a lot hurts but he dosent make a big deal out of it or at least doesn't admit it straight to my face. l am falling for him guys???
1105 days ago
.results are negative but i know i love you shubham
1268 days ago
When i am old, i will still love you my darling Ryan F.
1268 days ago
I am so in love with Jeff Frankenstein, and this quiz proves it!
I will love you forever jeff, and i don't care if i have to wait till collage is done!
1458 days ago
I'm so in love dnc what this quiz say (DNC means do not care)
1467 days ago
I dont know i m in luv ya no