Does he love you?

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Wondering if he likes you then find out now

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    Does he stare at you?

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448 days ago
There is this guy in my class, we will call him bayden, and I really like him. We have dated before but I dumped him. He wants us to get back together, he told me and I really like him. He’s super flirty with me and he put his hand on mine and it gave me butterflies!! But, the holidays are coming up in two days and we are thirteen and I don’t think we would be able to meet up. Also, my best friend likes me, we will call him cooper, and I don’t want to hurt him. He begged me not to get back with bayden, because he thinks he will break my heart, and he hates bayden. Cooper said that if he cold have me he would. I don’t know what to do because I reeeeaaaallllly like bayden but I don’t want to hurt cooper.
What should I do?? Help me!!
1140 days ago
Yeah yesterday he asked be out and I said yes! 😍.
1166 days ago
He always looks at me and my science teacher moved me in front of him expecting us not to talk me and him are very close and I doing like him like him like that but I might be catching feelings he`'ll do anything for me and he proves that he cares about me. I do what to feel anymore. My boyfriends on the wrestling team and imnscared that if he see me and the guy together he will get jealous. I'm confused on who I love😔
1257 days ago
He really likes me! 😍
1275 days ago
So, there's this guy that I KNOW likes me. But I don't like him back, so he tries to touch me, and then he hurts me. Im afraid he stalks me, and I sometimes see him run after me on my way home. Hes asked me out, and of course I said no, and he just GLARES. Im really scared of him. Hes not even cute, or funny. He has a horrible personality, and he jacks-off in freakin class!! My friends say Hes a stalker, and they are probably wright. But I can't confront him, im afraid of what Hes gonna do to me. I haven't told my parents yet, and I've also seen him taking pictures of me. Somehow, he got my number, and Hes been texting me: I want to do bad things to you. I want to touch you. I want to feel you. So I got spooked so freakin much, and the next day I told my boyfriend. I showed him the texts, and he was freaked out too. He said we should call the police, but we waited to see what he would do next. One night my parent were out, so I decided to throw a party! Turns out, that boy came too. He said the same things he texted me on the phone. I went up to my room later that night. Everyone was gone for the party, so I called my bf to come over. Pretty harnless, right? Wrong. When we went up to my room to go watch a movie, the guy was in my freakin BEDROOM!!! I idmedialty punched him and called him a stalker, and my boyfriend called the police. The guy had pictures of me, and said he was planning to kiss me while I was ASLEEP. He got sent to jail for a couple days, and now Hes out. I don't know what Hes gonna do to me. I've locked all my doorsand my windows, but I've heard strange scratching noises at my window. Im so ducking scared right now, I can't go to sleep. Please help me.